[Vol 3] Chapter 17: Cursed Armor (Part 2)

Sylvia Just when we were in deep thoughts, wondering about the nature of this armor, it suddenly glowed with a bright radiance.

“Uwa… What is going on?!” The both of us were surprised by the sudden glow of the armor. Even the Goblin Trio who were playing happily in the lake were startled.

After the glow diminished, the Silver Gold Armors that were donned all over my body disappeared, what replaced them was a silver gold bracelet on my left wrist.

“Ehhh…?!” Both Sylvidia and I were flabbergasted, but the Goblin Trio on the other hand didn’t care too much, they lost their interest quickly and went back to play.

“W-what did you do just now, Master?” For the first time ever, I finally saw the calm and collected Sylvidia lose her composure.

However, I was just as surprised so I didn’t really had time to pick fun at her, “Uh… I… I don’t know… I didn’t do anything… The armor just… did that on its own.”

“No way… I don’t dare believe it… Could this be a living armor?!” Even though Sylvidia said that herself, she still remains skeptical.

“Living armor? Now that you mentioned it… that seems highly probable… It is said that this is a growth armor right? I have always wondered just how will the armor grow stronger, but if this is a living armor, then it make sense!” I come to an understanding of my own. However, Sylvidia’s next words betrayed my expectation.

She heaved a sigh and said, “That might not be the case… The Silver Gold Armors were made out of mithril. Do you know why some people call mithril the strongest metal, while others call it the weakest?”

Indeed… now that I think about it, mithril always have this inconsistency in various games I had played, I wonder why… I seriously have no idea, so I just shook my head in silent.

Sylvidia then posed another question to me, “You know that mithril is a magic metal right?”

I nodded my head vigorously, then Sylvidia continue to explain, “Then that will be easy to explain. Think about it… why do you think mithril becomes more powerful or weaker depending on the user?”

“Hm……” After pondering for a while, I suddenly thought of something, “You don’t mean-?”

“Exactly! The more Magic Power the user possess, the more powerful mithril become! However, mithril is useless in the hand of humans since they do not possess much innate Magic Power.”

After hearing what Sylvidia had to say, I couldn’t help but frown upon thinking about the current matter at hand, “If this is not a living armor… then what else could it be?”

“Fufufu…” Just around this time, we could hear a faint laughter from an unfamiliar voice. But after carefully looking around, there was nobody else in the vicinity.

“Did you hear something, Sylvidia?” I turned around to face Sylvidia and asked.

She just answered uncaringly, “It’s probably just the wind?”

“Fufufu…” Again… we hear the faint laughter, the both of us raised our guard, we stood back to back and surveyed our surroundings carefully. Sylvidia shouted vigilantly, “Who goes there?!”

“Fufufu… It’s just so fun watching the both of you speculating about me…” The unfamiliar voice mysteriously rang out from all around us, we couldn’t tell where are voice was coming from.

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Then Sylvidia and I turned around to face each other, I raised my left hand in front of us. The both of us looked at the silver gold bracelet on my wrist suspiciously, then we said at the same time, “It couldn’t be……”

“Bam!” All of a sudden, something pops out from the bracelet and shouted with a bam!

“Uwa…!” Sylvidia and I were astonished, we fell on the ground butt first. Seeing our sorry figures on the ground, the mysterious figure that popped out from the bracelet let out a huge laughter, “Puhahahahahahaha! Oh my gosh~! Look at the two of you!”

The two of us were looking at the mysterious figure in front of us with our mouths agape. Sylvidia immediately regained her composure, then she grabbed my left arm before she jumped a distant away from the mysterious figure, dragging me along. I couldn’t help but let out a few surprised shriek.

Sylvidia took on a battle stance and shouted at the mysterious figure vigilantly, all the while throwing me aside like an extra baggage, “Who are you?! Identify yourself!”

The mysterious figure was floating in the midair as if gravity doesn’t affect her, she just flew towards the lake with graceful movement. Then she turn around while flipping her skirt, and introduced herself, “I am Wyllie Wisp, a Saint Demon.”

Wyllie WispThe mysterious figure was wearing a pure white off-shoulder dress with black lace atop the breast area, a white tights, a black rose hairpin, a pair of black gloves and snow-white arm warmers with black laces. Her skin tone was so pale, and her legs were faintly discernible, even her hair is pale blonde in color, one could have easily mistook her as a ghost. Not to mention, her scleras were black and she had golden irises, they looked just like the moon in the dark clear sky.

“A Saint Demon you say? What the hell is that? I have never heard of such existence before!” Sylvidia kept up her vigilance.

“Fufufu… Of course you have never heard of a Saint Demon before! I daresay I am the first one in existence! Fufufu…” Wyllie Wisp proudly proclaimed herself as the first Saint Demon in existence.

“What are you blabbing about……” Sylvidia was at loss for words, she had no idea what Wyllie Wisp is saying at this point of time.

Wyllie Wisp placed her palm on the left cheek and said reminiscently, “I really thought I was gonna die when they tried to purify me…”

Sylvidia suddenly come to a realization, her lower jaw couldn’t help but drop. Sylvidia forced her jaws to move, and said, “You… you don’t mean… you actually survived the purification?!”

Seeing Sylvidia’s current state of shock, Wyllie Wisp felt rather pleased, “Fufufu… That’s right! I was able to assimilate the white elemental essence and reborn as the Saint Demon! Fufufu… Fufufufufu… Fuhahahahaha!”

After that, Wyllie Wisp pointed at me, or more specifically, at the bracelet on my left wrist, then she exclaimed, “That is not some measly Cursed Armor, nor a Blessed Armor! That is a never seen before Saint Demon Armor! Only someone who has affinity with both light and dark elements will be able to bring out the full potential of this armor! O’ dear master, are you worthy enough to bring forth the power that dwell in this armor?!”

Author’s Note

Urgh… I think I’m not in good condition to do any translating and writing this week… Took me an entire day just to write this much… I’m sorry if this chapter is not as interesting as it should be, but at least I was able to unveil the main point today. So I think this is good enough for now…

But a Saint Demon Armor… has anyone ever expected this?


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