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[Vol 2] Chapter 21: The Aftermath

Sylvia “We of the Black Goblin Tribe, Zain, Fiore, and Giga, recognized and swear our eternal loyalty to the Great Master before us!” Just as soon as Zain finished the pledge of loyalty, from the forehead of the other two Goblins, Fiore and Giga, a familiar magic circle with complex design emerged.

Following that, the surrounding was lit up by the blinding light of the magic circles. Then the complex magic circles shoot out from their foreheads and embedded itself on my forehead. Similarly, the light dimmed after a while and our contract were sealed.

From now on, these three Goblins are my familiars. I am sure we will go through a lot of hardship together and we will have to endure the watchful gaze of all the prying eyes ⌈1⌋. However, I know we can overcome it together! We will show them Goblins can become powerful too!

I leaned my body forward and bear hugged the three Goblins, “Zain, Fiore, and Giga right? I look forward to spend our time together in the future.” Then I released them and introduced myself, “My name is Sylvia. As you can see, I am an elf. The cat-kin form earlier was due to the special ability of this card in my hand.”

I showed them the card and explained the circumstances to them, however the female Goblin named Fiore folded her arms and said, “Tsk! Woman… Don’t get all chummy with me! I haven’t accepted you yet. I was only following the orders of Zain!”

“Zain, I trust! You, I don’t! The other Goblin called Giga also offered his opinion regarding this matter while trying to copy Fiore’s action.

I snickered as I said, “Hehe… that is good enough for now. We will get to know each other eventually. Please take good care of me.”

Zain nodded and replied with a single word, “Likewise.”

“Sylvia! Don’t move, I will try to heal your wounds immediately.” Just as our conversation came to an end, Sheena immediately inspected my body and started to cast healing spells to heal my wounds.

Albert on the other hand, voiced out something that had been disturbing him since a while ago, “Um…… this has been bothering me for a while but… why is that black Goblin naked?”

I wasn’t really bothered by the tiny thing dangling around the lower parts of the black Goblin since I used to be a guy. Furthermore, due to the size of the Goblins, I can see them as nothing more than kids. Who would get excited or flustered by seeing the private parts of a kid, aside for the elated Fiore over there that is.

Zain had noticed that everyone’s attention were focused on his crotch, so he facepalmed and pointed one finger at the village girl who had her back against a huge tree trunk.

The girl was still in a dazed state and staring at this location with a gaping mouth. When she noticed everyone’s attention turned to her, she was startled and her body jumped involuntarily.

Everyone was stupefied when they noticed the brown-colored loincloth on her arms.

“Why is the girl holding the loincloth of the black Goblin?”
“How did she get the loincloth?”
“What is the girl doing with the loincloth?”
“What is going on here?!”

These thoughts surfaced in the head of everyone present. Everyone was curious as to how the girl was involved with the Goblin trio.

“Oi, woman! Hand over my loincloth immediately!” Zain directed his voice to the village girl as he gestured with his left hand.

The village girl obviously couldn’t understand the black Goblin. However, she could at least understand the hand gesture. The gesture was a signal for her to hand over something.

The village girl used the tree trunk as a support to climb up from the ground slowly. Then she started walking towards our location with the same slow pace. She probably thought it should be safe now, seeing as how the Goblins are not attacking us anymore. However, she was still a bit hesitant.

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When the village girl was finally in front of Zain, she stretched out both hands in front of her along with the loincloth. She feared that the Goblins might attack her, so she faced down and shut her eyes tightly.

Zain ignored the village girl’s plight and grabbed the loincloth from her hands immediately. After that, he quickly warped the loincloth around him to cover his crotch.

I saw the village girl was still feeling quite nervous so I tried to reassure her, and smiled brightly, “Don’t worry…… they won’t attack you anymore.”

Hearing this, the village girl raised her head slowly and glanced at everyone once, before she opened her mouth to ask, “Really? They really won’t attack us anymore?”

“Us? What do you mean by us?” Albert tilted his head in response to her question.

“Ah!! Sappore!!” The girl suddenly thought of something as she ran towards the location that she came from.

“H- Hey!! Wait-! Where do you think you’re going?!” The girl didn’t answer Albert and ran off somewhere. Caelum frowned and ordered the other two riders to follow the girl, “Sigh… There might be more victims over there, follow the girl and protect them!”

“Kyaaaaaaa!!!” Just when Caelum had issued his orders, the scream of the village girl resounded in the forest. “HURRY!!” Caelum shouted in response and the other two riders immediately dashed off.

When they arrived at the location, they found the village girl was desperately defending a gigantic wild boar that’s collapsed on the ground from a pack of wild beasts. The girl was holding a stick and sweeping it around wildly to prevent the wild beasts from approaching the boar.

“Help! Please help! I beg you, please! Please save my friend!!” The village girl was covered in scratches and her clothes were in tatters. She pleaded for help in tears as she saw the riders approaching. However, she was not begging for them to help her; rather, it was the wild boar.

The riders were stupefied, they don’t know what to think in a situation like this. They could only mechanically follow their orders and execute it flawlessly. Initially, they thought the other victims would be humans, but it turns out to be a wild boar instead.

Author’s Note:

Having a hard time writing this due to my lack of vocabulary and I’m also running out of ideas.


  1. People that are always looking at you to see how you act, if you do something bad or wrong, or snooping into your affairs. Usually it’s for the purpose of reporting your wrongdoings or gossiping about you. 

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