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[Vol 1] Chapter 5: My First Battle

Sylvia Just when we are about to reach the main gate, I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to test my aptitude for magic so I asked, “Oh… aren’t we going to see if I can use magic or not?”

Sheena explained, “Oh… that… we were stalled and wasted too much time with the introduction earlier, we will just have to borrow the open field behind the weapon shop later to test your aptitude first before deciding on which weapon is best for you.”

“……? Why does being able to use magic or not will be the deciding factor of choosing my weapon?” Since I do not know anything about this world, my confusion was only understandable.

“Well, there are some weapons that are specially designed for the mage, such as the Magic Gun or the Magic Sword. As long as you have enough Magic Power, or the so called MP in gaming term, you can refill the cartridge with Magic Power.

The downside is that we still need to chant an incantation to fill the cartridge with our magic, so a Magic Gun takes longer to refill than an ordinary gun but it is more powerful.” Sheena patiently explained to me.

These Magic Weapon seems a little bit more inconvenient than I thought they’d be, so I couldn’t help but ask, “Wait… we need to chant an incantation for the spell to refill the cartridge with Magic Power? Can’t we just infuse the Magic Power into the weapon directly?”

“Sigh…” Sheena heaved a sigh, then she continued, “It is not impossible but one needs precise control over their Magic Power in order to do that. Only true experts are able to use Magic Weapon that efficiently.”

“Oh… so it is not impossible, that is good enough for now.” After receiving a favorable answer, I nodded with a satisfied expression. Sheena only smiled wryly, she also hoped one day, she can reach that level.

We reached the main gate as we were leisurely chatting about the weapons, and a beautiful girl with curly long brown hair is standing in the middle of the gate, crossing her hand.

“TOO SLOW!!” She shouted… but wait… that voice sounds familiar…

“Albert…… you… have an interesting taste as always…” Sheena said that with a blank expression.

“Forget about my taste, what were you doing? You told me to get ready as soon as possible, yet you came here later than me. I thought you were already gone!” Albert retorted.

“I was… teaching the basics of horse riding to my familiar. Today is supposed to be a bonding period with our familiar so I don’t see what’s wrong with that.” Sheena reply with an ingenious remark.

“Sigh… I get it already, now pass me that horse and let’s get going.” Albert urged Sheena to pass the reins to him.

Albert climbed onto the back of the horse, then we head out of the main gate and make out way towards the nearest town, Swinford.


Around halfway there, we were ambushed by three rough looking man. All of them are holding a dagger and using rags to cover their body.

No matter how you look at them, they looked like a group of bandits…

This is bad! I never expected to get into such a dangerous situation in such an early stage of my new life! I don’t even have fighting experience yet!!

Sheena and Albert are both mage, I can’t hope to rely on them in close combat, and to cast a magic, they need to chant an incantation… which means… I’ll have to buy them some time…

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“Sylvia, how long do you think you can hold them off?” Sheena turned her head over to look at me for an answer.

As expected, I was told to become their shield, huhuhu… I want to cry…

“……” After thinking for a while, I said, “I don’t know… maybe thirty seconds at most? I don’t have any combat experience yet.”

Sheena stayed silent for a moment and replied, “Good enough, just buy me at least ten seconds.”

With that said, I jumped down from the horse, then I move in between the bandits and Sheena.

The bandits laughed and said, “Hahaha!! What can a puny little woman like you do? Be a good girl and we won’t harm you!”

Good, they’re looking down on us…… I should be able to take advantage of this… At least that’s how it normally play out in manga and light novel…

“As if I can trust the words of someone like you! If you truly meant what you said, just leave us alone already!” I retorted, but it was useless, it only serves to make them more agitated.

Oops… stupid me, I wasn’t supposed to make them angry, I was supposed to buy enough time for Sheena and Albert.

How many seconds has it been now? Five seconds? Good, just another five more seconds to go!

Suddenly, one of the bandit rushed toward me and thrust his dagger forward.

Oh crapppppp! What should I do! What should I do!!

Wait, let’s calm down and think about this carefully.

I remember there was a move in judo or karate or whatever that take advantages of your opponent’s weight, and use it against them. It’s all or nothing!

The bandit is now in front of me, and thrusting his dagger toward my head. I reflexively moved my body slightly to the right and narrowly dodged the dagger, but a few strains of my hair were cut off.

Now that I am within the range, I should be able to execute the move I just thought of.

I quickly grab hold of the bandit’s arm, turned my back against his body. Using the momentum of the rush, I pulled him forward and kicked his legs off the ground.

I supported his body weight with my back and threw the bandit with a 180 degree turn, the bandit slammed HARD on the ground in front of me! I even see some blood spat out from his mouth…

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Wow, this is more effective that I thought it would be. Am I a genius? Nay… it’s just a fluke, a beginner’s luck…

I let my guard down after taking down one of the bandits and got strangled from the back!

“Put down your wands if you don’t want this girl to get hurt!” The bandit shouted and strengthened his grip around my neck.

Ohh crap! This is bad! Now we’re seriously gonna get it!

…Or not! You are too naive if you think you can take me down from behind my back. You are within my attack range! Your crotch that is…

This body should be much more flexible compared to my original body so my leg should easily be able to reach.

The moment I tried to kick his crotch, the Thunderhawk suddenly appeared and used its sharp claw to attack the bandit that is strangling me.

“Grahhhhh!!!” The bandit shouted in pain and loosened his grip. I fell to the ground on both knees.

“Cough, cough!” I was holding my neck with both hands, and trying to catch my breath.

“You *******!!” The bandit was furious and pulled out his dagger, trying to stab me from behind.

“Good job, Spark!” Albert praised his Thunderhawk for rescuing me.

“Now! It’s over.” Sheena claimed that the battle is over and activated the spell, Wind Cutter.

Sheena took down the bandit behind me with Wind Cutter, and Albert took out the ones approaching them with the same spell simultaneously.

With that, we have avoided the worst case scenario and I feel pathetic.

I need to gain more battle experience, and not let me guard down in the middle of combat, or else I might end up dead next time, and expose my master to danger…

“Are you alright?” Sheena jumped down from her horse, she ran to my side and offered her hand.

“Yea… I’m fine…” I took her hand, and then she pulled me up from the ground.

“Not bad for your first combat, you were able to take out one of the bandits barehanded.” Sheena praised me, but I don’t feel particularly happy.

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Instead, I just apologized, “I am sorry, I let my guard down in the middle of the battle and exposed you to danger.”

“Don’t worry about it, everyone makes mistake. This will be a valuable experience later on. At least no one got badly hurt for now, so let’s just be happy about the outcome.” Sheena comforted me.

Albert used earth magic to bind the bandits and ordered his Thunderhawk, Spark, to notify the knights to arrest them immediately.

After the Thunderhawk flew off, Albert climbed onto the back of his horse again.

“We wasted a lot of time here, we might have to spend the night at the Swinford tonight.” Albert raised his head to look at the position of the sun. As he said, the color of the day is starting to get late.

“Sigh… guess we have no other choice, I was thinking of getting back to the academy before nightfall…” Sheena sighed resignedly.

After that exchange, we climbed back onto our horse, and continue our journey towards Swinford…


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