[Vol 4] Chapter 14: Explosive Penguin

Sylvia “Mumble, mumble, mumble…” As the crowds were getting noisier by the minutes, we left the courtyard and arrived at an unassuming place to continue our conversation.

“So… What happened? Why did you pick a fight with… this giant penguin.” I asked Zain with a commanding voice. All of these troubles were clearly started by Zain.

Zain just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head twice, then he said, “It’s nothing much really… I just challenged him to a match for supremacy.”

“Screech! Screech, screech, screech!!” The penguin was pointing at Zain and kept waving its flipper up and down while it was screeching, as if it was trying to reprimand Zain for his wrongdoings.

“Uwa… This penguin is really too humane, I really wanted to go and check if there’s any zipper at the penguin’s back…” I thought of something like that while seeing the penguin’s action.

Since Lenis was spiritually linked to the penguin, she was able to understand the penguin, so translated for us. Apparently, the penguin was saying that Zain was using dirty tricks.

Zain snickered in response, “Heh! Do you think in a real life and death fight, being upright and honorable will save you?” When Zain was saying that, he had a bloodthirst in his eyes, he had obviously went through a lot of life and death situation in order to get to this point today. That was a temperament only found in someone who had seen death once.

Recalling the time when I died in the car accident, I shivered at the thought of it, all I know is, I don’t want to die again for the second time.

But for now, I shook off that feeling and teased Zain, “So? You played dirty in a duel you started and you still end up losing? How lame~”

“H-hey! That was not my fault alright?! Who knows that big fat penguin would suddenly explode!” Zain lost his composure when I teased him as such.

“Exploded?” Everyone in the place tilted their head simultaneously.

“That’s right, his entire body turned bright red, and he just literally exploded, destroying more than half of the barn in the process!” What Zain told us was incomprehensible, all of us just mechanically turned our head to face the giant penguin at the same time.

When we looked at the penguin, it was blushing and fluttered about, as if it was embarrassed. Oh my god! This penguin is really too humane! It somehow appeared a little bashful and cute, it makes me want to jump over there and hug it immediately!

Even Lenis was looking at the penguin in shock. Wait what? Why is Lenis looking at the penguin like that? Aren’t they supposed to be in a master-familiar relationship? But if I think about it carefully, the familiar summoning ceremony only took place a few days ago, so I guess they haven’t been acquainted for that long yet…

After that, Lenis suddenly shouted “Basile!” excitedly, and jumped into its embrace, then she lifted her head to look at the penguin’s face and said, “I always knew you were uncommon, but for you to actually possess this much firepower. We might even stand a chance against Irina’s familiar in the familiar showdown this coming month!”

“Wait… What? What Familiar Showdown? I’ve never heard of it before.” Hearing Lenis’ words, I couldn’t help but step forward to ask. Since it was a “familiar showdown”, it obviously had something to do with “familiars” and “battle”, and since I am a familiar, I am not completely uninvolved.

“Ah… That’s right, I haven’t told you yet…” Sheena suddenly recalled about the event and explained briefly, “Exactly one month after the summoning ceremony, our familiars will be put to a test of strength against one another. It’s one of the most popular annual event in Tristain.”

Hearing this, Zain stepped forward and asked, “Since it is a battle between familiars, may I join too?”

“Ah… That should be fine. Although it is rare for a first year to have a familiar, so most of the participants are second year and third year students.” Albert answered the question, and then it was continued by Sheena, “That’s right, last year, the only first year participant was Irina, and she is the reigning champion too!”

“Eh? What?! A first year student was the reigning champion?! Just what kind of monstrous familiar did she possess?!” I couldn’t help but feel anxious. After all, if I am to enter this competition, I have to face that monster eventually, maybe I should lose in the preliminary round on purpose… but if Sheena knew this, she would probably kill me.

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“V!” Irina just said a single word as usual and stretched her hand forward with a victory sign.

“B-by the way… You don’t suppose Irina is living in the same dorm as us right…?” I turned my head to Sheena and asked awkwardly.

“No way~ Irina and Liliana is living in the blue dorm, the Livyatan. Lenis and Albert is living in the red dorm, the Dragonblood. Felpurr is living in the green dorm, the Slytherin.” Sheena finished by announcing the dorm color everyone here was living in, all except for Lou, since she didn’t know where she was staying at either.

Then it was followed up by Albert, “Regardless of dorm color, this is an individual battle, so everyone will be put up against each other regardless of dorms. The points will be given based on your performance in the battle.”

“Heh… Sounds interesting, count me in!” Zain was getting all excited by himself, while I was feeling desperate, I shouted in my mind, “Zain~~~ Please stop adding more fuel to the fire! I want out! Hukhukhuk…”

Then, just at this time, Lou suddenly crawled out from the shadows and said timidly, “U-um… D-Does that mean… I can p-participate too?!”

“Nyahahaha~ Of course you can, you are officially a student of Tristanian Magic Academy for now. Since you are originally from Mysteria Summoning Academy, I expect we might have a dark horse in this year’s tournament, nyahahaha!” Felpurr suddenly hugged Lou from behind and said cheerilly. She’s a… free soul as always huh?

The other blonde-haired girl who had remained quiet all this time suddenly stepped forward and nodded at Lou once, then she said, “I’ll be expecting a good fight from you.”

“E-Ehhhhhhhh?!” With that, Lou felt regretful for stepping forward to ask such a silly question, now a huge expectation had been laid on her, and she had to somehow live up to their expectations.

Author’s Note:

Hoh boy… there’s a competition coming up! Anyone getting fired up for this?


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