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[Vol 2] Chapter 12: Kept in the Dark (Part 2)

Saito After the two mysterious person sit down on the sofa, Mister Milton sit opposite of them, and a maid poured a cup of tea for them. Mister Milton took a sip and started, “So… Regardless of your relationship with Miss Sylvia, I believe your daughter is among the group, along with His Highness the prince. Are you not worried it might end up in a tragedy? I do not believe even the queen would let you off lightly if something were to happen to His Highness.”

The mysterious person said indifferently after Mister Milton’s accusation, “Mister Milton… As the legal parent and guardian of the child, I understand them more than you. If I don’t do something like this, one of these days they will venture into the dungeon, and died a miserable death! It’s still too early for them to enter the dungeon if they cannot even handle something of this level.”

Mister Milton shook his head secretly and thought to himself, “Sigh… That beast was an SS-ranked monster, you know? It can only be found in the deepest part of the dungeon, who in their right mind would push a beginner to face off against an Abyss Beast! Even if they have the Guild Card, the monster could kill them in a single strike! Just what are you thinking… Lord Saito.”

That’s right… The mysterious person whom Mister Milton is currently having a conversation with is Saito de Hiraga des Ornières, the Legendary Hero; Gandalfr, which is also known as the Left Hand of God.

He is Sheena’s legal parent and has been teaching Albert swordplay since he was young. That’s why he knows what the kids are thinking. Seeing Mister Milton’s doubtful expression, Saito convinced, “I have seen the kids grow up with my own eyes, they are still far too immature and ignorant of the world. If we don’t let them experience a bit of hardship, they will overestimate their own powers and eventually make a huge mistake!”

After hearing Saito’s words, Mister Milton remained silent for a while and said nothing more. Just about this time, the sound of someone knocking the door could be heard.

“It is I, Auclair.” The person who was knocking the door announced her name behind the closed doors. That voice obviously belonged to Mister Milton’s trusted secretary, Auclair, so Mister Milton invited Auclair into the room, “Please enter.”

“Creak!” The door made a creaking sound as it was opened by Auclair. The secretary come into the room with a document on one hand, and pass it over to Mister Milton before she stood beside him quietly.

“Thank you, Miss Auclair. You can retreat for now.” Only after Mister Milton ordered her to leave, did she retreated from the room quietly.

After browsing through the document briefly, Mister Milton nodded his head and pass it over to Saito, “Your highness, all the documents you have requested are here. As you are aware, we only have information regarding Miss Sylvia from the data recorded on her Guild Card and some information I’ve extracted from her.”

“Ah… That much is fine.” Saito waved his hand nonchalantly as he received the document with the other hand.

After he received the document, he browsed it through briefly and passed it to the other mysterious person sitting beside him. The both of them frowned as they read through the documents.

The other mysterious person said in disdain, “An otherworlder spirit?”

When Saito heard the mysterious person’s voice, he nodded his head, “Ah… I’ve heard rumors that spirits can possess items with high magical properties but this is the first time I’ve seen or heard of someone being possessed by spirits…”

Just as Saito was about to deny the possibilities of spirits being able to possess a living being, he suddenly thought of something, “Wait… I’ve heard of people being possessed by ghost in the old world before… Could she be… possessed by an evil spirit?!”

“Gasp!” When the mysterious person sitting beside Saito heard that, she gasped and say, “Then we should exorcise her immediately, and get her away from Sheena and THAT body…”

Saito grabbed the other mysterious person’s shoulder tightly to calm her down, “Wait… Louise, let’s calm down first… Let’s not jump into conclusion and observe the situation first.”

“But… Saito! What if something happened to our daughter while we let that thing roam free!” The other mysterious person, Louise, raised her concern to Saito.

That’s right, the other mysterious person is Sheena’s mother, as well as Saito’s wife, Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valiere.

“Don’t worry… Don’t worry.” Saito embraced Louise firmly and patted her back to calm her down before he convinced her, “It’s going to be fine… I’ve already anticipated this and made preparations. The Silver Gold Armor I gave her have a holy attribute, if she has any evil intention, the armor will restrain her action.”

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Mister Milton who was sitting at the other side finally realized and he thought to himself, “Ah… So that is why he gave Miss Sylvia that armor…”

Louise suddenly pushed Saito’s chest to pull herself away from his embrace and faced up. She looked directly into Saito’s eyes and said, “But what if she took off the armor? It’s not like she will wear it at all times!”

When Saito heard this, he just laughed it off, “Hahaha… Once you wore this armor, you wouldn’t be able to take it off. You can only take it off by transforming it into a bracelet.”

“Really?” Louise and Mister Milton raised their voice at the same time. When Saito heard Mister Milton’s voice, he turned his head to the side and look at Mister Milton.

“Wait… I didn’t tell you about that?” Saito asked Mister Milton doubtfully.

Mister Milton just nodded his head and answered straightforwardly, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Achaa!” Saito made a strange sound as he scratched his head and shut one of his eyes.

“How could I forget to explain such an important features… Looks like she’ll have to figure it out herself or she’ll have to go into the bath fully armed. Hahahahaha.” Saito said it like no one else’s business and laughed it off merrily.

“Sigh!” Mister Milton and Louise just shook their head while holding their heads with one hand.

“So, are you going? To the forest of Alden…” Louise asked Saito who was just beside her.

Saito nodded his head firmly and answered, “Yes… I need to confirm this with my own eyes… Can I trouble you to prepare the World Door that connects to the forest of Alden?”

Meanwhile… on top of the sky between Swinford Town and the Magic Academy… There are three Gryphons gliding peacefully… until…

Author’s Note:

What do you think of this chapter? I feel that it didn’t turn out as great as it should be…


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