[Vol 1] Chapter 16: The Awakening Powers

Sylvia The monster rushed toward Albert and Sheena at lightning speed while bellowing in rage, “Rooooar!”

Sheena and Albert quickly grabbed their magic gun, and started firing rounds after rounds of magic bullet at the monster.

Albert’s aim was not bad. At least it hits the monster, but Sheena on the other hand…… missed one after another. One of many magic bullets fired by Sheena even grazed my cheek.

Yikes!! Just a few more centimeter and it’s gonna be a head-shot! But thanks to that, I finally regained a little bit of my composure.

I frantically grabbed the dual bow-gun at my side, and started to rain down a cluster of magic arrows at the monster’s back.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

But the magic bullets and arrows that hit the monster are deflected by its tough fur, as if the bullets and arrows were made out of butter. It doesn’t have any effect on the monster at all!!

The monster continued its wild charge toward Sheena and Albert without minding the torrent of magic bullets and arrows at all.

“Khhhhh this is so frustrating!! My attacks are doing nothing to the monster at all.” I bit my lower lip in frustration.

The monster got closer and closer to Sheena, then it immediately lunged towards Sheena with its jaw wide open.

“Kyaaaaaa!!” Sheena screamed as she fall toward the ground with her buttocks. She pointed the magic gun toward the monster’s mouth while sitting on the ground with her knees together. She pulled the trigger.

“Clack! Clack!”

Due to her reckless shooting earlier, the gun already ran out of bullets.

“SHEENAAAAA!” As I shouted, the rune on my right hand shined brightly. Then all of a sudden, my sight was stolen. I could see nothing but pitch black darkness.

The moment I regained my sight, I saw Sheena in front of me.

“Eh?” Both Sheena and I were confused. Just what in the world happened?

When I turned around to look, I saw a black hole in the midair that is gradually shrinking, and then it disappeared as if it never existed.

In the next instant, the monster got out from another black hole located in my previous location, and chomped the empty air . The black hole behind the monster immediately disappeared after the monster came out from it.

The monster was also confused and looked left and right twice. When it finally noticed us, it immediately started charging towards us once again.

The rune on my right hand is still glowing and I can feel a strange power flowing out of the rune.

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Immediately, I pointed the bow-gun on my right hand at the monster and pulled the trigger.


An ear-piercing sound emitted from the magic arrow. It sounded as if space itself is being ripped apart. Wherever the magic arrow passed, cracks in space appeared but quickly repaired itself.

The monster, upon sensing the danger this magic arrow possessed, immediately tried to dodge to the right.

Unfortunately, the speed of the magic arrow is simply too fast so it couldn’t completely avoid the magic arrow. The magic arrow easily pierced through the tough fur of the monster, into its flesh and ripped one of its front leg off.

The monster, having lost one of its front leg, howled in agony as it lose its balance and fall to the ground face first. I was aiming for the face, but it hit the left front leg instead. It dodged a critical hit in almost an instant, this monster’s reaction speed is out of this world! No wonder it is classified as SS-ranked monster.

The monster got up with its three remaining legs and stared at us angrily. It howled and the purplish flame on the tip of its horn suddenly intensify. It seems like the monster is going to use its ultimate attack now!

This is bad! What are we going to do? If we stay here, we are dead for sure, and I don’t think I can pull off any more miracle than this. I don’t even know how I pulled off those weird skills earlier, it happened all too fast and I don’t have the time to reflect upon it.

“We should get out of…”

“That’s far enough!” Before I could even finish saying the word, someone appeared from the side of the alley and shouted. He was waving his staff around and thick clouds started to gather in the sky.

All of a sudden, a flash of lightning escaped from the cloud and strike down on the monster!


A thunderous roar filled the air as the lightning strike the ground. Soon after, more human figures appeared from all direction, surrounding the monster and us.

Wow… that’s one powerful spell. Is that guy a wannabe mage or a real mage? From the way he was waving his staff around, I’d say he’s a wannabe mage, but to be able to use such a powerful spell… I guess these wannabe mage wasn’t as weak as I thought they would be?

The wannabe mage approached us, “Miss, are you hurt?”

My knees finally gave up, and I slumped down onto the ground weakly, with my knees supporting my body.

“Ah… ahahaha.” I laughed awkwardly and answered, “I guess we’re still alive, just barely…”

“Please rest assured, we have gathered the most elite of all the Adventurers in the town. We can take care of the rest here. We offer you our most heartfelt gratitude for stalling the monster to prevent more casualties.” The wannabe mage said respectfully.

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“Wh… who are you, mister?” I tried to ask the wannabe mage for his name, it would be rude to keep calling someone as powerful as this a wannabe.

The wannabe mage stood proudly, and pounded his chest before announcing his name, “The name’s Milton, I am the head of this town’s Adventurer Guild. May I have the honor of knowing your name and your companion’s?”

“Oh uh…… My name’s Sylvia and this is my master…” I mustered some strength in my knees to stand up before I introduced myself. I lend my hand to pull Sheena up from the ground before she introduces herself.

“Sheena, pleased to make your acquaintance, Mister Milton.” Sheena introduced herself while patting the dirt off her skirt.

“And the beautiful lady there is…” Milton asked while turning his gaze toward Albert.

“My humble name is Alby, thank you for saving our lives, Mister Milton.” Albert introduced himself as Alby and curtsied gracefully.

I looked nervously behind Milton and saw dozens of Adventurer surrounded the monster and finally subjugated the beast with slight difficulty.

Seeing that the beast no longer poses any threat to us, I let out a relieved sigh.

“But I must say, that was most impressive, Miss Sylvia! That last attack of yours actually managed to heavily injure the Abyss Beast! Just what was that bizarre attack?” Milton asked with excitement in his eye.

I looked away and hesitated slightly, “Uh… um… I’m not really sure either…… when it happened, I noticed the rune on my hand is glowing. It probably have something to do with this power?”

I raised my right hand and showed Milton the rune.

“I see… most intriguing…” Milton grabbed his chin with his left hand, and is in deep thoughts for a while.

“How about it Miss Sylvia? Do you want to become an Adventurer? With your ability, I can grant you the S Rank immediately!” Milton suddenly came up with an unprecedented offer.

“What?!?! S Rank?! Right off the bat?!” Sheena and Albert were both flabbergasted.

“Uh… Mister Milton, thank you for your offer, but……” I tried to refuse his offer since what happened earlier was probably just a fluke, I don’t have the confidence to be able to pull it off constantly so I do not deserve the S Rank but…

“Accept it!!” Sheena grabbed both sides of my shoulders strongly and shake me twice, then she looked into my eyes with a powerful gaze.


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