[Vol 4] Chapter 17: Viva la Lizardkin

Sylvia After that, I hung my head down to look at my body, with both arms holding out. Then I looked back and forth between myself, the crowd of girls, and the entrance.

After repeating that motion for a few times, I suddenly got a brilliant idea, “That’s it!!”

Immediately after I thought of that idea, I didn’t dare tarry a moment longer. My feet started to move by itself, as if I was driven forward by an indescribable force.

Before I knew it, I was already running towards the crowd of girls at my top speed, but I didn’t have a hint of hesitation in my eyes. The girls who saw me running towards them were stupefied, they couldn’t help but stop in their tracks.

Because it was so sudden, the girls in front were pushed by the ones in the back and tripped over their own two feet. It turned pretty chaotic soon after. Though that was out of my expectation, it was a favorable condition. All’s well that ends well I guess.

I continued to run and eventually, I jumped over the girls who fell onto the ground and dashed into the crowd of girls. The girls who had seen my transformation hastily shouted, “That lizardkin is her! Don’t let her get away!!”

When some of the girls at the back heard it, they tried to grab me frantically as I ran past them, but their hands slipped off the smooth surface of my skin. Wee~ This went just as expected! Viva la lizardkin! Long live the reptile!

As I rejoiced, I slipped past the crowd of girls like a slippery snake, none was able to stop me in my tracks. Hehehe, get it? Slipped past them like a slippery snake.

……Actually, please forget that failed attempt of a pun. You heard nothing, you see nothing, alright?

After I slipped past the girls in the front, it was a cinch to get past the rest of the girls. The information that I had transformed into the lizardkin did not get passed to the back yet due to all the commotion that was taking place.

After I break away from the crowd of girls, I immediately ran towards the barricade of girls in front of the entrance. As soon as I got in front of the barricade, I leaned on my knees to catch my breath, “Huff… Huff… Huff…”

One of the girls approached me and asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? You look worn out.” They obviously didn’t know I had transformed into the lizardkin yet, this is my chance!

I lifted my left hand up from the knee and pointed at the main gate, then I reported, “She… She ran towards the main gate during all the commotion!”

“What?! Is that true?” When the other girls heard the report, they crowded around me and kept storming me with one question after another, but all of them amounted to the same question, “How did it happen?”

I immediately came up with something and told them half the truth, “W-When we were chasing her, she suddenly used a transformation magic, then she rushed into the crowd and caught everyone surprised. During all the commotion, I saw her running towards the main gate, but… I couldn’t pacify the situation.”

“Tsk…!” One of the girls, who seemed like the leader, clicked her tongue before she continued, “She’s more crafty than we thought. Change of plan! The three of you, go and pacify the situation. The rest of you, come with me!”

Before they left, the girl who issued the command cast a sidelong glance at me and expressed her gratitude. I felt kind of bad for lying to her after receiving such a heartfelt gratitude, but this is for the sake of survival, please forgive me!

With that, I successfully infiltrated the building. Now then, it’s time to search for the lingerie store. But just when I was about to enter the building, I heard the girls whispering;

“By the way, who is that? I’ve never seen her around before.”

“…Who knows? A new student perhaps? She wasn’t wearing the school uniform.”

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“New student? At this time of the year?”

“Ah! Could she be the rumored transfer student? I heard there was another one other than Miss Sheena’s familiar.”


I couldn’t hear their voices clearly anymore as they got further away, but now that they mentioned it, my uniform does make me stand out huh… I should do something about it first.

After thinking that far, I immediately went to the closest washroom I could find. After making sure the door to the private room was tightly secured, I asked Sylvidia via our spiritual link, “By the way Sylvidia, can you somehow alter the outfit and make it look like the school uniform?”

Sylvidia replied with a melodious tone, “Easily done~ ♪”

With that said, my outfit suddenly glowed for a moment and transformed into a school uniform tailored for the lizardkin.

Just at this time, the self-proclaimed Saint Demon, Wyllie Wisp, materialized out of thin air and appeared in front of me. She snickered and said, “Fufufu… You sure are gullible~ Master, a word of advice, you shouldn’t trust what anyone said to you so easily.”

“Eh? What do you mean?” I tilted my head in obvious confusion and asked Wyllie Wisp.

“Fufufu~ Nothing~ ♪” Instead of answering my question, she snickered one more time and faded away. As always, she comes and goes without warning like the ghost she is, it’s kind of scary.

While I was wondering what was going on, I could hear Sylvidia heaving a sigh of relief, “Phew~”

Just now, in that brief moment of time, Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp were having a talk via telepathy, but that was something that I’ll never come to know.

Now then, there’s no time to waste, it is only a matter of time before the girls figured out the information I gave them was fake. Quite a few people had seen me in this form too, they’ll probably recognize me once I run into them.

I’ve considered deactivating the current transformation and change into a different form too, but I scratched that idea in the end. Lizardkin is the best form to use indoor, it proved to be very effective against the crowd of girls earlier. If the girls crowded on the narrow hallway, I wouldn’t be able to slip past them with any other form. That’s why I decided to stick with this, taking fully into account that I will be discovered.

With my renewed determination, I stepped out of the washroom and make my way towards the lingerie store, but a new problem arises as soon as I stepped out of the washroom……

Author’s Note:

Now then… what do you think could happen? Huehuehue… Stay tuned for the next chapter!


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