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[Vol 1] Chapter 9: Magic Aptitude Test

Sylvia After we exited from the backdoor of the weapon store, the first thing that entered my sight was a vast field about the size of a soccer field.

Where did he get the permission to have such a big field at the back of his store, I wonder. Oh never mind, stupid question. He’s a good friend of the legendary hero, Saito, anyway. This much is only natural.

After all, Saito is also a Noble who possessed his own land, and a good friend of the queen. Bestowing a few lands to his good friends should be an easy matter.

Anyway, this field is amazing. There are so many people testing their new weapon here with enough space to spare.

I can see a swordsman swinging his sword, and hint of ice covered the target dummy. I guess that’s a sword infused with ice magic? I can also see a wannabe mage waving a magic staff around in the air to generate a Fireball and shoot it at the target. So is that how a magic weapon works? You just have to swing it around?

Now I’ve grown more curious towards the magic weapon, how did they make something like that?

“Um… Uncle Sebastian, do you mind if I ask you something?” I couldn’t hold back my curiosity, and tried to ask Sebastian.

“Hm? Sure, go ahead, lass! I will answer all ya question for ya, hahaha!” Sebastian prompted me to go ahead and ask.

“Um… I’ve been wondering… how do you make these magic weapon? If you use the same principle as the magic gun, wouldn’t the infused magic power run out over time, and it’d become nothing more than an ordinary weapon?” My question was logical since magic power is not infinite, the magic weapon would then be useless to warriors, or other people not capable of using magic.

“Hahahahaha……! Good! Very good!! This lass has good insight! How about it? You want to become my disciple?” Sebastian teased.

“Stop joking around Uncle Sebastian! She’s my familiar!” Sheena pouted at that comment.

“Hahaha… I’ll tell you, it’s not a big secret after all. You have heard about the dungeon right?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes… I heard about it from Sheena, about how it suddenly appeared out of nowhere after the great war a few decades ago.” I answered honestly.

“That’s right… even after a few decades, we still don’t know how it happened and magical beasts keep swarming out of the dungeon.” Sebastian sighed.

“Magical Beast?” I questioned.

“That’s right, Magical Beast. These Magical Beast appeared at around the same time as the dungeon, and they are stronger than your average beast. Within these magical beast contained a magic stone. The stronger the beast, the higher the quality of these magic stone.” Sebastian explained.

“Oh… so you mean… you mean… you fused those magic stone with the weapon to create the magic weapon?” I came to these conclusion after hearing Sebastian’s story. These magic stone can probably recover the magic power by itself over time so it is not necessary for a mage to refill it with magic power.

It is also possible to implement this on the magic gun, however the recovery speed is very slow. At best, you only have five free shots per day.

“Hahaha…! You really do have good insight lass! You should really consider… Ouch!” Sheena kicked Sebastian before he could finish his sentence, and glared at him like a snake.

“Alright, alright! I get it already, hahaha.” Sebastian just laughed it off and continued, “Well, even if you know the principle, not everyone can do it.”

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“Why is that?” I tilted my head. He kept asking me to become his disciple, and now he says not everyone can do it? I’m not sure if he’s serious or just playing around…

“You need to be able to use magic, Transmutation magic at that! Otherwise you won’t be able to fuse the magic stone with the other material.” Sebastian claimed.

“Oh… I see… makes perfect sense…” I assented.

“Well, we’re here. Take your time, lass. I will be going back to tend the store.” After arriving at the empty spot in the field, Sebastian bid us farewell and went back into the store.

“Yes… thank you very much Uncle Sebastian.” We all thanked Sebastian as he walks off, leaving us at an open field.

“Alright, now let us begin shall we?” Sheena was very excited to start.

“YESS!!” I am very excited too, and shouted with enthusiasm.

“So let’s start by testing your aptitude for magic.” Seeing how excited I am, Sheena displayed a bright smile.

“Uh… so how do we test my aptitude for magic?” Before we even started, I was already stuck at a roadblock.

“It’s simple, I’ll explain.” Albert stepped forward and pulled out a wooden wand from his cloak, and then he hand it over to me.

“Just hold on to that wooden wand, and chant the incantation for the most basics of the elemental magic. The wooden wand will automatically absorb your magic power, and turn it into a spell. Then you just need to lock on to your target and fire it.” Albert explained in details.

“Oh… so I just need to chant an incantation huh… that sounds simple enough…” I nodded after I heard Albert’s explanation. However, I still feel a bit confused. Don’t you normally test for magic aptitute with a magic crystal or something of the sort?

“We will do this four times. One for each basic type of elemental spell. Do not worry if you failed. That just means you do not have the aptitude for that element. Most mage only have aptitude for one or two elements, and needless to say, the commoners who can’t use magic do not have a single aptitude for any of the four elements. So don’t feel too bad if you fail.” Sheena explained in further detail.

“Then let’s start with wind magic first, select that dummy over there as your target.” Albert say that as he pointed towards the target dummy with his index finger.

“Then follow after me as I chant the words for the incantation.” Sheena advised me to chant after her.

“Alright! Please begin.” After the preparations are done, I prompted Sheena to begin.

Sheena begins to mumble the incantation for the spell, and I closed my eye to focus on her every words intently.

“O’ Spirits of Wind…… Grant me your blessing……  and bestow power upon me…… to eradicate the opponent before me…… WIND CUTTER!!” I opened my eyes and shouted the name of the spell excitedly while pointing the wooden wand towards the direction of the target dummy.

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Upon firing the spell, the runes on both of my hand glows brightly, “Wh-What’s happening?!”

After a while, the light finally dissipated and I felt my body become somewhat heavier, I slumped onto the ground… I feel so empty inside, and my head feels slightly dizzy, I guess this is how it feels when a mage runs out of mana huh?

“Wh… What was that?! Are you ok?” Sheena ran over to my side, worried.

“I’m fine… I just feel like my body become much heavier is all…” I tried to ease Sheena with my words.

“Impossible……! For a single elemental spell to consume that much Magic Power is unheard of.” Albert turned over to look at the dummy and continue, “Besides… the power of the spell seems to be normal too. Just what…”

I stopped him and explained, “I think I know what happened… just then, when the runes on both my hands started to glow. I can feel the elemental essence of the wind flowing into my body and formed into a single spell… Well, it’s hard to explain but I think the runes have registered the spell into my body system or something like that?”

“What for…?” Both Sheena and Albert tilted their head and ask.

“I don’t know either…… maybe we’ll find out if I try to cast Wind Cutter one more time.” I don’t know the answer either, and suggested to cast the spell again to find out more.

“Can you do it? With your remaining Magic Power…” Sheena asked worriedly.

“The consumption of a single Wind Cutter is not that bad, I think I should still be able to cast it at least ten more times before completely running out.” I tried to convince Sheena.

“Alright… just be careful not to use up your remaining Magic Power. I wouldn’t want to carry you all the way back to the academy after all.” Sheena warned me to be careful.

“I will… thank you, Mas… I mean Sheena!” Sheena glared at me when I try to call her Master, so I immediately changed my way to address her.

I stood up on my own two feet, and started preparing to cast the spell again. Just before I start chanting the incantation, the image of Wind Cutter spell appeared in my mind, and magic power already started to flow towards my hand and then to the wand.

“Eh? What happened? I haven’t even started chanting……” I was confused but well… whatever, I’ll just shout the name of the spell, “Wind Cutter!”

I cast the Wind Cutter spell, and hit the target dummy just like that. I turned over to look at Sheena and Albert, and I saw them gaped at me.

[Eh? What happened? Did I just do something amazing?] I thought to myself as I look at their dumbfounded expression.


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