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[Vol 4] Chapter 12: Unexpected Event

Sylvia After the class session is over, everyone except Lancelot swarmed around us, most of their questions are directed at the new transfer student.

Felpurr, the catgirl, opened her mouth to ask, “Hey~ Hey~ How’s it feel to use void magic, nya?”

“Eh? Ah… um… I don’t know… At first, I feel frantic… since I couldn’t use any of the spells I learned before, I was truly panicked, but when I learned that the power of void had awakened in me, I was overjoyed…” The new transfer student answered briefly according to her experience.

Professor Naoki had mentioned this during the session earlier, when void mages are using magic, the four elements will be fused together automatically, so that means they won’t be able to use basic elemental spell anymore, talk about inconvenience. I guess this is what they call great power comes at a great price huh?

I confirmed this with Sylvidia earlier, she told me this happened only because the Void Mage in this world relied on an artificial source to change their souls forcefully, this power was normally gifted to four person at birth by the goddesses of this world. It is very rare for teenage and adult to receive this blessing.

As I am a soul mutation, I can achieve void power naturally so this restriction won’t apply to me, however… that all depends on my hard work. Since Sylvidia was the emissary of the goddess before, she must have known more secrets than any ordinary people, so I took her word for it.

“Hey, Sylvia~ Let’s go get our lunch~!” Sheena tried to hug me from behind, but I suddenly turned to the side and stood up, thus Sheena hugged the thin air.

When I turned around to face Sheena and said, “Sure! Let’s go!”
I caught Sheena in that awkward position, I couldn’t help but ask, “Uh… What are you doing?”

Sheena stood straight immediately and replied, “Oh uh… this is… you know… a-an exercise!” As she said that, Sheena kept repeating that awkward motion. If this was in an anime, I’m sure they’d be a sweatdrop on my forehead by now.

“Ah… Good idea, we should all go get our lunch together~” Lenis suddenly walked over here while pulling the new transfer student.

“Nn… Lunch.” Irina was her usual self, she just spoke in short sentence and pointed at the door.

“What? What? You girls are going to get lunch? Count me and Liliana in too, nya~” Felpurr joined our group with her casual demeanor, she was clinging on the other blonde-haired girl like a glue to prevent her from escaping.

“F-Felpurr! Unhand me at once!” The blonde-haired girl retaliated unhappily as she was caught.

“No way~ You will run away again once I unhand you, nya~” Felpurr tightened her grip on the blonde-haired girl, and then she explained to us, “Sorry about that nya~ You see… Liliana is a shy girl, that’s why she don’t have many friends, let’s all be good friends, alwright?”

Liliana, the blonde-haired girl, blushed and looked the other way, then she muttered under her breath, “M-Mind your own business… I don’t need any other friends…”

And with that, the group finally left the classroom and while we’re walking on the hallway, we attracted a lot of attention, or more like… we attracted TOO MUCH attention.

“Kya!! Look over there! All the girls in the special class are gathered together!”

“Did something happen? It is rare for them to have a gathering like this.”

“I hear there are transfer students admitted to the special class today.”

“Is that girl beside Miss Sheena the new transfer student?”

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“Wait… Who is that shorty? Why is she following them? Could it be?!”

And so on and so forth… It was very noisy on the hallway. I’m still not used to be the center of attention, I cling to Sheena involuntarily and hide my face behind her shadow.

Unknowingly, that sight was seen by Angie, she was looking down so her face was hidden by her hair, but surely, she had a pretty grim expression. She even laughed maniacally from time to time, causing the students not dare to get near her.

When we walked past a certain hallway, we noticed a huge crowd in the courtyard, and all of a sudden, there was a huge boom!

“W-What? What is going on?” Albert shouted and jumped out from the window immediately.

“Ah… Wait for me!” Sheena followed closely behind.

Since the other girls were also curious, they also jumped out from the window after Sheena.

When we got to the courtyard, the crowd separated and opened a path for us immediately. What we saw in front of us was a rather shocking scene.

Basile There was… a penguin! Not just any penguin, it was a giant penguin about three meter tall! And that was not all, the giant penguin was wearing a really thick cloak and its right arm was cladded in flame!

I couldn’t help but wonder, is the penguin in this world different from the one in our world? Could it be that the penguin here is afraid of cold weather instead? It should be spring right now, and yet, the penguin is wearing such a thick clothing! And its arm is even burning! Isn’t that hot? As expected of a fantasy world, you never fail to impress!

With a wave of its hand, the flame died out and the penguin screeched a few times, as if it was saying, “Hah! The flame won’t work on me, you maggots!” The penguin had a rather proud demeanor as it was screeching.

In front of the penguin was a man with black skin, it was unlike the black pigment a normal human skin could possess, the skin was pitch-black and shiny. The man had a rather… well, I can’t say handsome, but he’s not bad looking either. More so than that, he had a really wild expression, as if he was a hungry beast.

That black-skinned man was about 1.75 meter tall and on the surface, he looked pretty skinny, but he was rather well built. His muscles were buldging, and he had an awesome six pack abs. His shoulder length hair was white in contrast to his black skin, which made a perfect pair.

That kind of man was currently having a confrontation with the penguin. He opened his mouth and exclaimed loudly, “Hah! You big fat penguin, I may have lost to you yesterday, but I will definitely win today!”

“B-Basile? What are you doing?!” Lenis suddenly shouted in surprise.

Hearing her voice, both the penguin and black-skinned man looked over here. Both of their face had a huge change when they saw us. More than shock and fear, it felt like they were more concerned about how to explain the situation.

The black-skinned man, probably the one Lenis called as Basile, I can understand his concern, but for the penguin to act like this too, that I failed to understand.

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Mwehehehe… who do you think is the black-skinned man and the giant penguin? Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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