[Vol 4] Chapter 16: The Grand Chase

Sylvia As I run with every fiber of my being, I could hear Angie shouting from behind, “If you can make it to the lingerie store before sundown, you’ll have considered passed the first training. Good luck~ ♪”. With that said, Angie turned around and left for the lingerie store ahead of time.

“Oniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” I literally shouted oni, which means demon in Japanese. Everyone couldn’t understand the meaning of that word, but since Angie was actually a Japanese and she had spent her childhood in the old world along with Sheena’s family, she know full well the meaning of that word.

Angie turned around and looked at me doubtfully, but she didn’t think too much of it and left the scene.

“Huff! Huff! Huff! Damn it… Where did these girls get so much energy from?!” No matter how much I run, I just couldn’t shake off the girls. And due to the fact that this body had been in coma for more than a decade, it actually didn’t have that much stamina, so I ran out of breath quite quickly.

“Hieeeee! The girls are getting closer!” However, when I saw the girls getting closer, burst of energy suddenly surged up within my body from who knows where. I managed to increase my speed and pulled some distance between us, but that only lasted for a few seconds.

“Huff…… Huff…… Out of… breath… I can’t… do it… anymore…” As my speed was getting slower, the girls were getting closer with each passing seconds.

“Think Silva, think! How can I get myself out of this sticky situation? This is the time to make use of human’s wisdom!” I keep wracking my brain to come up with one idea after another, “Ah… What to do, what to do… damn this open field, no matter where I run, they always catch up to me.”

Just when that thought crossed my mind, I immediately came up with what I thought was a nice idea, “…Wait! That’s it! If I go indoor, they shouldn’t be able to find me that easily!”

However, when I turned my head to look at the entrance to the buildings, I could see a row of girls standing in front of the door. “Nooooooooooo~! This can’t be!! They already anticipated this and blocked the entrance?!”

I was in despair, everything felt so hopeless. “Is there no god in this world?!” I felt even more hopeless as the girls were getting closer by the minute. Just when I was about to lose all hope and give in to the cruel fate that awaits me, Sylvidia’s voice resounded in my mind like an angel’s, “Why don’t you just take off to the sky~?”

When I heard her voice, I stared blankly at the sky for a moment, then it suddenly hit me, “That’s right!! The sky!! Hahaha, I can just fly into the sky!!”

I could finally see a glimmer of hope as I pulled the ⌈Blank Slate⌋ out of my pocket. I raised the blank card high into the sky with one hand, and before I knew it, the image of the Abyss Beast appeared on the surface of the pure white card.

“Implicatus!” I shouted the activation word as soon as the Blank Slate had turned into the Abyss Beast Magic Card, or what I’d like to call ⌈Slate 1⌋. Soon after, my body glowed for a moment, wings sprouted out from my back, then I jumped off the ground and took off to the sky. Or that was what I imagined would happen. Contrary to my expectation, the sky seem further than ever and I fell face first onto the ground.

“Pugyah!” I let out an awkward and unladylike sound as my face hits the ground. I got up hastily and held my nose with both hands, “Ow! That hurts~!”

After rubbing my nose for a while to ease the pain, I tilted my head in doubt, “What just happened? How come I didn’t take off?”

As I turned my head around to look at the back, I noticed that the wings that were supposed to be there, weren’t there. “Eh? Where did the wings go? Why aren’t the wings here?!” I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I tried touching all over my back to feel for the wings. But what weren’t there just weren’t there.

Just when I was about to fall into despair, I noticed something strange on my arms, “Eh? What are these scaly things on my arms? They look so disgusting…”

I noticed there were scales on my arms, I looked at them with pure disgust. To be honest, I’ve always been bad with reptiles, amphibians, and insects, so that was merely an unconditioned response.

In the end, I steeled myself to touch the scales on my arm. The smooth surface of the scales caught me by surprise, it felt surprisingly nice to the touch; smooth and slippery. My face slackened as I thoroughly enjoyed stroking the scales before I knew it. I might get addicted to this, maybe reptiles are not that bad after all.

“It seems like you’ve transformed into a lizardkin this time around.” Sylvidia suddenly announced the result of the transformation when I was lost in my own world.

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“Aha-ha-ha…” I laughed awkwardly and continued, “That seems to be the case… but I wanted to transform into the birdkin though, how come I transformed into a lizardkin instead?”

“Imagination and desire!” Sylvidia just said these two words before she continued to explain, “Imagination plays a major role in magic. Without a clear image of the spell you are going to cast, you will not be able to control it properly. Desire also has a big role in shaping your magic; what do you desire the most when you are casting the spell, what do you wish to accomplish, that kind of thing.”

“What do… I wish to accomplish……” While repeating those words, I looked at the crowd of girls that were about to catch up to me any moment now, and then at the row of girls standing in front of the building entrance.

After that, I hung my head down to look at my body, with both arms holding out. ⌈1⌋ Then I looked back and forth between myself, the crowd of girls, and the entrance.

After repeating that motion for a few times, I suddenly got a brilliant idea, “That’s it!!”

Author’s Note:

Uhm… There’s not so much dodging now is there? >w<


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