[Vol 4] Chapter 25: Dancing Lesson?!

Sylvia “W-What are you d-d-doing talking to yourself?! T-This trick won’t work on me, you hear?! There’s no such thing as a g-g-g-ghost!” Looking at me talking to thin air, Angie took a step back, frightened.

Surprised, the three of us turned our attention to Angie. She looks… well, how do I put it… frightened. She was pointing at me with her quivering hand, and the other hand was buried in between her breasts. Her legs were also shaking, and it seemed like she would slump onto the ground at any given time, if not for her knees joining together, she might have fallen a long time ago.

Seeing her like this, the three of us immediately thought of something naughty, a mischievous smile couldn’t help but emerge on our faces. When Angie saw me like this, she took another step back involuntarily and said with a quivering voice, “W-What are you thinking…? D-Don’t you dare…”

Wyllie Wisp suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Naughty girls should be punished right?”

Obviously, only Sylvidia and I were able to hear her voice. Sylvidia took a step forward and said with a mischievous smile, “Fufufu… obviously~”

Although I did think of scaring Angie a little, although I really really thought it would be fun to scare her, I didn’t think of actually doing it. That’s why, I grabbed Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp’s hands before they could go and cause mischief. Then I whispered softly, “Hey girls, let’s not do this.”

Wyllie Wisp covered her mouth and giggled, “Fufufu… What are you saying at this point now, master?” Then it was followed up by Sylvidia, “That’s right, ever heard of the proverb: you reap what you sow? It is high time we pay her back for everything she had done to you.”

When I heard Wyllie Wisp and Sylvidia’s words, I couldn’t restrain myself from smiling contentedly, “Hehehe… I didn’t know you girls care about me that much… Thanks!” I suddenly pulled the both of them into my embrace and snuggled them from behind, with my arms around their shoulders. ⌈1

Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp were getting embarrassed and kept pushing my face. From Angie’s perspective though, it looked like I was making a funny face to provoke her on purpose. She immediately snapped and said with her face facing downwards, “Hoh… you dare to make a fool out of me?”

My body immediately stiffened when I felt that killing intent coming from Angie. This time, the situation had turned around. Angie was closing in with slow and heavy steps, while I was backing away in fear.

When Angie got in front of me, she grabbed both my shoulders to lock me in place, then she lifted her head to face me. She looked all the more scary with a smile across her face and the shadow of her hair covering the upper half of her face. I felt a chill down my spine as she looked into my eyes like this.

Angie suddenly opened her mouth and said in a threatening tone, “Fufufu… Miss… Sylvia, right? Forget everything you seen or heard a moment ago. Understood~?”

I didn’t respond and just nodded my head weakly, but to that, Angie just grabbed my face and asked one more time, “Did I make myself clear?”

This time, I nodded my head strongly and answered with a loud voice, “Yes ma’am!”

After receiving a satisfactory answer, Angie released me and lightly slapped my face a few times. Then she said, “Good girl…”

Angie moved a few steps back and clapped her hands. With that, she returned to her normal self and said, “Now then, first, I should congratulate you for passing my second test. Now it’s time to start your training.”

When Angie mentioned second test, I thought the act just now was supposed to be a test. I tilted my head and asked in confusion, but on the other hand, Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp were trying to restrain their laughter.

To my question, Angie only cleared her throat and said, “Ahem… T-That is for me to know and for you to find you!”

As a result, I only got more confused. However, without giving me any time to think, Angie pulled me by the hand and cried out, “Forget about it, we’re starting the training now!”

With that, I was pulled away by Angie towards the servant’s quarters. Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp only looked on as I was getting pulled away. Then, Wyllie Wisp started, “Sigh… I don’t know if master is too kind for her own good or she’s just too timid. If she would let us play some pranks on her just now, she would probably be able to stay clear of that little girl for today.”

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Sylvidia answered with, “I think it’s the latter. Otherwise she wouldn’t be pushed around by others like this all the time.” After that, the two just looked at each other silently and nodded in consent.



Night time, I was finally released by Angie and slumped wearily on the bed. Not long later, Sheena entered the room wearing a sweatsuit. When she saw me on the bed, she had roughly guessed what I had been through. She just sat at the edge of the bed and said, “Good work today~ Knowing Angie, she must have put you through a lot of unreasonable training.”

Hearing that, I immediately jumped up from the bed and complained, “Are you sure she’s really an Angel? She’s more like a Devil to me! Did you know how much I’ve gone through today because of her? I was made to run all over the campus as if my life depended on it. And then the ethic lesson, laundering, cooking, cleaning, and so much more! I feel like I was being trained to be a wife! Huk-huk-huk…”

As I was complaining, Sheena just kept patting my back and repeated “Yes, yes,” unceasingly. After I’ve settled down, I finally noticed Sheena in sweatsuit and asked, “By the way, why are you wearing a sweatsuit? Did you go for a jog or what?”

“Hehe…” Sheena only giggled and said, “Dancing.”

If this was an anime, I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of question marks on my head right about now. Just when I was about to open my mouth to ask why was she dancing, she used her index finger to push my lips and said, “You’ll find out tomorrow.”

“Hm?” I tilted my head to the side and asked, “Tomorrow? Is there a special event or something?”

Sheena shook her head and said, “I’ve signed you up for the dancing club. Make sure to come tomorrow.”

“Hah?!” I immediately sprang up from the bed and shouted, “Dancing club?! W-Why did you sign me up for the club without getting my consent first! I-I don’t know how to dance!!”

Sheena just waved her index finger left and right as she said, “It’s never too late to learn.”

“B-But… what does dancing have to do with magic? Why is there a dancing club in the Magic Academy to begin with?!”

To my question, Sheena only answered vaguely, “You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself tomorrow,” which only made me more confused. At the same time, it also roused my curiosity.

Author’s Note:

It’s been two months since I became unemployed, it is high time I go do some “real” work to make a living. One can’t survive with no money. With that said, I’ll be helping out my dad with his job starting next week. And for that, I apologize to my readers if I am unable to keep writing 1 chapter weekly.


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