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[Vol 3] Chapter 8: Negotiation

Sylvia The Nine-Tailed Fox’s rejection didn’t come as a surprise to Sylvidia. Sheena, on the other hand, was getting a little frantic as she looked at the exchange between two ‘Celestial beings’. It seemed as if there were sparks between the two as they stared at each other intently.

She thought it would be rude to cut into the conversation between two seemingly high and lofty creatures, so she kept her silence as she looked at the two back and forth.

The Goblin trio didn’t know what was going on, they could hear the voice but they weren’t able to see anything. All they knew was that the situation looked very grim.

Sylvidia broke the gloomy atmosphere by speaking first, “I knew you were going to say that! Fine then, what do you want from me?”

“What do I want from you?” The Nine-Tailed Fox revealed a wicked smile as he scanned all over Sylvidia’s body. Then he suddenly said, “How about this then? If you give me your host, I will accept your request!”

“That’s……” Sylvidia hesitated, but just around this time, Sheena stood up abruptly and shouted, “NO!! Sylvia is my familiar, I will not hand her to you!”

Both Sylvidia and Iqaos were surprised by Sheena’s sudden outbreak, so they turned their attention to her. Sheena was glaring at Iqaos intently, she seemed to have forgotten that the one standing in front of her was a local deity, the only thing in her mind was that she will not hand over her familiar to anyone, not even the god.

A familiar is supposed to be one’s destined life-long partner, she would definitely not want to part with her familiar until death do them part.

Iqaos, the Nine-Tailed Fox, suddenly said, “Hoh… she can see me? Interesting!” Then he turned his attention back to Sylvidia, “So your host’s name is Sylvia ey? Buhahahahaha! Intriguing! Truly intriguing!”

Sylvidia was startled by the Nine-Tailed Fox’s unexpected outburst of laughter, she shouted at Iqaos, “W-what is so funny?!”

“Buhahahahaha! No, it is nothing!” Iqaos stopped laughing and turned his attention to Sheena, then he asked, “I have made up my mind. Girl! What is thee ⌈1⌋ name?”

Being suddenly asked of her name, Sheena was dumbfounded, “Eh? M-my… name?”

Sylvidia suddenly got between Sheena and Iqaos, she raised the left land to block in front of Sheena, then she barked at the Nine-Tailed Fox, “Iqaos! Don’t go too far!”

Iqaos was furious and barked back, “Step aside, Sylvidia! With your current strength, you stand no chance against me! I can easily tear you apart without my Divine Ability!”

“Can you not reconsider? I can give you anything except these two, I am even willing to part with my vessel, the Blank Slate!” Sylvidia urged frantically.

“The Blank Slate?” The item has caught the Nine-Tailed Fox’s interest and he looked at Sylvidia in awe.

“Yes, it is as you imagined. The Blank Slate is the Divine Artifact bestowed to me by the Goddess of Light. It can take the form of any weapon or armor the user desired!” Sylvidia explained.

She only told me about this later but apparently, the weapon that I had been using until now was called the ‘Blank Slate’. Originally, it was a blank card with nothing on it. By absorbing the owner’s Magic Power, it will eventually transform into the owner’s most desired weapon or armor. Thus, the Dual Bowgun was the weapon Sylvidia’s previous owner most desired.

Sylvidia also told me that after absorbing enough Magic Power from me, the Blank Slate will also transform into a weapon that I desired the most. Naturally, I will still be able to use the Dual Bowgun and Beast form transfiguration if I wish to.

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But enough of that, we will return to the main story: “Hoh… you are willing to give up the gift bestowed to you by the Goddess of Light?” Iqaos was genuinely surprised to see Sylvidia going that far to help a measly village. “What drives you to go that far?” So he asked.

Sylvidia just answered coldly, “I have no obligation to answer that question.”

“Hmph! Doesn’t matter… you’re probably just trying to gather the already diminishing Faith Power for the Goddess of Light anyway, it doesn’t concern me in the slightest.” Iqaos suddenly lost his interest in Sylvidia and turned his attention to Sheena at the back.

Then he smiled smugly and said, “Although I am interested in that Divine Artifact of yours, I am more interested in the girl behind you at the moment. If you’re not going to move, then I will go over there myself!”

As soon as he finished saying thus, Iqaos suddenly lunged towards Sylvidia with its sharp claws at the ready.

“Why you-!” Sylvidia cursed involuntarily as two long swords suddenly appeared out of thin air. She immediately grabbed the swords with both hands to fend off the claw attack.

“Clank!” The sound of metal clashing against metal could be heard as the sword and sharp claws made contact. Sylvidia was holding the sword in the right hand in reversed position and swung it while turning the entire body around. That is so she can apply the weight of the body in the sword blow.

After successfully repelling the claw attack, Iqaos was forced to take a few steps back. Sylvidia continued to turn around and made a 360 degree turn, then she waved the sword in the left hand from bottom to up in a slanted angle in attempt to injure Iqaos. But unfortunately, Iqaos was able to dodge that attack easily by jumping backwards.

A pair of pure white wings on her back fluttered slightly in the breeze, the elegant footwork, and the smooth swordplay, it was as if a beautiful swan was dancing in the dense forest. Anyone who laid eyes on Sylvidia’s beautiful sword dance would undoubtedly be enticed, much less Sheena and the Goblin trio.

“Tsk!” Iqaos was irritated at how he was so easily pushed back by a former deity, he warned arrogantly, “Sylvidia! Don’t push your luck!”

Sylvidia didn’t want to back down either so she could only try to bluff her way out of this, she knew she was not the Nine-Tailed Fox’s opponent once he gets a little serious, “Iqaos! Even if I have lost my Divine Ability, I will not go down that easily! I have more battle experience than you.”

“Pu-buhahahahahahahahahaha! Then see how you like this!!!” Iqaos laughed hysterically and suddenly, a ten meter tall shadow in the shape of a Nine-Tailed Fox appeared behind him.

“Arh-woooooooooooooooooooooooo!” The shadow fox suddenly let out an ear-piercing howl. Sylvidia’s face turned pale as she saw the shadow fox, she involuntarily shouted, “A-are you crazy?! Why are you using your Divine Ability on mere mortals?! Have you lost your mind?!”

Because the shadow fox was made up of a very dense amount of Spiritual Power, even someone without high affinity with the Spiritual World can see it. The Goblin trio were slack-jawed when a ten meter tall shadow fox suddenly appeared in front of them. Even the villagers from the distant could see the shadow fox.

Seeing the look on Sylvidia’s face, Iqaos felt very satisfied, “Hahahahaha, that’s it! That’s the expression I wanted to see! Now die!!” Just when Iqaos was about to unleash the attack, a voice rang out in the mind of everyone present, “That is enough!”

Author’s Note:

Hoh boy~ hoh boy~ What is going to happen in the next chapter… care to take a wild guess?


  1. Archaic or dialect form of ‘you‘. 

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