[Side Story] Valentine’s Special: Zain & Fiore

Zain Heya everyone, this is Zain. I am a seventeen years old handsome high school boy.

My height is around 1.65 meter tall, with my silky blond hair, golden-colored pupils, long legs, fair and smooth complexion, many people say I looked just like a model.

I am what everyone would normally call a pretty boy, and today is supposed to be the best day ever. However, in contrast, it is also one of the most tiring day, because it is valentine’s day!

It is the day where I can get lots of free food and chocolates from the girls in our school, it is very tiring to put on a fake smile all day long, but it is well worth it.

You see… I come from a rather poor family so we cannot afford to have luxurious food everyday. That’s why I love valentine! I can get more than I can eat in a single day, it’s like an all-you-can-eat-buffet, and all for free!

But today… turns out to be the worst day ever, I never thought it’d turn out like this. Maybe in my next life… I should treat the girls better.

The story goes like this…

On the morning of Valentine, I got up from my bed and went to school as usual. Everything was normal, I went to school, the girls squeal when I walk past them, I opened my locker and found lots of love letters, as well as chocolates. Some of them even approached me nervously during lunch hours to invite me for an after school date, or to give me lunch boxes.

Of course, as generous as I am, I accepted them all without second thoughts. If anything the heaven has gifted me, it is this pretty face of mine that make the girls go crazy for me. Which… funnily enough, is also my biggest misfortune.

It all started when I met her on that fateful day. I promised to go on an after school date with the girls in our school. We went to the park, and that’s where I met her.

She sat on a bench at the side of the park, under a Cherry Blossom tree. She has a long and beautiful blonde hair, her blue eyes are giving off a glint like that of a sparkling clear sapphire gem. Her slender body looks so frail and elegant, any man who laid their eyes on her would develop a feeling of wanting to protect her from any harm.

I fell in love at first sight, the girls are calling my name non-stop, however I ignored all else, and walked straight in front of the beautiful girl sitting under the Cherry Blossom tree.

I kneel down on one knee in front of her to look at her face from the bottom, I said the lines which come naturally to me the moment I laid my eyes on her, “The beauty of the Cherry Blossom tree pales in comparison with yours.”

The girl finally raised her face, and looks at me suspiciously. Without saying a single word, the girl stood up from the bench immediately and ran away from me.

The moment I stood up and turned around, she was already far away. I chased after her frantically and keep shouting, “Please wait! At least tell me your name!”

However, she did not turn back and keep running further and further away from me. Despite her frail and delicate body, she can actually run faster than a man. I was very impressed, and also very disappointed at the same time since I couldn’t catch up to her.

I lost sight of her in the end, I kept searching all over the city for her, but I couldn’t even find any traces of her. This is rather strange, a world-class beauty like her should have attracted the attention of many, even if she was in the middle of a sea of people. However, not even a single people I asked have seen her around.

I started to doubt whether or not I was daydreaming, was that girl just a fairy from my imagination, or was she the real deal, I have no idea. However… I have a strange feeling that I have met her before, a feeling as if our souls are connected, as if we are soul mates.

I want to meet her again, that is my honest feeling. I kept searching for her non-stop until the color of the sky started to turn dark. It was then I found her on the opposite side of the road, she was surrounded by the girls from my school. It seems like she was being bullied by the girls whom I promised to go on a date with.

I regret not being able to keep my promise, but ganging up and bullying a lone girl is bad, I have to help her! Without second thoughts, I immediately tried to rush forth. However, I stopped my footsteps when a car ran past in front of me and honked a few times.

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It was then I saw it, the girls from my school pushed the frail looking girl, and she fell towards the road. A truck happens to drive past and ran over her body. Her lungs and other inner organs are destroyed due to the heavy load of the truck! I am sure the girls didn’t mean for this to happen either. However, because of their measly jealously, one life is about to be lost, I could never forgive them for that.

I immediately rushed towards the point of accident and held the frail looking girl’s head on my arm, tears overflowed from my eyes, and I kept shouting for her to stay strong.

“Fi…ore…” The girl seemed like she wanted to say something so I brought my ear close to her lips.

“What is it? What are you trying to say? I’ll do anything for you! Anything!!” I frantically urged her to speak.

“My… name… Fio-re…” And that was the frail looking girl’s last word. Immediately after she said that, the glint in her eyes lost their radiance.

