[Vol 4] Chapter 3: Best Friends

Sylvia After the three riders left the academy, we headed to the office with Professor Naoki and Professor Colbert.

Along the way, we walked past a long corridor made out of stone. To be more precise… they seemed more like marble rather than stone. They have a smooth surface in resemblance to that of the highest quality marble. In fact, the entire academy buildings seemed to be made out of the same material.

So soon as we entered the office, Professor Colbert walked towards the office desk and sat on the opposite side, while Professor Naoki just leisurely sat on the sofa that’s at the side of the room.

Sheena and I just stood in front of the office desk quietly, waiting for Professor Colbert to start. Professor Colbert lifted the paper in front of him and peeked at it momentarily, then he nodded his head.

After that, Professor Colbert lifted his face, and said, “Miss Sylvia, do you wish to enroll as a student of Tristain Academy of Magic?”

I stood ramrod straight, and answered with a stiff voice, “Y-yes sir!”

Professor Colbert nodded once again, then he turned the paper around and slammed it on the desk softly. After that, Professor Colbert started to explain, “Very well, after you sign this form, you will officially be recognized as a student of this academy.

You will be enrolled in the special class, but you still need to take at least four other standard classes. As a student of the special class, you are not required to wear your uniform except for special occasion; Such as the familiar summoning event or the inter-school competition.

And regarding your room assignment…… To be honest, we do not have enough room left, will you be fine staying in the same room as Miss Sheena?”

“That……” I didn’t answer immediately since it’s not my room to begin with. So I just turned my head to look at Sheena. I don’t want to cause her any inconvenience after all. Essentially, she is still an adolescent girl, she might not be completely comfortable sharing a room with a former man like me.

If she says no, then I will wholefully accept it and share a room with someone else. Worst case scenario, I will probably just sleep in the barn? Knowing Sheena though…… It’s hard for me to imagine her saying no. I mean- she…


Recalling some unnecessary event that happened in the bath yesterday, my face turned bright red. Noticing that, Sheena didn’t fail to tease me before answering Professor Colbert. She placed the right hand in front of her mouth, and said, “Fufufu… Did you think of something dirty again~?”

“W-what do you mean again?! I never thought of anything dirty-!” I tried to retort in a flush, but was completely ignored by Sheena. She just directly embraced me and placed my face on her bosom, then she said, “I have no problem sharing a room with Sylvia, I mean she’s my familiar after all~”

“Mrph! Mrph-!” With my face trapped in between Sheena’s breasts, instead of enjoying the soft sensation, I was desperately grasping for breath.

“Puha-!” I tore myself apart from Sheena by pushing her away with both hands. Then I shouted without thinking, “Are you trying to suffocate me with your-?!” Before I knew it, both of my hands are already in midair, if I let my impulse take over, I’d probably have squeezed Sheena’s breasts in the heat of the moment.

“Fufufu… my what exactly?” Sheena continued to tease me by purposely crossing her arms below the breasts to emphasize them.

“Gr-nununununu…” I gritted my teeth in frustration, but there’s no way I can really squeeze them. She knew it and yet she’s doing this on purpose. “Hmph!” I could only retract my hands and snort unhappily. I puffed my cheeks and faced the other way with both arms crossed.

“As you can see, we are on su~per close term~” Sheena threw her arm around my shoulder while saying something like that.

“I see… then I guess there’s no problem. Miss Sylvia, after you sign this form, the both of you may be dismissed. You girls must be tired from your trip, go get some good rest. The class will begin tomorrow.” Hearing a positive answer from Sheena, Professor Colbert felt relieved.

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After I sign the form, the lengthy discussion with Professor Colbert finally came to an end. We left the office, and on the way back to the dorm, two girls blocked our way.

“Sheena, ok?” One of the girls asked Sheena in short sentence. The other girl supplemented, “We were worried about you, you came back later than expected. Did something happen?”

“Ah… Irina, Lenis… I’ll tell you all about it later!” When Sheena saw the two in question, she was all smiles.

“No.” The blonde haired girl answered with another short sentence, while the red haired girl added on, “You are probably just going to brag again, judging from that expression…” The red haired girl had a slightly sullen expression as she said that.

“Mou… You girls are so mean! When have I ever bragged?” Sheena pouted unhappily with both arms locked to her sides.

“Always.” Just as usual, the blonde haired girl only answered with one word, while the red haired girl would continue, “Yeah, you bragged every chance you got. We already lost count of how many times you come bragging to us.” As she was saying that, the red haired girl was counting her fingers.

“Geez! I don’t know you both anymore! Hmph!” Sheena tried to walk away grumpily, but the red haired girl stopped her hastily, “Ah… Sheena! Wait-! We were just playing around. Don’t get angry?”

“I know that, I was just acting, bleh-!” Sheena turned around to face the two girls in question and stuck her tongue out.

“Tehehe~ As expected from a former idol, I was completely fooled…” The red haired girl said in a carefree manner.

“Um……” I who was completely left out, suddenly cut in at this time.

“Oh right, Sylvia. Allow me to introduce, this is Irina, and this is Lenis. They are my best friend.” Sheena introduced me to the blonde haired girl and red haired girl respectively with a cheerful smile.

The blonde haired girl is Irina Akatsuki, she has a really long light blonde hair that extended up to her knee. Her crimson eyes are as beautiful as ruby. She has a fair complexion, and a pretty neutral face that fits her personality to a T. ⌈1⌋ She kinds of remind me of Charlotte. I wonder if they’re related. Appearance-wise, she looks around 15 to 16 years old. She has a practically non-existent breasts.

As for the red haired girl, her name is Lenis Flamma. She is apparently the daughter of Professor Colbert and Kirche. She has a beautiful red hair tied in twin-tail style. If I remember correctly, that seems to be the dip dye hairstyle. Why would I know something like that? Because it reminds me of a hairstyle in a certain game I used to play.

She has a pair of beautiful brownish eyes, and though her breasts seem to be developing nicely, it’s still on the small side. I find it kind of hard to believe that she is the daughter of that Kirche. Her mother seemed to have a pretty big breasts around her age, at least in reference to the animated series of Zero no Tsukaima. Either that was just for fan-service purpose, or Lenis is a slow bloomer.

Author’s Note:

Sorry this took a while to write. I was kind of stuck as to what I should write for this chapter. Hope it didn’t turn out too bad.


  1. Idiom: To be very appropriate for someone. 

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