[Vol 4] Chapter 18: Encounter

Sylvia With my renewed determination, I stepped out of the washroom and make my way towards the lingerie store, but a new problem arises as soon as I stepped out of the washroom……

Kacha! Creak…

As soon as I unlocked the door of the private room and pushed it open, I saw a few male students jumping back and sticking close to the wall with their rear. I don’t know why they look so surprised, I looked around the washroom for a while and don’t see anything particular, so I just ignored them and walked out of the washroom as if nothing had happened.

Since I was a man in my previous life, and it haven’t really sink into me yet that I am a girl now, I don’t find anything strange with the current situation. But if I am to think back to this situation later on, I will definitely be so embarrassed that I wish I could just bury my head in the sand like the Ostrich.

After I left the washroom, I stood in front of the entrance for a while and muttered to myself, “Now then… This is a problem… I don’t know where is the lingerie store…”

Meanwhile, the male students were whispering among themselves in the washroom;

“W-What was that girl doing in the male washroom?”

“D-Did she get dragged in here by that playboy?”

“Speaking of which, I heard that playboy had slept with at least hundred girls in this academy.”

“Ah… I heard that he tried to lay his hands on Sheena once and got severely punished by Angie.”

“Seriously? Angie is scary when you get on her bad side……” At this point, all the male students nodded their heads silently in sync.

“By the way, I heard a rumor that his next targets will be the transfer students.”


While I was walking around at random, I looked left and right frantically. I wanted to ask for location, but I might expose myself if I were to ask the girls. And it’s very embarrassing to ask the guys, so I’m stuck walking around in circles.

Just at this time, a guy who happened to pass by saw my frantic self, so he approached and asked, “Um… miss, is something troubling you?”

I was surprised when he suddenly talked to me, so I couldn’t form a proper sentence, “Ah! Uhm… You see… I was… kind of… um… looking… for a place…”

“Ah…!” All of a sudden, the guy let out a cry as if he had realized something, “Could you be the rumored transfer student?”

“Eh?! N-n-no—! I’m not t-t-the transfer student! It, it’s just, uhm…” When he said that out loud, I panicked and tried to find an excuse.

However, he just laughed and said, “Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. You said you were looking for a place? I can take you there! Where are you going?”

“Ah… uhm… it’s a little…” Before I could finish my sentence, that guy suddenly grabbed my hand and lifted it up. Then he caressed my arm with his other hand.

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My god! Is all the aristocratic men like this? First it was Albert, and now this guy! Geez! Don’t they know the thing called personal space? Hello~?

“Heh… a lizardkin huh? It’s my first time seeing one in person. You have a smooth and beautiful skin.” That guy said something that sounded like a pick-up lines as he caressed my arm. This might have worked on your average girls, but for me, I only feel goosebumps breaking out all over my body.

I quickly pulled my hand back and laughed awkwardly, “A-hahaha-! Y-You know what? I think I will be able to find that place by myself after all. T-Thanks for the offer though!”

I turned around and ran away as soon as I finished my sentence. While that guy was looking at my back figure, he licked his lips and said, “I’m going to enjoy this hunt to my heart’s content.”


After I took a turn at a corner, I leaned on the wall with my back. “Huff… Huff… Huff…” I took a few deep breaths while putting my right hand over my chest. Then I slid onto the ground and said, “T-That was scarrrry! I thought he’d eat me alive!”

I poked my head out of the corner to take a peek. Seeing that the playboy was no longer there, I heaved a sigh and said, “Phew… He’s gone. If I had gone with him, no doubt he will take me to an unassuming place and do this or that…”

While thinking thus far, my cheeks turned bright red. I could literally feel steam escaping from my head as I covered my face with both hands.

As I was fidgeting around, a handsome looking man in military uniform just happened to walk into this corridor. Beside him was a beautiful female general with a rather stern face.

When they noticed me, the important looking officer approached me and leaned on one knee before he asked, “Miss, is everything alright?”

Hearing his voice, I spread out the fingers they were covering my eyes and peeked at the two through the gaps of the fingers. Judging from their military uniforms, they didn’t seem to be students of this academy, I felt relieved and let out a breath.

The important looking officer had blond hair and blue eyes. He had a handsome face and skinny build, the type that’s popular with the girls. His smile was heartwarming, and to be completely honest, he didn’t look that strong. However, this is a fantasy world, so it is impossible to judge his true strength based on outer appearance alone.

On the other hand, the female officer gave off a completely opposite feeling. She had beautiful light blue hair that flowed down to her waist like waterfall. Her blue eyes were so sharp that it felt like it could pierce through your body. Moreover, her stern expression made her seem unapproachable.

Maybe I can ask them to show me the way. With that thought, I opened my mouth to ask, “Um… actually… I’m kinda lost… Do you know the way to the shopping district?”

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