[Vol 2] Chapter 16: Bond of Equal

Sylvia “I am sorry, Mister Goblin. I’m afraid I can’t leave so easily like that. I do have some business with you after all. I’m here to make you submit to me!” I declared that proudly while I puff up my chest.

Though I said that…… but how should I make him submit to me? According to what Sylvidia had told me before we jumped, there are three ways to turn a monsters into a familiar.

First method is through summoning ritual, similar to how I was summoned by Sheena. That’s the most common ritual for Mage and Summoner. However, there’s no guarantee you would be able to summon the familiar you wanted. Summoning ritual is like a gachapon ⌈1⌋, it’s all random.

The second method is to make the monster submit to you willingly via absolute strength. But of course, people wouldn’t feel secure to keep a monster by their side without a leash so they had to carry out a certain ritual to enforce absolute obedience.

The last one is the Bond of Equal, this ritual can only be carried out by the monsters, and it is very rare for monsters to initiate the Bond of Equal with humans or demi-humans.

The first and second method restricted the familiar’s free will so it will be harder for the Master to truly bond with the familiars. The last method however, does not have such restriction. Both the Master and the familiars are treated as equal, the familiars are free to do whatever they want.

That’s why, unless ones have absolute trust in the familiar, one will never form a Bond of Equal with the familiar. I’d like to form a Bond of Equal with the black Goblin to be honest. According to what Sylvidia told me earlier, there are some benefits if one’s bond with the familiar is stronger.

Example given; if our bond is stronger, we would be able to talk to each other mentally over a longer distance. This is one of the most common benefits and normally, the familiars would be able to talk with their Master mentally within one meter at minimum upon contract.

However, I wasn’t able to talk with Sheena mentally yet…… I guess our relationship is still not there yet, human relationship is more complicated than monster’s after all.

The second benefit is that we would be able to transmit what we see or heard to each other’s mind once the bond between the Master and familiars are stronger.

The third benefit is that we would be able to sense each other’s general location, and once the bond grow stronger, we would also be able to sense what each other are feeling; such as happiness, anxiety, sadness, despair and so on. We would also be able to sense each other’s life force.

If I make a contract with the familiar using the first and second method, I’d have to slowly earn their trust to gain all of these benefits. However, if I make a contract using the Bond of Equal, all of these benefits would be available immediately. So there goes my question, “How do I make him submit to me and initiate the Bond of Equal?”

Just when I was thinking that, Sylvidia broke my train of thoughts with an unrelated question, “Heh…… you got used to the cat-kin’s vocal cord already? You didn’t go ‘nya~ nya~’ as much anymore when you talk. You sure adapt fast…… I’m honestly impressed~”

“Nya?” I tilted my head and think about it for a second, “Maybe you’re right…… I’m slowly getting used to this body already, nyahahaha!”

“You should finish this soon, only a few more minutes and your transformation will wear off.” Sylvidia reminded me that two hours was almost over.

“Fueh?! That means we still need another two hours to get back to the Academy?” Thinking back, the riders did mention we were about half-way back to the Academy already. If it took nearly two hours to get here, that means we would need another two hours to get back later.

“Hah?! That’s what you’re more worried about?!” Sylvidia doesn’t know whether she should cry or laugh, “You shouldn’t underestimate your opponent just because Goblins are labelled as the weakest monster in the world. This black Goblin is blessed by the god, he is sure to have a trump card or two. The amount of Magic Power I sensed from this Goblin is extraordinary, you should be careful.”

“I know that already……! I know all too well how weak I really am. I have no combat experience, I have no special skill or technique. I only have the brute strength and speed of the beast-kin. However, with my new-found courage, I won’t lose no matter what!” I said that while clenching both of my fists in front of the chest.

“Muut… Dar’t tuulkaan rhec dach shuulkec dhuul o, duulkac. Kaar’t taan ar o magaan dar ar dalaan duun ghalaan ghaan toker duun o! (Hoh… That’s some big talk coming from you, woman. Let’s see if you have what it takes to make me submit to you!)” The black Goblin got into his fighting stance as he said that, then he ordered the female Goblin to stand down, “Tac druul, Fiore! A dech dalaan druul den duulkac ghuraach. (Stand down, Fiore! I will take down this woman myself.)

“Hah! Bring it on~!” Just when I was about to lunge towards the Goblin, I could hear Caelum shouting loudly as he ran towards my location, “Miss Sylvia!!! I’m… so glad… you’re still alive…! Let me handle the Goblins, you should tend to your wounds first!!”

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I stopped abruptly and blocked Caelum’s path, “NO!! Stand down, Caelum! This Goblin is mine!”

Caelum could feel clear killing intent from me and backed off involuntarily. He couldn’t help but keep pondering why was I so obsessed with this Goblin, to the point that I was even willing to jump off the Gryphon.

“Could it be the chivalry of the Heroes? Why are all the Heroes like this? Always putting the well-being of others before themselves, it’s just stupidity. That’s why I never liked the Heroes, they are all hypocrite!” It seems Caelum had come to a consensus on his own. He doesn’t care anymore and just let out a helpless sigh.

I on the other hand, gave Caelum another warning, “Caelum, please…… I beg you. Do not interfere no matter what happens, and prevent the others from interfering when they get here. This is important for me.”

I looked straight into his eyes as I pleaded. My eyes were filled with the flames of determination and a strong will to live. Caelum, who had noticed this couldn’t help but stutter as he speak, “O-oh!! Lea-leave it to me!

“Agaan o kaarthec, duulkac? (Are you ready, woman?)” The black Goblin was getting impatient. However, I am impressed that he didn’t attack me when I turned my back to him. I am not sure whether it was due to his sense of pride, or he was worried that Caelum would attack him if he make the first move. However, that proved one thing to me, this Goblin is intelligent! Now I want him even more.

“Oou!! Sorry to keep you waiting!” I turned around to face the black Goblin and declared the start of our fight.

The black Goblin didn’t wait for me to get ready and lunged towards me at full speed!

Author’s Note:

The fight will finally begin in the next chapter! Stay tuned…

Eh…. oops, I forgot to explain how Sylvia could understand the Goblin language… maybe next time…


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