[Vol 1] Chapter 3: The Chaos in the Forest

Sylvia Around this time, in the secret village hidden deep within the forest of Alden, the elves finally noticed that the princess is missing.

“The Princess?! She’s not here!!”

The attendant shouted in panic when she found that the princess is not on the bed where she usually is. With the princess in her current condition, there is no way that she can move on her own.

“Quick! Quick! Inform the Village Chief immediately!” The attendant immediately ordered the guards beside her to report the situation to the Village Chief immediately, which also serves as the Princess’ father.

Upon receiving the grievance news, the Village Chief, Gustav, frowned.

“Summon the Priestess! NOW!!” Gustav shouted, clearly annoyed.

“Yes sir!” The nearby guards immediately moved upon receiving Gustav’s order.


After a while, the priestess arrived in the hall where the Village Chief is staying, with a few guards escorting her.

The priestess has a beautiful straight blonde hair, a pair of beautiful light blue eyes, and most surprisingly, her voluptuous chest. Elves are known to have a relatively small chest, so this is very uncommon indeed.

And the only elf with such a humongous lump of fats hanging off her chest is a world-renowned Half-Elf known as Tiffania Westwood!

She is one of the legendary void magic user, and by her side is her trusty partner and a legendary familiar, Lifbrasir, also known as the “Heart of the God”.

His name is Ragna. He has a silver colored hair and a pair of golden eyes. His body looked very sturdy and powerful. Just from one glance, one can tell he is a powerful warrior.

Tiffania curtsied elegantly in front of the Village Chief, “Chief Gustav, for what reason have you summoned me?”

Her tone is unwavering, yet it is very elegant. Causing the surrounding guards to shudder in admiration.

“Your esteemed priestess, I can’t thank you enough for your taking your time to care for my disabled daughter. Today I received a grievance news that my daughter is currently missing. Do you know of it?” Gustav said that with a rather worried expression.

“Chief Gustav, I have only been informed by the guards who were escorting me earlier with regards to the situation of the princess.” Tiffania reported to Gustav.

The elven princess, Elwyn, used to be the best of friends with Tiffania. After finding out her friend had fallen into a deep slumber and is currently disabled, naturally she had been doing whatever she can to take care of her best friend.

“I have went to the Princess’ Chamber before coming here so it took a while. But I can feel traces of summoning magic left behind… by who… and for what purpose… I do not know…” Tiffania explained why she took so long before coming here.

“……” Gustav was looking down and didn’t say a single word.

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After a while, Gustav finally raised his face and looked at Tiffania, he pleaded solemnly, “I am sorry to ask this of you, but the reason I summoned you is because you are the only one I can ask this favor of… please, please find my daughter!”

“Worry not, I was already planning to head out of the village as soon as possible, and commence a world-wide search! I will scour the entire world and leave no stones unturned. I will find her no matter what!” Tiffania said with a confident smile. She firmly believes that she will be able to find her best friend no matter what.

“Thank you… thank you so very much!” Gustav expressed his sincerest gratitude to Tiffania while holding both of her hands, and he continued, “I am the Chief of this village, I can’t carelessly dispatch the warriors and leave the village undefended… I will be counting on you, Miss Tiffania Westwood.”

“I understand Chief Gustav…… Please relax and leave everything to me!” Tiffania tried to reassure the village chief.

“Mmm… I’ll entrust my daughter to you. Please punish the evil-doer who caused this ruckus on my behalf.” Gustav said that as he waved his hand, prompting the attendant beside him to hand over the box that she is currently holding.

“…This is?” Tiffania tilted her head, and asked questioningly.

“An artifact that belonged to my daughter, you should know better than anyone else just how much she treasured this item. Please pass this to my daughter when you find her.” Gustav took the box and passed it to Tiffania.

Tiffania looked at the black box for a while and understood what is within the box, “I will definitely deliver this to the Princess.”

Gustav nodded and said, “Be on your way now, I won’t hold you for much longer.”

“Then I’ll be leaving.” Tiffania grabbed the box and hand it over to her familiar, “Ragna, please look after this artifact with utmost care.”

“Of course…” Ragna spoke for the first time since entering this hall. He is a man of a few words, but his strength is guaranteed. In terms of swordsmanship, he is not one inch inferior to the Gandalfr, who are superior with the use of weapons.

Tiffania and Ragna left the hall as soon as possible, and now…


Gustav summoned all the elves in the village to the central plaza to calm the masses.

The disappearance of the princess have caused the entire village to grow anxious, in order to dispel their anxiety, Gustav has to announce it sooner or later, it is his job to ensure the peace of mind of every denizens here.


Around noon, the entire population have gathered in the central plaza, it was quite packed. In the center of the plaza stood a lone man, he has a very dignified aura with neatly combed blond hair. ⌈1⌋ He is none other than the Village Chief, Gustav.

Everyone’s attention is focused on this man and he started, “We have already identified the cause behind the princess’ disappearance and I assure you, this is not a kidnapping incident, so please calm down and listen.”

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Upon hearing that the princess is not kidnapped, the entire population feels slightly relieved, and the tension in the air is starting to feel lighter.

Gustav continued, “According to the priestess, the princess have been summoned as a familiar, but we do not know who has summoned the princess, nor her current whereabouts.”

Gustav made up the part about being a familiar since he don’t want to add to the worry of the villagers. Never in his wildest dream had he imagined that his lie turned out to be the truth.

The crowd starts to get noisy again;

“But with the princess in her current state…”
“She’ll get violated!!”
“Poor princess…”

And such could be heard.

“SILENCE!!” The attendant at Gustav’s side shouted, and the surrounding become quiet all of a sudden.

Then Gustav uttered his last words, “The Priestess has personally set off on a journey to search for the princess. Please set your mind at ease and get back to work. Dismissed!”

With this, Gustav dismissed the crowd and went back to his own estate.

The crowd were noisily discussing about this on the street for an entire day.

“The guy who summoned the princess is gonna get it now.”
“Yea, when the priestess find him, he’ll wish he was never born.”

Every villager highly respect the priestess, nobody in this village do not know about her.

She is the legendary void user and a companion of the hero who saved the world from absolute calamity. And most important of all, she was the one who desperately protected them during the Apocalypse War, even though the proud Elves treated the Half-Elf awfully.


Now we go back a little in time, back to the Magic Academy…

“Y… your father is from Earth?!” I was utterly surprised when I heard Sheena said that her father is an Earthling.

Sheena’s lips curved, revealing a charming smile and said, “Yes, my father is originally an ordinary human from Earth, summoned to Halkeginia by my mother as her familiar.”

…Wait what? That scenario sounds familiar… It’s like what happened to me, but I feel like I have heard of a similar situation somewhere before…

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While I was still deep in thought, Sheena continued, “You said you used to be a young man called Silva who lived there right? Then have you heard of the name Saito and Louise?”

“Saito? Louise? Wait… You don’t mean… those anime characters from the fictional show?” After thinking for a while, only one thing came to mind. That’s right, the hero and heroine of the popular anime series, Familiar of Zero.

“Exactly.” Sheena smiled mischievously, “My father is the original author of that anime.”

“Wu…. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!” I shouted at the top of my lungs due to extreme shock.


  1. Did you know? “Blond” and “blonde” actually have different meanings. Blond is a fair-haired male, and a blonde is a fair-haired female. 

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