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[Vol 4] Chapter 9: Commoner & Aristocrat

Sylvia The other transfer student followed Professor Colbert into the room, her movements are quite stiff. For a moment, I wondered if I looked like that just now.

When Professor Colbert stopped in front of the teacher’s desk and turned around to face the students, the transfer student also did the same, she stood there with both arms perfectly straight at her sides.

I can see that she’s quite nervous, and I don’t blame her for it. I mean, I was in the same boat just a moment ago, so I understand how she feels, sort of. It doesn’t feel comfortable having all eyes focusing on you, all the more when they are staring at you with deadpan eyes.

Just at this time, Professor Colbert finally raised his voice and said, “As you’ve heard from your homeroom teacher, this young lady beside me is the other transfer student!”

Lancelot, the proud-looking guy, suddenly stood up and raised an inquiry, “Headmaster! Forgive my rudeness for asking, Sheena’s familiar, I understand, but on what basis does this young girl who’s not even 16 gets enrolled in the special class? Moreover, how did she even get enrolled in Tristanian Magic Academy? She looks like a plebeian no matter how you look at her!”

Professor Colbert raised his hand and waved it up and down to hint Lancelot to sit down, “Now, now, Lancelot, don’t get impatient, that’s why I am here. I will explain the reason why she’s here shortly. But first… let have our transfer student introduce herself.”

With that cue from Professor Colbert, the transfer student suddenly jolted for a moment, then she did a perfect ninety degree bow, with both arms still sticking to her sides. After that, she raised her voice to introduce herself, “N-n-n-nice to meet you! M-my name is Lou!”

“Tsk! Another commoner as expected…” Lancelot clicked his tongue and complained in a barely audible voice, then he looked at Professor Colbert for an explanation.

When the transfer student lifted her upper body, I turned around and leaned sideways to bring my face close to hers, then I said in a low voice, “Let’s get along from now on.”

I had a bright smile on my face, I could hardly restrain the smile, by no means was I smiling because I took joy in other people’s misfortune alright? I was smiling because uh…… I thought we could be good friends.

In the transfer student’s eyes though, I looked like a kind big sister figure, she blushed a little and said in a fluster, “U-um… same here!”

“Ahem…” Just at this time, Professor Colbert suddenly cleared his throat and raised his voice, “You see… Miss Luo here is a transfer student from Mysteria Academy.”

As soon as Professor Colbert said that, the class raised a commotion;

“What? That shrimp was from Mysteria?” The blonde-haired girl who had remained silent all along finally opened her mouth.

“Nyayaya! She must be pretty good if she’s from Mysteria.” The cat girl said cheerily.

“Mysteria is our rival school, why would they send one of their own over here? Unless…” Albert was muttering to himself.

Professor Naoki suddenly slammed the table and shouted, “Silence! The headmaster is still talking!”

“Thank you, Miss Naoki.” Professor Colbert turned his head to face Professor Naoki and bowed slightly to express his gratitude, then he continued to explain, “As you all have guessed, Miss Lou has talent in summoning magic, which is why she was scouted by Mysteria Academy, despite being a commoner. But recently, she has awakened to a new power. In order to nurture that power, she has been transferred to Tristanian Magic Academy.”

Since I look confused, Professor Naoki explained to me, “Tristanian Magic Academy and Mysteria Summoning Academy are rival schools. Normally, these schools only accept noble-born students, but recently, they’ve started accepting commoners with extraordinary talent.”

Professor Naoki stopped explaining until here and asked me, “Do you know the differences between commoner and noble?”

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Obviously, since I only came to this world a few days ago, I didn’t know anything about this world, so I just shook my head and answered briefly with a ‘no’.

Professor Naoki smiled and explained to me while the students were storming Professor Colbert with various questions, “You see, the biggest difference between a commoner and a noble is their aptitude with magic. Most aristocrats are born with aptitude with all four basic elements, which is why they have a bigger mana tank. Because of that, nobles are able to cast magic without the help of magic tools.

As for the commoners, they usually only have aptitude with one basic element at most, which is why they cannot cast magic without the help of magic tools, they just don’t have enough innate mana to gather the elemental essence. Occasionally, there would be a few mages among the commoners that have aptitude with two elements, they are commonly known as Dual Mage. To date, we haven’t seen a commoner with more than two elemental aptitude.”

I see… so that’s what the magic staves are for. If I have to take a wild guess, I reckon it was thanks to the emergence of the dungeon and the magic beasts within, because according to my memory, the commoners weren’t able to use magic at all in the anime adaptation of this world.

The crystals on the magic staves were most likely the magic core found in the magic beast’s body, it was probably thanks to the magic core that the commoners were finally able to use magic.

I guess the dungeon has turned into an important source of income over the past few decades. I mean, just look at the guild card, it was also made with the materials found in the dungeons.

If what Professor Naoki said was true, then I guess everyone in this Magic Academy is an elite in their own rights. What about the special class then? I guess they are the cream of the crop, they are the elite amongst the elite! Now the small number of students in this class finally make sense.

Just at this time, Professor Colbert finally announced the most shocking news of the day;

“Alright, alright, that’s enough question for the day. I know you are all curious about the new transfer student here, but you can save those questions for later. The main reason why she had been transferred to Tristanian Magic Academy was because she had awakened to the power of……”

To be continued……

Author’s Note:

Hehehe~ What do you think is Lou’s new power?


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