[Vol 4] Prologue: The Academy Arc

SylviaBack at Tristanian Academy of Magic, at the noon of the day Sheena, Sylvia, and Albert set off for Swinford Town, the second year students were chilling at the front lawn and communicating with their newly summoned familiars. It was a peaceful and heartwarming scene.

However, one particular maid broke the tranquility, “Miss Sheena! Miss Sheena-! Where are you?!” The maid was running all around the academy in search of her mistress. The maid didn’t notice anything was out of place when she went to collect the dishes and utensils in the room.

Only when the sun was high up in the sky did the maid start to feel flustered. She knew Sheena was not one to stay in the same place for long, but not seeing her figure for the entirety of the morning was impossible, the academy was only so big. And moreover, Sheena would never skip her meal, which further emphasized the maid’s worries.

The maid in question was Angie, Sheena’s personal maid, childhood friend, and also her stepsister. But of course, they did not know they were blood-related as of yet.

Angie was running around the academy in search of Sheena, she went to the faculty, she went to the classroom, she went to the lawn, but Sheena was not found anywhere. Then a student suddenly approached her, and said, “Ah… If you’re looking for Miss Sheena, she said she were heading to Swinford Town.”

When Angie heard that, she immediately tried to rush out of the academy, but was stopped by the student in question, she grabbed Angie’s hand and cry out suddenly, “W-wait- Angie, wait! Sheena went out early this morning, you won’t be able to catch up to her now. She might be back already by the time you arrived, let’s just wait for her to return.”

“B-but…!” Angie don’t seems convinced, and continued, “Miss Sheena is a mage, without a vanguard, she…”

Before Angie could finish her sentence, the female student said, “She had her familiar with her right? She’ll be fine~”

“Mu……” Angie was a little dissatisfied how Sheena just left her behind like this, she felt as if her rightful place had been taken by the familiar in question.


Back to the current timeline, when the sun was just about to set, three gryphons could be seen approaching the academy at high speed.

At first, one of the student noticed the figures in the sky, and then one after another students started to take notice of the figures that were approaching the academy, until a huge crowds gathered in the front lawn eventually.

I was riding on one of those gryphons, along with Sheena and Albert, accompanied by three riders and three goblins. I was gazing at the academy below me in awe, and was deeply moved when I thought that I really am in a different world now.

When Sheena saw my earnest expression, she smiled and said, “Welcome… to the world of Halkeginia…”

I turned to face Sheena and just uttered a single, “En!”

My face was brimming with the brightest smile I ever had in my entire life, no matter what they say, I guess I am still a man at heart after all. Only a man could understand the romance of going to a fantasy world, I mean who had never dreamt of it at least once?

When I turned my attention back to the academy, I noticed how the crowds were getting bigger and bigger, I couldn’t help but inquire, “Hm? Why are there so many people gathering in the open field? Was there any special event planned for today?”

Sheena and Albert frowned when they noticed the crowd, Sheena was the one who answered first, “That is strange… I don’t remember anything schedule for this evening.”

After that, Albert said, “I suspect people must have noticed us, it is very uncommon for people to come to this remote region after all.”

Sheena suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Sylvia, you can still transform one more time right?”

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I tilted my head in doubt, and answered, “Yes, why?”

“Then take on the Angel transformation again and fly directly behind us.” After hearing my answer, Sheena immediately gave the order, then she continued after seeing my doubtful expression, “The goblins… the goblins…! You don’t want them to live a dreadful life in the academy right? Then listen to what I said.”

Sheena pointed at the goblins as she said that, I immediately understood what she wanted to do with just that much. She probably wanted to trick the student body like she did with the villagers into thinking that these goblins are special so that they will receive some special treatment.

I took out the ⌈Blank Slate⌋ that was kept in the pocket, and immediately willed myself to take on the Angelic form. After I chanted the activation word “implicatus”, a pair of pure white wings immediately unfolded behind my back.

Since the wings were unfolded so suddenly, I was immediately blown off by the wind pressure, “Wu-wuaaaaaa…!”

And due to my inexperience in flying, I struggled against the wind, and flapped my wings with all my might. Just at this time, Sylvidia laughed at me and advised, “Hahaha~ Just relax, don’t fight against the wind. Just spread out your wings and let the wind carry you.”

Heeding Sylvidia’s advice, I relaxed my body and stretched my wings as far as possible. To my surprise, I was actually carried by the wind higher into the sky, I couldn’t help but yelp in surprise.

“I’m flying… I’m flying! Hahahaha! I’m actually flying! Weee~!” The joy and excitement I felt when flying with my own wings couldn’t be described with words. Sheena seemed a little jealous when she saw my joyful expression.

“Hahaha~ That’s enough fooling around, now just lean your body forward, and use your body weight to glide against the wind.” Sylvidia was a Winged Unicorn, she had experience in flying, so I didn’t doubt her words.

I just simply answered in a cutesy way, “Hoi~” ⌈1⌋ and leaned my body forward as instructed. I could feel the wind brushing against my feathers as I glide through the air.


After we landed in the front lawn of the academy, we were surrounded by a huge crowd. Everyone present was shocked when they gazed at my beautiful form ⌈2⌋, it felt quite embarrassing to get stared at like that so intently, I wanted to bury my face on the ground. But my subconscious, or more like, Sylvidia wouldn’t allow me to disgrace myself while in this form, so she immediately took over the control, and stood there shamelessly, I mean- majestically.

Everyone was shocked, except one person. A maid broke out from the crowd and immediately rushed towards our location with teary eyes.

“Angie……” When Sheena saw the maid in question, she muttered her name softly.

Angie rushed over here with her arms spread widely, and then she glomped Sheena while shouting her name repeatedly. That was the cliché situation which I thought was about to happen, but Angie’s next action surprised me.


She actually slapped Sheena! In front of a huge crowd no less! How daring!

“Sheena, you idiot! You big idiot!! Why did you leave without telling me?! Do you know how worried I was?! Hic-hic…” Angie shouted while trying to repress her sobs.

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“Angie… I… I’m sorry, I promise I’ll never do that again.” Sheena felt honestly guilty for leaving Angie behind without telling her anything. She embraced Angie lightly while brushing her hair.

“Oh-! Miss Sheena, Miss Sylvia, you girls are finally back! I’ve been looking for you.” Professor Colbert suddenly came out from the crowd, but then he noticed that my familiar figure was not around, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wait… Where did Miss Sylvia go?”

Author’s Note

Yay~! It’s finally the long awaited Academy Arc. Let the fun begin, huehuehue!


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