[Vol 4] Chapter 2: Professor Naoki

Sylvia While everyone’s attention was on the Goblin trio and little Futaba, I’ve been freed from the piercing gaze of the student mass. Professor Colbert suddenly stepped in front of me and ask, “A-are you really… Miss Sylvia?”

To that question, I could only laugh awkwardly and nods my head. Professor Colbert was obviously shocked, and doesn’t know what to say, “My word! I… I don’t even know where to start… Hahaha…”

Professor Colbert scratched his bald head awkwardly, then he scanned me from top to bottom. It was not a lustful gaze, but being stared at like that was uncomfortable after all, I couldn’t help but cross my hands in front of the breasts and turn my body sideway.


“Ow…!!” Professor Colbert groaned in pain as he was hit from the back of the head.

“Little Colbert, how many times do I have to tell you… It’s rude to stare at a girl like that!” A little figure approached from behind and called the now aged Professor Colbert “little”.

You’d have thought that voice came from someone even older than Professor Colbert, but in contrast, the voice was sweet sounding. Appearance-wise, she also looked like a young girl. Her height was roughly 140 cm, she has a pair of deep blue eyes, and long blue hair that extended up to her waist. She was wearing a black wizard hat like those you see in “Harry Potter”, but her most redeeming feature was probably her big racks. In contrast to her baby face and short figure, she has a well-developed breasts.

And this kind of girl actually called Professor Colbert “little”, one couldn’t help but wonder what is her true age. Could she be the legendary “loli-granny”?! Fantasy world is awesome!

While I was thinking as such, the little girl got in front of me and said, “So you must be the Sylvia I’ve heard so much about.”

“Uh…” I didn’t answer her question since I was not sure how to answer that question. “How did she knows my name? Who is she? What does she want from me?” I had so many questions I wanted to her ask instead.

My doubts clearly showed on my face, so Professor Colbert used this chance to introduce the little girl to me, “Ah… Miss Sylvia, allow me to introduce. This is the Wiseman, Professor Naoki, she will be your mentor for the next three years.”

“Wiseman? Mentor…?” Professor Colbert was being far too vague, I couldn’t process what he was saying at all. “What is the Wiseman? What do you mean by mentor?” These questions couldn’t help but rise from the depths of my heart.

Just when Professor Colbert was about to explain, Sheena noticed situation around here, so she quickly passed little Futaba to Angie and rushed over here.

“P-Professor Naoki! What brings you here today?” When Sheena got beside me, the little figure that was blocked from her view finally came into her line of sight. She was surprised when she noticed it was none other than Professor Naoki.

“Ah… Perfect timing! Miss Sheena, care to introduce Professor Naoki to Miss Sylvia over here? She is your mentor after all.” Professor Colbert just conveniently passed the responsibility to introduce Professor Naoki to Sheena.

“Oh… um… Sylvia, allow me to introduce.” As she said that, Sheena got beside Professor Naoki and continued, “Professor Naoki is my mentor, she goes by the nickname of ⌈The Walking Encyclopedia⌋, and the youngest Mage to be granted  the title of the Wiseman.”

“What is the Wiseman?” I finally asked the question that was bothering me the most.

“The Wiseman is-” Before Sheena could say anything more, Professor Naoki cuts in and continued from there, “The Wiseman is a title granted to the strongest Mage in the nation. There are only a total of four Wiseman in each country.”

When I heard that, I immediately became slack-jawed. When Sheena whispered in my ear, saying that Professor Naoki was only 14 years old, I seriously felt like fainting. Because… this is seriously too ridiculous! Even if this is a fantasy world, at least be a little more reasonable!

Where in the world can you find a 14 years old with such huge racks?! How in the world can a 14 years old gain that much wisdom and power?! She’s obviously lying about her age! If you tell me she’s a “loli-granny”, that’d be more believable!

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Just at this time, Professor Naoki revealed a faint smile, and asked, “May I look at your hands?”

“S-sure…” My mind was still in a jumble, so that was the only word I managed to mutter.

After hearing my answer, Professor Naoki took my hand and inspected the magic circle that was embedded at the back of my hand.

“Intriguing! Truly intriguing!” Professor Naoki muttered out loud.

Sheena leaned down and moved her head beside Professor Naoki, then she asked, “Professor Naoki, you know anything about these magic circle?”

Professor Naoki just shook her head and turned to face Sheena, then she said, “Nay… I’m afraid not, there are no written records of these in any of the books I know. But these look awfully similar to the Pentagram Magic Circle. If my suspicion is correct, she might be able to use the Origin Magic!”

“W-what…?! By Origin Magic… you don’t mean-?!” Sheena was surprised, but not as surprised as Professor Colbert.

“That’s right! Origin Magic is what was thought by some as the original source of all Magic. If we can somehow nurture this ability, we might be able to find out more about the origins of Magic!” Professor Naoki’s pair of eyes were gleaming, she was lost in her own thoughts, and I could see a hint of drool flowing out from the corner of her mouth.

Seeing Professor Naoki like this, Sheena couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. Then she suddenly thought of something, “Oh right… Professor Colbert!”

Sheena stood up straight and turned around to face Professor Colbert, then she said, “Um… It’s regarding Sylvia… I know it’s a bit late to ask, but can you accept Sylvia’s admission to the Magic Academy?”

“Ah… About that…” Professor Colbert turned his attention to Professor Naoki, and continued, “I’ve already discussed it with Professor Naoki. We will admit her to the Special Class, the same class as you.”

Sheena wasn’t surprised at all, it seemed like my admission to the Special Class was already within her expectation, she just said, “Oh… Is that so…”

Professor Naoki finally recovered from her daze, she released my hand and said, “Well… All the preparation to admit her to the Magic Academy is done, all we need now is her signature. Do you mind making a trip to the office for a while?”

With that said, we left with Professor Naoki and Professor Colbert to the office to finish the admission procedure, leaving the noisy frontyard behind us.


The three riders just stood there silently, they were completely ignored and forgotten.

“They left…” (Rider A)
“Yeah, they did…” (Rider B)
“And not even a word of thanks…” (Caelum)

“Hahaha…” All three of them laughed awkwardly, and left with their Gryphons without saying anything.

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When I heard the wing flapping sound, I turned around and saw the three Gryphons taking off from the ground. I waved my hand at the riders and shouted “Thank you for everything!” out loud.

The riders just waved back and smiled faintly before they took their leave.

Author’s Note:

Phew… I’m finally done with this chapter… I was thinking of including a few more scenarios but I guess that can wait…


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