[Vol 3] Chapter 7: The Divine Fox

Sylvia The village chief of Pharamville was a middle-aged man who was in his late forties. He had neatly cut short brown hair, with a few strains of white hair. He had a sturdy looking body as expected of someone who worked in the field.

As the village chief, Olaf, led us to the local shrine, the village girl went to gather the rest of the villagers.

We followed the village chief quietly while he introduced various places of the small village to us. Although there were not much in the village to begin with; Such as the General Store, the farm, the eatery, the barn, the tailor shop, the paddy field, the armory, and oh… did I already mention the farm?

In short, this village was completely surrounded by farms. Their main production was rice surprisingly, I guess it must be influenced by Saito. Because according to my unreliable sources, which were the Manga and Light Novel, I don’t remember rice as being a staple food in most of the fantasy world.

The village chief even let us sample some of the freshly cooked rice ball and it tasted amazing! Nothing like the rice from the old world I know, the smooth texture, the deep flavor, the alluring aroma……

Oh by the way, even though my body was controlled by Sylvidia, I was still able perceive my five senses. Hence I was able to taste the rice ball.

After a quick tour around the small farming village, we finally arrived in front of a worn down shrine just a little outside of the village. It was not one of those grandiose shrine as one would normally imagine, it was just a small street shrine made out of rocks.

It was located at the side of the street just a little away from the entrance of the village. There were signs of cracks all over the shrine and it was surrounded by overgrown grasses.

The village chief nervously presented the shrine to us as we arrived at our destination, “T-this is… the local shrine of our humble village.”

Just around this time, the village girl brought a wave of people towards our current location. Sylvidia, who were still in control of my body, nodded slightly and said to the village chief, “I will go find the local deity, you guys will fix this mess!”

“Y-yes, My Lord-!” The village chief stood ramrod straight with his left hand positioned at the middle of his chest as he answered. Sylvidia turned around and looked at Sheena, “You, come with me!”

Sheena’s body stiffened momentarily before she answered and follow behind Sylvidia. The Goblin trio were also coming along, Albert and the three Gryphon knights however, decided to stay behind and help rebuild the shrine since they didn’t receive any instruction from the ‘Almighty Angel’.

As soon as we left, we could hear the village chief barking orders at the villagers and some whispers from among the villagers, such as;

“What are the Goblins doing together with the Angel?”
“Hey, is it just me or did you smell something funny?”
“Must be from the Goblins no? They look dirty…”

Due to my sharp sense of hearing ever since becoming an elf, I was able to hear them until we were some distance away. I’m sorry to say but the funny smell probably came from the drool of the boar earlier, I want to take a bath!

After we entered the forest and out of the villagers’ line of sight, Sylvidia suddenly slumped on the ground and let out an awkward grumble, “Puhaaa~ It’s so tiring acting all high and mighty all the time~”

As always, she was really unpredictable, I just face-palmed and shook my head a few times mentally. Sheena, however, was completely dazed due to the sudden change in demeanor.

She could only let out a few awkward incomplete sentence, “Eh… what…? L-lord Angel? What is……”

Sheena got out of the daze when Sylvidia suddenly called her name in a serious tone, “Eh…? Y-you know my name?

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Sylvidia smiled mischievously and said, “Fufufu… Of course I know, I know e-very-thing.”

“E… every… thing?” Sheena shuddered at the thought.

“Yes… everything… including your eyes…” As Sylvidia said this, she was grabbing Sheena by the chin and lifted her face up slightly. She brought her face close to Sheena, and looked directly into her eyes.

“M-my eyes? What is wrong with my eyes?” Sheena asked nervously.

“Fufufu…” Sylvidia laughed mischievously and pulled some distance away from Sheena, then she crossed her hands below the breasts and asked, “You can see something other people cannot see right?”

Sheena quivered a few times but she did not answer the question, she just stood there quietly with one arm crossed under her breasts ⌈1⌋. Sylvidia didn’t persist, instead she just turned around and said, “Fufufu… let’s just leave it as it is today. More importantly, I know you are there, Iqaos! Come out!”


“Hmhmhm… as keen as ever Lord Sylvidia, even after your Material Body has perished.” A rugged voice resounded from all the directions, we couldn’t even tell where the voice was coming from. The Goblin trio became vigilant and kept observing the surrounding.

Then all of a sudden, a beautiful snow-white fox appeared in front of us. Its fur was as white as the snow and its sharp claws were flickering with divine light.

It was an awe-inspiring sight, and more importantly, the fox has nine tails, it was a Nine-Tailed Fox!

“Awawawawawa……” Sheena fell on her rear while pointing at the Nine-Tailed Fox. She kept muttering some incomprehensible words. If I was not controlled by Sylvidia, I might have the same reaction as her.

“Hmpf…… so you’re still alive, you senile old fox!” Sylvidia grunted unhappily as she looked at the Nine-Tailed Fox.

“Kukuku… How can I kick the bucket ⌈2⌋ before the Great Lord Sylvidia.” The Nine-Tailed Fox said sarcastically.

Seems like there were some history between the two but it’s not nice to cut in people’s conversation like this so I remained silent. Sheena just watched the exchange between the two quietly. The Goblin trio looked around with confused expression, they couldn’t see the Nine-Tailed Wolf because its body was composed by only Spiritual Energy.

Only someone with high affinity with the Spiritual World, like Sheena for example, can see Spiritual Being like Spirit, Ghost, Deity, et cetera.

“So what have you come here today for?” The Nine-Tailed Fox asked.

“Fuu……” Sylvidia let out a short breath before she exclaimed, “I came here today to request you to grant your blessing to the village of Pharmville.”

“Ku… Buhahahahahahahahaha! Indeed the goody-two-shoes as always! My answer is no!” The Nine-Tailed Fox laughed hysterically and outright rejected!

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Author’s Note:

Kh…… This took much effort to write. Lack of vocabulary and this sudden twist makes it all the harder to write.


  1. Can’t find a better word to describe this: position 
  2. An idiom for dying. 

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