Her body turned icy cold, when I confirmed that she is no longer breathing, I faced upward and let out a beastly howl, “Warghhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

In my heart, I keep cursing myself, “It is all my fault! It is my fault that she has to meet a fate like this! If it is not because of me, she wouldn’t have to die!!”

I prayed to the god with all my heart, “God! Please! I will do anything, just please bring her back to life! I will give up my everything for her, even at the cost of my own life! Please, save her!!”

Just around this time, the world around me turned pitch black. The building, the people, the vehicles, just practically everything around me is swallowed by the darkness. Nothing else could be seen around me except for the pitch black darkness.

Then I heard a voice, “Boy… are you saying you are willing give up anything to save the life of a person whom you just met?”

I was surprised by the voice, I couldn’t help but ask, “Are… are you a g-g-god? Or a devil?”

That mysterious voice calmly replies, “It matter not if I am a god or a devil. What matter is that I have the power to save this girl.”

Without thinking twice, I immediately replied when I heard that she can save Fiore, “Yes! Yes! Yes, I will do anything! So please, I beg you to save her!”

With a serene voice, the mysterious figure said, “Very well, then our contract is completed. I will revive the girl in return of your Material Body!”

“Gulp…” I am prepared to give up my life for hers, but I still couldn’t help but swallow my saliva when I heard that.

The mysterious figure said calmly, “Worry not, I will not take your life, I have a mission for you after all. I will only take away your everything and bestow a new life upon you in a new world. Your mission is to subjugate the Demon Lords all over the world. For every Demon Lord you killed, I will restore a fraction of this girl’s memories.”

“Wait… you mean you will not restore all her memories at once?!” I couldn’t help but retort, “I have to kill a Demon Lord in order to restore just a bit of Fiore’s memory? What kind of sick joke is this?!”

The tone of the mysterious figure remains as calm as ever, “You said you will do anything, our contract is already sealed. It is too late to back out now!”

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“I have been tricked!” I couldn’t help but grit my teeth, there’s nothing else I could do. This is the only way to save Fiore, I have no other choice but to do it!

“Fine then! I will kill that whatever Demon Lords for you! But you must keep your end of promise, or else…” I didn’t finish my sentence, and clenched my fists tightly.

“Very well…” After the mysterious voice said thus, I could feel my body slowly disintegrating, turning into dust from the bottom to up.

I started to panic, “Wha! W-what is going on?! My body… my body is disintegrating!! Waaaaaaaaa!!”

With my last breath, I shouted at the top of my lungs as my entire body disintegrated into nothingness. After that, the world returned to normal. But the existence of myself, Zain, and the frail looking girl, Fiore, never existed in this world anymore.

The next time I opened my eyes, I found that I couldn’t move my body freely, my hands and feet were tiny, my entire body was pitch-black in color, there were red tattoos all over my tiny body. I didn’t dare believe it but it seems as if I have been reincarnated.

However, the strange thing was that my body grew up really fast. In merely a few days, I was already about the size of an elementary school kid. It was only then I found out that I have been reincarnated as a Goblin!

Goblin is supposed to be one of the weakest kind of species out there in Role-Playing Games! How am I supposed to defeat a Demon Lord as a Goblin?! Is this some kind of punishment from the god?!

However, I didn’t lose hope and continued to train myself, I sharpen my skills by hunting more powerful prey every single day. Using my knowledge from my past life, I made various tools that make my life easier. Due to the peculiar tattoos all over my body, I was even shunned by my own race, but I still didn’t lost hope. All because I have a goal to achieve!

Even though I have lost everything, such as my pretty face, or my peaceful high school life, I am still able to live on strongly because I have a goal. I am thankful for the mysterious figure if just for this much.

After one month has passed since I was reborn as a Goblin, I finally found her. Fiore was also reincarnated as a Goblin in the same tribe as me. I can tell that much because of the special connection between our souls, I am hundred percent certain that Goblin that was just born is Fiore.

On this day, I swore to myself that I will work hard to retrieve all the fragments of Fiore’s past memories. Thus my struggle and adventure begins!

Author’s Note

I just got back from China not long ago but I feel weird for not posting anything this week. Then I saw the Valentine’s Event on RoyalRoadL, so I thought I might as well write a Side Story!

Enjoy the read!


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