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[Vol 5] Chapter 2: Princess Ranah

SylviaEarly in the morning, in a certain room of the Angelwing Dorm, a blond-haired elven girl and a pink-haired human girl were sleeping peacefully.

The both of them have transcendental beauty. They were, without a doubt, one of the top ten beauties in the entire Tristanian Magic Academy. Nay… it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say they were the most beautiful in all of Halkeginia.

“Mmm… hnnngh…” Just at this time, the blond-haired elven girl got up and lazily stretched her body. After that, the elven girl looked at her surroundings suspiciously.

Eventually, she noticed the pink-haired human girl sleeping next to her.

“Louise?” The elven girl involuntarily voiced out her suspicion as she saw the pink-haired girl, since she has striking resemblance to an old friend of her, “What is she doing here? Or more like… where am I? Why can’t I remember anything…”


All of a sudden, with a swishing sound, a Winged Unicorn suddenly appeared out of thin air. Soon after, she transformed into a peerless beauty with wavy blond hair. The unicorn-transformed girl knelt down before the elven girl respectfully and said, “It is great to see you’re finally awake from your long slumber…… Princess Ranah Elwyn la Sylphis!”

The elven girl, Princess Ranah, turned her head to the voice. What she found there was her most trusted aide. Princess Ranah felt reassured at the sight of this familiar figure.

“Sylvidia is it?” Princess Ranah called out to the name of the unicorn girl before she continued, “It seems you are up to speed with the current happenings, what happened to me? I can’t seem to recall any recent memories.”

The unicorn girl was indeed, our very own mischievous Winged Unicorn in question, Sylvidia herself! As for the pink-haired girl that was still sleeping peacefully, that was without a doubt, Sheena. Then what about Sylvia? Where did she go? And who is this Princess Ranah? Everything will be explained shortly…

Hearing Princess Ranah’s words, Sylvidia immediately stood up from her kneeling position and sat beside the elven girl intimately, then she began by explaining the accident that took place in the dungeon, followed by her long slumber, how she was possessed by a Spiritual beings called Sylvia, and all the events that happened afterwards.

“I… see… so this body, is no longer mine…” Upon hearing Sylvidia recounting the stories, Princess Ranah revealed a crestfallen expression. After that, she turned her sight to the pink-haired girl, “Then this girl is…”

Sylvidia nodded to her inquiry, “Your assumption is correct, this is the daughter of Lord Saito and Her Highness Louise. She is Princess Sheena.”

Princess Ranah caressed Sheena’s soft cheek as she whispered, “The little girl from back then is now all grown up… She looks just like her mother.”

“Mm…” Just at this time, Sheena finally woke up as she let out a weak groan. She rubbed her eyes with both hands before she slowly opened her eyelids. The first thing that entered her line of sight was Princess Ranah looking down at her with a gentle smile.

“Have you finally awaken, little princess?” The tender voice of Princess Ranah reverberated like the melodious bell.

“Mu… Sylvia, are you running on steroid?” Since Princess Ranah is currently holding the dominance over the material body, her attitude and bearing are completely different from the timid Sylvia that Sheena was used to. Therefore, Sheena naturally thought it was strange when Princess Ranah spoke with such a melodious tone.

“Fufufu… I’m afraid that I am not Sylvia.” As soon as Princess Ranah said this, “Huh—?!” Sheena was immediately startled awake. She jumped up from the bed in shock to look at the person in question, but after seeing that it was indeed ‘Sylvia’ who was in front of her, she said half jokingly, “Ha-ha-ha-! Very funny… now I am fully awake thanks to you!”

At that, Princess Ranah only revealed a soft smile and said with a pleasant voice, “I fear that this is no joke. This Sylvia character is currently sleeping within me. I am the original persona of this body. Since you’ve sealed a familiar contract with both of us, you should be able to feel the slight difference in our soul fluctuations right?”

“T-that’s…” Sheena was doubtful at first, but after taking a moment to concentrate, she could clearly feel the slight difference in soul fluctuations. “B-But how?! …What’s going to happen to Sylvia?” Sheena couldn’t help but voice out her concern after confirming the validity of Princess Ranah’s words.

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However, just at this time…

*Knock! Knock!*

…the sound of knocking could be heard from the door. Following closely, “Miss Sheena, are you already awake? I came to deliver your breakfast,” was the angelic voice of a girl.

Before waiting for a reply, the girl already opened the door by herself and entered as if it was the most natural thing. The girl was wearing French-style maid costume, and she had beautiful black hair with short bob haircuts.

When the girl in maid costume saw the anxious expression on Sheena’s face, she heaved a sigh and looked at Princess Ranah with disdain. Then she opened her mouth to issue a sermon, “Miss Sylvia, how many times have I told you yesterday, you must be aware of your social status. As Miss Sheena’s familiar, you will never be her equal. People will judge you as such. Although it is still fine in the academy since I do hold some power as the vice president of the fan club, I can somehow manipulate the information. But once you get to the outside world, your every action and conduct will reflect badly on Miss Sheena’s reputation, especially among the opposing aristocratic circles.”

If Sylvia’s persona was still dominant at the moment, all of these would definitely have entered from one ear and out from the other, since she had heard the maid in question repeating this over and over again for the Nth times yesterday.

However, for Princess Ranah, she was more concerned about something else, “You… must be Angie, right?”

“Eh? Y-Yes… I… am?” Angie was totally taken aback by Princess Ranah’s unexpected question.

While Angie was still confused, Princess Ranah continued, “Oh my… look at how you’ve grown… How is your father doing?”

At such a question, Angie immediately burst out with a shout, “Y-YOU KNOW MY FATHER?!”

“Ah…” As Princess Ranah stood up, she felt a slight dizziness as she wobbled around, “Looks like my time is up…” After she said that, she fell unconscious on the bed.

Shortly after that, Sylvia’s persona took over the body as she was rudely roused up from her dream.


As soon as I jumped up from the bed, I saw Sylvidia looking at me with a meaningful smile. However, before I could question her, a frantic Angie suddenly jumped at me, “SYLVIAAA!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY FATHER?! SPILL IT OUT, TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!”

“Hieeeeeeee! W-what are you talking about!!” Angie was grabbing both my shoulders as she shook me relentlessly. I let out a screech involuntarily due to the very unexpected event. Only now did I finally understand why Sylvidia had that smug look on her face; something had definitely happened while I was still asleep…

Author’s Note:

Phew… I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish this chapter this week. But I’m glad that I was able to finish it. And the chapter turned out pretty good if I do say so myself 🙂

I was contemplating whether or not to awaken the sleeping princess and let her take over the 2nd day, but we wouldn’t want to miss the all important dancing lesson right~?


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