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[Vol 4] Chapter 20: Plan B

Sylvia Thanks to the officers, I was able to get to the shopping district without a hitch. At first, I was scared of the female officer, but she can be surprisingly cute. The way she act kind of remind me of my younger sister, a little stubborn but kind-hearted.

(Haa~ I’m starting to miss home…) As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I slapped myself on the face to bring me back to reality. (No, no, no! It’s only the third day, I can’t be disheartened so quickly!)

After parting way with the officers, I walked towards the shopping district with large strides.

The shopping district was just located at one corner of the main building. It was not a very big district, but it wasn’t too small either. There’s not a lot of specialized store, but all the necessary items could be found here. Ranging from stationary to cloth, there were even stores that sell robes and beginner wands.

Most of the stores here sell stuffs related to magician, you can hardly find weapons like sword or bow. No wonder Sheena took me to town to get my equipment despite there being a shopping district here.

“She’s here! That lizardkin is her!”
“I saw her transforming with my own eyes, there’s no doubt”
“Damn that lizard! How dare she trick us!”

Shortly after I entered the shopping district, I had already been recognized. As expected, since they were unable to find me, they are now crowding at the shopping district. That’s… faster than I expected. Maybe I spent too much time wandering around randomly…

From the corner of my eyes, I’ve already caught a glimpse of the lingerie store. As long as I can make it there, this nightmare will be over. Guess there’s nothing to it, I just have to slip past the girls like I did earlier!

Just when I was about to run towards the crowd of girls, I noticed something weird. All of them seemed to be wearing a pair of gloves.

“Could it be… rubber gloves?!” This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!! The rubber gloves reduces friction, if I get caught, I won’t be able to slip past them anymore. These girls are smarter than I thought! If I run over there now, it’s instant game over!

“Hiee-!!” With that, I immediately turned tail and run.

I ran into a clothing store and without thinking twice, I locked myself in one of the dressing room.

“O-Okay! Time for Plan B!” I didn’t dare to delay it a moment longer and executed Plan B in an instant. It was a very simple plan. Since I’ve already been recognized and my trump card had been sealed, there’s no other choice but to go with Plan B.

I immediately deactivated my transformation and activated the card again. This time, I pictured the image of the catkin in my head clearly. With another flash, I transformed.

“D-Did I success, nya?” Hearing my ending word, I was convinced that I’ve successfully transformed into the cat form. Just at this time, the door to the clothing store suddenly opened with a “creak” and the sound of dozens of girls could be heard.

“Phew… I made it in time, nya~” The reason I was rushing is because the light from the transformation would give me away.  I’m glad I made it in time before the girls came in.

Since the store was quite small, only a few of them entered to prevent crowding. I walked out of the dressing room as naturally as possible and on the way out, I heard the girls asking the shopkeeper if she had seen a lizardkin rushing into the store.

The shopkeeper pointed them to the dressing room. Lucky~ They don’t recognize me in this form! Now I can make my way to the lingerie store without anyone blocking my way. I just have to make sure I act as naturally as possible.

When I walked out of the clothing store, all the girls crowding at the entrance looked at me suspiciously. I ignored them and walked past the crowd directly, I could literally feel my body temperature deceases as I was walking in the middle of a crowd with prying eyes.

It was very nerve-wracking, but I managed to make it past the girls in one piece. After that, I wanted to make my way towards the lingerie store quickly, but I decided against it since that would be too obvious. The girls are definitely not stupid, if I make my way there now, they will definitely figure it out.

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With that said, I went into a general store as pretext and waited for the girls to settle down a little. But just at this time, I run into someone unexpected.

“Eh? Isn’t that Miss Sylvia?” That was, without a doubt, Albert’s voice.

(God damn it, Albert! Do you have a grudge against me?!) As I thought that, my eyes burned with fury as I turned my head abruptly to glare at him.

Albert’s body jolted for a moment, “S-Syl… via, right?”

“Shishishi… hihihihihi…” As I laughed like a maniac, my body swayed left and right as I approached Albert like a zombie. I just got a really crazy idea all of a sudden. There was a scary glint in my eyes.

Albert couldn’t help but take a few steps back, “M-Miss Sylvia! I-I don’t know what’s going on but, please calm down!”

“I won’t let you escape!” As I got in front of Albert, I suddenly grabbed his shoulders firmly with both hands. Albert’s body shivered for a moment. I lifted my head and whispered into his ear, “Albeeert~! This is your punishment~!”

Albert’s voice was shaking as he asked, “M-Miss Sylvia… W-What are you going to make me do?”

“Shi-shi-shi-shi-shi-! Don’t worry~ I won’t make you do something unreasonable. Shi-shi-shi-shi-shi-!” Thinking about what’s to come next, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing maniacally.

“M-Miss Sylvia… y-you’re scaring me with that laugh…” Albert tried to back off, but with the strength of the beastman, I held onto him firmly.


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