[Vol 3] Chapter 4: Essence of the Soul

Sylvia “Ehhhhh~?! I’m doing it by myself?” When Sylvidia abruptly asked me to perform the Soul Transfusion by myself, I couldn’t believe my own ears.

“Of couse, the fastest way to learn how to do it, is to experience it by yourself.” However, Sylvidia pushed the responsibility to me just like that.

“B-but you said…” I tried to talk back, but it was fruitless as Sylvidia had already prepared an answer for my question;

“I know what I said, it is indeed impossible to learn how to control your Spiritual Power that precisely in fractions of a second no matter how talented you are. But you already know how it feels, you already experienced it once, that’s the only advantage you hold. Although it won’t be easy, your success rate is at least much higher than what it was before.”

I was feeling a bit uneasy when Sylvidia suddenly asked me to perform the Soul Transfusion by myself. However, she reassured me by telling me that I have a high chance of success.

Just when I was feeling that I can do it, she suddenly dropped a bomb, “Well, if you still can’t do it after that much, that means this is all you will ever amount to. Hahahahaha~”

“Muu……” As I was lamenting over those words, Sylvidia was laughing merrily.

“Jokes aside, let’s begin immediately.” Sylvidia’s tone suddenly got serious and prompted me to begin the Soul Transfusion immediately. She was a really unpredictable fellow; one moment, she was acting Happy-Go-Lucky and the next moment, she was so serious and dignified. I was once again caught off-guard by her sudden change of behavior.

“O-ooh……” After that brief exchange, I started to guide my Spiritual Power towards the Sea of Consciousness just as how Sylvidia was doing it earlier, albeit a bit clumsy.

“Hoh…… you are doing better than I thought~” Sylvidia was slightly surprised at how fast I learnt.

“Heh-heng! I didn’t pride myself as a Fast-Learner for nothing~!” I proudly declared that and pounded my chest.

“Hmph! Don’t let it get over your head, look! The Spiritual Power is going astray!” Sylvidia scolded me as I lose concentration due to her words of praise. I was always like this, whenever people praised me, I would become arrogant and start to lose concentration. That is why I don’t like people praising me too much.

“Ahhh! Sorry! I’m so sorry!” I apologized out of habit.

“Stop apologizing and start concentrating!” Sylvidia immediately abmonished me and asked me to focus.

“I am sor…… I mean yes ma’am!” Just as I was about to apologize again out of habit, I heard Sylvidia going “Hrm…” so I changed my approach and started to focus.

“Now then… allow me to explain.” When the flow of Spiritual Power was stabilized, Sylvidia started explaining, “The location where you drew the Spiritual Power from, that is your dantian.”

“Dantian? What is that?” I interuptted Sylvidia as she was in the middle of explaining.

“Shuush~ I’m just about to explain.” Sylvidia hinted me to keep quiet as she continued to explain, “The dantian is where your Magic Power and Spiritual Power are stored. Each person has three dantian, they are also known as the Upper Dantian, the Central Dantian, and the Lower Dantian.

The Upper Dantian is located directly between the eyebrows. This is where all the Spiritual Power gathers, the Upper Dantian is the center for intuitive awareness, psychic abilities, and spiritual communications, it is sometimes referred as ⌈Third Eye⌋.

The Central Dantian is located directly between the chests and it is where the Mage drew their Magic Power from. The Lower Dantian is located below the belly button and it is where the Warrior drew their Battle-Qi from.”

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“Ooooooh…… interesting~ So in other words, I am now drawing Spiritual Power from the Upper Dantian?” I asked as I kept guiding the Spiritual Power from the center of my head to the Sea of Consciousness.

“That’s right, and the place where you are guiding the Spiritual Power to, that is the Sea of Consciousness. It is located in the dead center of the brain, it is where the soul resides.” Sylvidia explained calmly, “Now try spreading your Spiritual Power in the Sea of Consciousness, what can you see?”

Just as Sylvidia instructed, I spread the Spiritual Power around the Sea of Consciousness. I could feel everything in the Sea of Consciousness so clearly, as if I had an eye inside my brain… it’s a weird feeling, no wonder the Upper Dantian was referred as the “Third Eye”. I guess this skill is the so called ‘Magic Perception’ where one uses their Spiritual Power to probe their surrounding? Except I am probing my internal organs instead of the surrounding.

“Um… I can see… two specks of light colliding with one another… and a sea at the bottom?” I reported what I see in the Sea of Consciousness to Sylvidia.

“That’s right… the thumb-sized light is your soul, while the pin-sized light belongs to Elwyn.” Sylvidia spelled it out clearly, “Now do you see? It is only a matter of time before Elwyn’s soul dissipate.”

Sylvidia continued to explain, “The sea at the bottom of your Sea of Consciousness contains divine power, but your soul is too weak at the moment, you wouldn’t be able to draw any divine power from the sea anyway, so you can ignore it for now~”

I was flabbergasted, my jaw literally dropped and I wasn’t able to utter a single word. Sylvidia was always like this, she always dropped big bomb like this so casually as if it was the most normal thing in the world…

Ignoring me, Sylvidia continued, “Now let’s move on to the essence of the soul, the soul is made up of three layers; The material body, the spiritual body, and the astral body.

The material body shields the spiritual body from physical harm, it is also where the permanent memories are stored.

The spiritual body serves as a medium to record memories, and it is the last line of defense for your soul, once the spiritual body is destroyed, your astral body will dissipate and you will lose your sense of self. Even if you are reincarnated, you wouldn’t retain memories of your past life.” ⌈1

“So in other words…… Strengthening the Spiritual Body is our top priority? By transferring a portion of our Spiritual Body to the boar, the Spiritual Body will naturally recover as it become purer, denser, and much stronger than before……”

As I was pondering this to myself, Sylvidia agreed with me and added, “That’s right!! Normally it is impossible to remove a portion of the Spiritual Body, but as a Spirit is purely made out of Spiritual Body, that makes it possible. However, without a Material Body, our Spiritual Body won’t recover naturally so we have to absorb Magic Power and Spiritual Power from outside sources. That’s why most Spirits would find a Magic Item to be their vessel and absorb Magic Power from the users.”

“Oh?” Now that is interesting…… so that is the truth behind the Spirit Item huh… Now that I think about it, I guess I am quite lucky to have found a Material Body as my vessel……

“Well, now that you know the basics, let the Soul Transfusion begin!” At Sylvidia’s prompt, I began to envelop my soul with the Spiritual Power.

Author’s Note:

A major correction in this chapter! I just recently found that there are actually three dantians, not two! My entire world was a lie~!

I hope this changes won’t have much effect on previous chapters…


  1. Reference from Slime Tensei. Thank you for teaching me the essence of the soul, Hinata-sensei. 

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