[Vol 3] Chapter 18: Unexpected Treasure (Part 1)

Sylvia Faced with the sudden development, I was totally baffled, I didn’t know how to reply. But it seems Sylvidia was even more surprised than me, her jaws were opening so wide that make me feel like they might fall off.

That is only natural, because in normal cases, light and dark are opposing elements, as soon as they get into contact with one another, one will inevitably attempt to eliminate the others. For two completely opposing elements to exist in harmony within one’s body is not impossible. However, it is very rare, there are only a handful of people out there who can control both light and dark elements.

But this is a demon we are talking about! A creature that is born from the darkness! And Wyllie Wisp is a ghost-type demon no less, a creature that is weak to light magic. It is inconceivable for a ghost to be able to grasp the light.

“What…? So shocked that you can’t even speak? Fufufu…” Wyllie Wisp made fun of us when she saw our slack jaws.

“Oh…! Um… Right, introduction first… My name is Sylvia, and this is my friend, Sylvidia. Nice to meet you, Miss Wyllie.” I panicked for a short while before briefly introducing Sylvidia and myself to Wyllie Wisp.

“It’s fine to just call me Wyllie.” The self-proclaimed Saint Demon just lightly waved her right hand back and forth to dismiss the stiff introduction.

“Oh… Okay, Mis- I mean Wyllie, I’m sorry to break this to you, but… I don’t think I have the ability to bring out your full potential, I only have affinity with darkness.” I regretfully tell so to Wyllie Wisp.

Contrary to my expectation, Wyllie Wisp doesn’t look disappointed, instead she said, “Fufufu… What are thou talking about? Were you not using light magic when you were confronting that divine fox earlier?” Then she glanced at Sylvidia with a mischievous smile.

“Now that she mentioned it, something like that did happen just a while ago…” As I thought of that, I also turned to look at Sylvidia for an answer.

Sylvidia took notice of our hopeful glance, and was finally startled awake, she immediately shook her head, and said, “No! Impossible! Nuh-uh! Armatization is the ultimate secret technique of the Spirit Item, it is not something that can be mastered in a matter of a day or two, what happened earlier was just a fluke!”

“Sigh… What a disappointment…” Wyllie Wisp was disheartened and heaved a sigh. But then she looked at me mischievously and said, “I will just have you compensate me with a supply of daily Magic Power, fufufu…” As she said that, she licked the side of her lips sexily.

I am also just as disappointed, just when I thought I finally got stronger, it is not a power which is readily available. Taking this chance, Sylvidia started explaining more regarding the basics of soul fusion.

“Armatization can only be used when the host and spirit are one soul and one mind. In other words, we can’t perform a soul fusion unless our motive and determination are the same!”

Wyllie Wisp lost her interest and went back into the armor, which is now in the form of a bracelet. While listening to Sylvidia’s long lectures, I took off my gloves and knee-length socks, then I hang them on a tree branch nearby before I go soak my feet in the lake.

“Uwa… It’s so cold!” I dipped the tips of my big toe into the crystal clear lake to gauge the temperature. The lake is much colder than I expected, but it feels refreshing in contrast to the hot day. I slowly submerged my foot into the lake to enjoy the refreshing sensation.

The Goblin Trio who were already happily playing in the lake noticed that I have finally stepped foot in the lake, there was an ominous glint in their eyes. Under Zain’s order, the most muscular of the trio, Giga, jumped high into the sky and landed right in front of me with a big splash!

“Uwa…!” With a splash, a huge wave was surged up, the wave swept over me, drenching my whole body. “Uueeh… I’m completely soaked…” Or so I say, but the one piece dress that I am wearing is waterproof, only my hair, and my underwear are soaked.

The Goblin Trio is laughing heartily at my sorry figure, and they continue their assault by splashing water at me from three different directions.

“Splish! Splash!”

“Wa… Stop! Stop! Time out! I’m not ready yet…!” Faced with their relentless assault, I could only raise my arms to cover my face. I keep shouting for them to stop, but they wouldn’t listen to me at all.

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“Mu… Now you’re asking for it! Hyah!” Since they won’t stop, I get back at them by splashing water at them. After that, I blended in with the goblins quite easily, we were splashing water at one another and running all over the place like a child. I guess my mental age is about the same as the three goblins…

“Sigh… How childish…” Seeing this heartwarming scene before her, Sylvidia couldn’t help but shake her head in resignation.


Since we were having so much fun playing in the crystal clear lake, we had all but forgotten the time. The preparations for the feast were already done a long time ago, Sheena got impatient and came to check on us. When she saw that we were just fooling around, we got a sermon from Sheena.

The Goblin Trio obediently changed into their new clothes, I didn’t have any spare clothes to change into, since Sheena didn’t expect I would get soaked, not that I need it anyway since my one piece dress did not get wet at all. However, I do need a new pair of underwear. We are going back to the academy via sky transport later, it is undoubtedly going to be cold high up in the atmosphere. If I continue wearing this pair of soaking wet underwear, I will definitely get sick.

With that in mind, I poked Sheena on her back, and throw away my pride to whisper these into her right ear, “Sheena… do you have a pair of extra underwear?”

Sheena looked at me suspiciously and replied in a voice low enough that only the two of us can hear, “Well… Not really, only the used ones from yesterday, why?”

I looked down to the ground shyly and whispered, “M-my underwear is… soaked…”

“Sigh… I guess a used underwear is better than a soaked underwear… I’ll go get it for you later… But how come only your underwear is wet?” It is helpful that Sheena is very understanding, but her question does bring some doubt to mind; Just what is this dress made of? It is as smooth as a high-class silk, yet it does not absorb a single drop of water.

Even the highest quality silk I know of should at least absorb a little bit of water, could this dress actually be a treasure? I mean when I fell from the sky earlier, and was scratched by the twigs and branches, the dress didn’t get a single cut. The dress seems quite durable too.

Moreover… the silk gloves and knee-length socks Mister Milton gave me have the same texture as the dress… Could they be made out of the same material? I turned over to face Sylvidia with an expectant look, my eyes were literally shining with desires.

Seeing me like that, Sylvidia couldn’t help but heave a defeated sigh. When Sheena finally took notice of Sylvidia, she was captivated by her unparalleled beauty, she whispered to me softly, “Who is that?”

“Oh… That is Sylvidia, the Winged Unicorn from earlier, in human form.” I answered straightforwardly.

“Oh… Is that so…” Sheena nodded in acknowledgement, then comes the delayed response, “EHHHHH?! Y-you mean she is the emissary of the Goddess of Light?!”

Author’s Note

Phew… Just got back from my granny’s house and finished writing this. Now I gotta edit World of Immortals and release it ASAP, I only have less than an hour left until the next day XD

Anyways, what do you guys think the dress is made out of?


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