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[Vol 2] Chapter 9: Weapon’s Secret Revealed!

Sylvia The appearance of the weapon totally changed… it could no longer be considered a bow nor a long-ranged weapon…

Wait… Can you even call this a weapon? I mean it’s a…

That’s right, what was in my hand… is no longer a weapon…

After a moment of silence, Sheena finally speak up, “Uh… Sylvia, where did your weapon go?”

I felt it the most clearly since I was holding it the whole time when the shape of the weapon changed… this thing in my left hand… is supposed to be my weapon?

I lifted the thing in my hand, and displayed it in front of Sheena and the others before I exclaimed, “This… thing in my left hand… is my weapon… Supposedly.”

Everyone was stupefied by my declaration, because the thing in my hand is…

After a moment of silence. Albert suddenly cry out in shock, “What?! But that… that is a… a card! H-how are you supposed to fight with a card?!”
Abyss Beast
That’s right… the thing in my hand is not a weapon, but a card… just an ordinary card with no special characteristic. In front of the card, I can see the image of the Abyss Beast which we saw earlier.  There are six golden stars at the bottom left of the card, four red orbs at the bottom center, and lastly, a bigger red orb with weird symbol within it at the top left of the card.

“T-that’s right… are you sure you didn’t drop your weapon somewhere, and accidentally picked that hideous thing?” Sheena was in disbelief and came up with the strangest reason.

I answered with slight confusion, “Uh… how could I have dropped the weapon? It was on my hand this entire time. If I did drop it, the weapon is nowhere to be seen in this wide open field…”

Mister Milton suddenly realized, “Then… What about the other weapon that was hanging on your waist? If I remember correctly, you had two of them.”

Hearing Mister Milton, we all turned our attention to my waist that the weapon was hanging. And indeed, the weapon is no longer there.

Then I keep staring at the card and asked Sylvidia telepathically, “Sylvidia… just what is this card? You should know how it works right?”


Sylvidia remained silent, and I was confused so I tried to transmit the message to Sylvidia again through my thoughts, “Sylvidia? Are you there?”


Sylvidia still remained silent for awhile before she finally reply, “Sorry…… I was trying to gather information about this card. Now listen closely…”

Sylvidia began explaining to me the basic things that I should know about this card, how to use it and its effect.

After I understood everything, I opened my eyes. The first scene I see before my eyes are Sheena, Albert and Mister Milton eagerly waiting for me to explain.

“Uh… how do I explain this…” I scratched my head awkwardly and tried my best to explain what I just learnt from Sylvidia, “Let’s see… a moment ago, all the information regarding this card was directly transmitted to my brain, and I have a basic idea of how they work now…”

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“Ooooh!!” Sheena, Albert and Mister Milton cry out at the same time.

“Well… basically… this card is a magic item! This is an ability called ‘Shift Gears’. It is an ability that absorb materials with magic properties and convert them into its own power in the form of a card.” I stopped for a moment to catch a breath before I lifted my hand to show Sheena, Albert and Mister Milton the card on my hand.

Then I posed a question for them, “You can see the stars and orbs on the card right?”

The three of them just nodded silently so I continued my explanation, “The stars represent the rarity of the cards, while the four orbs at the bottom center represent the number of uses remaining, and then the color of the orbs represent the effects of the card.”

Speaking until here, I stopped and asked for a paper or board so I can write. Mister Milton immediately withdraw a pen and mini notebook from his chest pocket before he handed them to me.

I took the utensils from him and started writing. What I wrote on the notebook is as shown:

  • 1 Star – Common
  • 2 Stars – Uncommon
  • 3 Stars – Rare
  • 4 Stars – S Rare
  • 6 Stars – SS Rare
  • 7 Stars – Legend
  • 8 Stars – X Legend
  • 9 Stars – Transcendence

I handed the notebook to Sheena. Albert and Mister Milton are peeking at the content of the notebook from her sides.

After they took a quick glance, Mister Milton looked at me dubiously and cried out, “This is…”

I nodded my head and confirmed Mister Milton’s suspicion, “That’s right, this is the same as the ‘Power Ranking’ the human used to measure one’s power level.”

Mister Milton suddenly came to a realization and nodded his head, “Ah… I see! So that explains the 6 stars, the Abyss Beast was an SS ranked monster after all. But what about the orbs?”

“The four orbs at the bottom center represent how many times I can activate this card. These red orbs will be grayed out once I activated this card four times. The duration of each activation varies depending on what kind of effects the card contain. Some are instantaneous, some last for a few seconds, while some can last for as long as 2 hours.” I tried to explain as thoroughly as possible.

But I missed the most important part so Albert brought it up, “What happens after all four attempts are used up? Will the card be gone for good?”

Hearing Albert’s inquiry, I suddenly remembered, “Oh… that’s right, how could I forget to explain that… No, the card will not be gone. It will just be deactivated for a while. It takes about 12 hours for the card to fully recharge, which means it take about 3 hours to recover one orb.”

I continued my explanation, “Lastly… it’s the type of effects the orb’s color represent. There are a total of three  different colors; red, green and blue. The red colored orbs represent Attack Type. Green colored orbs represent Auxiliary Type, while blue colored orbs represent Defensive Type.”

“I see… so that explains everything… ” Albert grabbed his chin and nodded his head. At the same time, Sheena stepped forward and leaned forward to take a closer look at the card before she opened her mouth to ask, “I see… so in other words, this is an Attack Type magic item? What effect does it have?”

“That…” I hesitated for a moment before I answer, “We won’t know until I activate it…”

Sheena skipped a few steps back and said excitedly, “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s activate it once and let us see it!”

“Eh…?! Right here and now?!” I shouted without thinking but Sheena just ignored it and continued, “Of course!! If you don’t even know the effects of your own weapon, then how could you fight at the most crucial moment? This is important, so do it!”

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Albert and Mister Milton also have a glint in their eyes, seems like they’re expectant that something exciting is about to happen.

I shook my head helplessly a few times, and faced an empty space before lifting the card in my left hand…

Author’s Note:

What do you guys think the effects of the card will be?

Credit for coming up with the suggestion: Irina_Akashira


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