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[Vol 1] Chapter 12: The Legendary Artifact

Sylvia After a long period of silence…

“J-Just what was that?!” Sheena broke the silence.

“How did you do that just now?! How were you able to shoot so accurately while in the midair!! No! Before that! How did you even jump that high to begin with!” Sheena stormed me with one question after another while I was still on the ground. Sitting there with my knees together, with my body leaning against it.

I looked at Sheena, and complained with teary eyes while rubbing sore butt, “Uuuu… That’s the first thing you ask? You could at least worry about me you know?”

Just as I was saying that, Albert was already standing in front of me and offered a hand. I grabbed his hand without second thoughts, and he pulled me up from the ground.

“Th-thank you……” I was surprised, Albert collected himself way too fast. Just a moment ago, he was standing beside Sheena with the same stupid expression as her, and a moment later, he was already in front of me as his usual self. Calm and composed.

“That was most impressive Miss Sylvia. I am awed all over by your performance earlier! Splendid marksmanship, and a user of instacast to top it off! Indeed, the magic gun is an excellent weapon of choice!” Albert praised me over and over. It’s a little embarrassing to be praised so much, seriously.

“Ah… ahahaha… thank you Albert…” I bashfully responded to Albert’s words of praise.

Sheena cuts in between us, “Hey! Don’t ignore me, answer my questions!”

“Uh… even if you ask me… I don’t know how to answer…… natural instinct maybe? Hahaha……” I laughed awkwardly and scratched my cheeks.

“Sigh… Alright fine, let’s just go inform Uncle Sebastian that we are done with the test already, and choose an appropriate weapon for you. As promised we will get you two magic guns.” Sheena gave up the questioning and cursed silently, “Kh… Natural instinct huh? I hate those genius who achieved good results without even trying hard. I worked so hard to get to where I am today…”


As we re-entered the store from the back door. Sebastian noticed us and started, “Hahaha! So the lass’ test is over now is it? How did it go?”

“She passed with rainbow colors.” Sheena seems a little bit displeased.

“Her marksmanship is most impressive, I’ve never seen a marksman with such impressive sharpshooting skill as her. Her magic aptitude is off the charts too. It is unfortunate that we can only test her aptitude for one element for now due to the high Magic Power consumption of a peculiar ability at work.”

“Hoh… special ability is it? What is it?” Sebastian was interested in the special ability and asked.

“Hmhmhm! Hear this and be impressed! My familiar is the second known user of instacast in the entire continent of Halkeginia.” Sheena’s face suddenly brightened up, and proclaimed to Uncle Sebastian proudly.

“Hahahaha!! Instacast is it? That’s impressive! Impressive indeed!” Sebastian laughed out loud.

“Muu!! I’m not joking you know?” Sheena pouted.

“Haha! I know, I know! This is just perfect! Wait here for a moment!” Sebastian told us to wait, then he went to the innermost part of the store.

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After a while, he got back with two bow like gun on both of his hands.

“Eh?” I was surprised. Why is that here? Where did he get it from? Those bow-gun look exactly like the one I saw in my vision.

Sheena turned her head over to look at me, “Sylvia… is that?”

I did the same and looked at Sheena, I didn’t say a word and just nodded slightly.

“Oh? Have the lass here seen this weapon before?” Sebastian was surprised when he saw our expression.

I turned my head back to look at Sebastian, then at the two bow-gun that he laid on the counter in front of us. After that, I told him, “Actually… I can’t really say I have seen them before, I just saw them in my vision. That’s all…”

Sebastian had a very grim expression when I told him that, but he instantly changed his mood and said, “Hahaha!! Then this must be fate!! I found these weapon a little over ten years ago in the dungeon! For some reason, they come in a pair and won’t separate for more than a meter.”

“You found these in a dungeon over ten years ago? Does that mean… during the first dungeon exploration with my father?” Sheena asked.

Sebastian’s expression turned grim for a moment, then he immediately reverted back to the happy-go-lucky mood, and patted Sheena’s head, “Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. Let’s not talk about that for now.”

“This weapon… I will give it to you as a gift, lass.” Sebastian pushed the pair of bow-gun towards me.

“Eh?!?! But why……? How can I accept such a gift?! From what I heard, the dungeon is an extremely dangerous place. This weapon must be worth a lot!” I tried to refuse the offer since I would feel very bad about it, they sacrificed a lot during that first dungeon exploration from what I’ve heard, but Sebastian refuted.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry about it, this weapon is totally worthless!”

“Eh?!” I was dumbfounded, how could something excavated from the dungeon be worthless?

“True, this is a legendary artifact. But no one can use it effectively, no one other than you that is!” Sebastian exclaimed.

“What do you mean……?” Sheena, Albert and I looked at Sebastian with suspicion.

“You see…” Sebastian explained to us how this bow-gun can only be fired once, since each time you refilled it with magic, only a single magic bullet in the form of an arrow was formed, so it cannot be used continuously.

He also explained about how he used this bow-gun as a model to create the first prototype of the magic gun, and derived to what it is today.

“I see… If that’s the case, then it’s true that this weapon is not optimal for a mage. The only reason why a mage opt for magic gun is because of the ability to shoot it continuously without the need to chant for a spell.” Albert consented.

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“I agree……  Furthermore, unlike magic, this bow-gun also do not have auto target assist like the rest of the magic gun, it is a single target weapon, and only have two shot at best since they come in a pair.” Sheena also agreed with Albert.

“And that’s why I want you to have this, lass! This weapon no longer serves any purpose to me. I’m sure it would be happier to be used instead of sitting here to eat dust.” Sebastian tried to push the weapon to me.

“……………” I was in deep thought for a while.

“With your instacast and remarkable marksmanship, you can fire this dual bow-gun continuously! It’s the perfect weapon for you, lass! Hahaha!” Sebastian continued to convince me to accept it.

“Alright… if you insist, I will accept your generosity. Thank you very much, Uncle Sebastian.” I bowed respectfully as I received the dual bow-gun.

“Hahaha! Good! Good!! Now you just need to soul bind the weapon, and it will be yours!” Sebastian was very delighted when I accepted it.

“Soul Bind?” I titled my head in confusion as I asked.

“That’s right, all legendary artifact require you to bind your soul with it for them to recognize you as their true owner. You just need to drip your blood on top of the weapon and it will be bounded to your soul.” Sebastian explained.

“Um… what happens if I did not bind my soul with the weapon?” I asked.

“Then you won’t be able to wield it, probably.” Sebastian answered.

“Wait… if you need to be soul bounded with the weapon in order to use it, then how do you know about the usage of this bow-gun?” Sheena thought it was strange, so she asked.

“Does that mean…… this bow-gun previously have an owner who soul bounded with it?” I asked as if that was the most natural thing in the world.

“Sigh…” Sebastian’s expression turns grim again, “That’s right…… this weapon does indeed have a previous owner. She might not be an instacast user but she is quite talented in magic herself as she is a shortened incantation user.”

Judging from his expression, I have a feeling I shouldn’t press on this matter anymore. I already have a general idea of the fate of the previous user by now. Most likely she is already……


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