[Vol 4] Intermission 1: The Mysterious Fortuneteller

Tiffania After Saito’s business with the Village Chief of the Hidden Village was done, in a certain town far away, Tiffania had just arrived with a small squadron of scouts. This was the third day of their search for the missing princess, and the first village they arrived at after the search commenced.

Tiffania immediately sent the scouts to gather information in the town. She herself went to the back alley to look for a certain someone. Needless to say, Ragna was going with her. ⌈1

The atmosphere in the back alley was gloomy, the number of people walking in the main street compared to the back alley was worlds apart. The buildings in the back alley also looked shady when compared to ones at the side of the main street. Hardly anyone would come to this area, unless they had some shady business to conduct.

But of course, the reason Tiffania came to the back alley was not to conduct some shady business. The back alley was also home to brokers, who buy and sell information. That’s right, Tiffania came to the back alley specifically to meet a certain broker.

As expected, even Tiffania felt uneasy in this kind of gloomy environment. She was secretly casting a glance left and right in a fluster. On the other hand, Ragna was totally unfazed.

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As they continued to walk on the empty street, they eventually arrived in front of what looked like a pub. The building was made out of woods like the other buildings in the surrounding. On top of the pub, directly above the entrance, hanged the trademark of the pub. And the entrance was affixed with half-width saloon doors. It was possible to see the inside of the building from the top and the bottom. In general, the pub looked like a classic wooden house you’d find in a cowboy movie. ⌈2

Tiffania and Ragna pushed the saloon doors open and walked into the pub. Inside the pub, behind the counter, a middle-aged man with extended goatee ⌈3⌋ was standing there, with both palms placed on the counter. The middle-aged man looked at the two with suspicion, they were clearly wearing high quality clothes, what business did they have in this backwater?

Tiffania was frightened by the middle-aged man’s glare, Ragna walked in front of her and said to code words to the middle-aged man, “Give me two bottles of dragon liquor.”

The middle-aged man asked in return, “How strong?”

Ragna immediately followed up with, “As strong as possible.”

After hearing the reply, the middle-aged man nodded once and said, “Alright, come with me.”

With that, Tiffania and Ragna was led to an empty room in the pub. Not long later, the broker entered the room to greet the two. “My, my… what a rare guest, what brings you here today, Your Holiness?”

Obviously, this was not the first time Tiffania had met this broker. In the past, they met on several occasions due to unfortunate circumstances. And now, they have already become acquainted. However, this was the first time Tiffania had actually come to find him personally.

When Tiffania saw the broker, she smiled politely and said, “It’s been a long time Mister Samuel. I have come to find you today with a top secret request.”

“Oh? Pray tell…” When the broker heard the words, top secret, he immediately put on a stern expression. That was because he knew top secret requests normally involves extremely high risks.

When Tiffania saw the broker’s expression, she immediately put on a wry smile and said, “Mister Samuel, you don’t need to be alarmed, I just need you to help me gather information regarding the whereabouts of the princess.”

“Princess? You don’t mean…” When the broker heard Tiffania’s words, he immediately raised an eyebrow.

Tiffania nodded her head dejectedly and said, “That’s right, three days ago, Elwyn suddenly disappeared from her room. I believe the cause to be familiar summoning. If that’s really the case, then the princess should still be fine, but… I fear for the worst…”

After finding out the situation from Tiffania, the broker promised her that he will do everything in his power to gather any information regarding the princess. Tiffania reminded the broker one last time that he mustn’t let any outsiders know the princess of the elven race are currently missing. After that, they bid their farewells and left the pub.

On their way back to the main street, they saw a figure standing at the side of the alley. On top that person’s left hand, that was raised by ninety degrees, there was a crystal ball about the size of a basketball. And his face was covered by a black hood, it was impossible to make out his appearance.

That person looked like a fortuneteller no matter how you looked at him. Even if Tiffania was desperate, she wasn’t desperate enough to cling on to some superstitious stuff. Magic could still be logically explained to some extend, but fortunetelling was completely unsystematic. There’s no way to verify whether the fortunetelling was accurate or not.

Moreover, there’s also a lot of frauds. Therefore, Tiffania didn’t pay any attention to that fortuneteller and walked past that guy. However, just when she walked past him, the fortuneteller suddenly said, “The light you’re seeking for is at the place where five stars aligned.”

“What…?” When Tiffania heard the fortuneteller, she turned back and asked in suspicion, “What are you talking about?”

Ragna could sense a strange vibe coming from the fortuneteller, he raised his guard and whispered to Tiffania, “Master, it is best if we just ignore him.”

Tiffania shook her head and continued to ask, “Where is the place where five stars aligned?”

The fortuneteller didn’t answer the question directly, he only said, “You should know the place better than anyone here,” before he continued, “However, the light is quickly getting devoured by the darkness.”

Hearing those words, Tiffania’s face immediately turned deathly pale, she started to think of many tragic things happening to Elwyn. The more she thought about it, the paler she got.

Just at this time, Ragna was finally unable to remain silent anymore, “That’s enough! Stop your nonsense at once!” He shouted and threw a punch at the fortuneteller.

However, his punch didn’t connect and hit the thin air. Before anyone knew it, the fortuneteller had already disappeared on the spot. Ragna felt a chill down his spine and tried to turn around immediately, but it was already too late, the fortuneteller had appeared behind him and used his index finger to lightly poke a certain acupuncture point at the back of his neck to paralyze him.

When he was sure that Ragna’s movements had been sealed, the fortuneteller looked at Tiffania calmly and said, “It matters not whether you believe me or not, the wheel of fate is beginning to turn once more, and it can no longer be stopped.”

After saying all he had to say, the fortuneteller disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only Tiffania and the paralyzed Ragna behind on the empty street.

Only until a long time later did Ragna finally regain his freedom of movements, and only now did Tifannia finally regain her composure. She whispered to herself, “The place where five stars aligned, the light getting devoured by darkness… I need to hurry! Elwyn is in trouble!”

Author’s Note:

Phew… took a while to write this. Mainly because of my busy schedule and lack of fresh ideas.


  1. In case you forgot, Ragna is her familiar, a Lifbrasir, also known as the “Heart of the God”. You may refer to Volume 1 Chapter 3
  2. The pub looks similar to: this
  3. Beard Style

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  1. Hmm, people’s hate of the darkness and love of the light, here’s my view, feel free to use it….

    (Sylvia) You claim to love the light, but hate the darkness, but that does not hold true all of the time.
    At dawn, when you’ve had a good sleep, you give gratitude to the light for the beautiful day.
    At dusk, when you are tired and exhausted, you curse the light, telling it to go away, and embrace the darkness that you may sleep peacefully without the ‘annoying’ light shining in your eyes keeping you awake.
    Then once more at dawn, you will have either had a good sleep, or a bad, if good, you are grateful to the light once more. However, if bad, you curse the light, wanting to sleep more.

    Quite two-faced don’t you think?

    (Narrow-minded idiot that tried to oppose her) ………………………………………………eh?……………

    Anyway, what do you think? 😀

    1. Anyways, here is my own view regarding light and darkness.

      Why are people afraid of the darkness? The answer is quite simple, that is because one is unable to see anything in the darkness, and people are afraid of the unknowns. On the contrary, the light can illuminate the world of unknowns. That’s why people cling to the light. People view darkness as evil because they are afraid of the unknowns.

      However, as a wise sage once said; there is no good or evil in light, or in darkness. It does not exist. If there is true justice in this world, it may well lie in love, and naught else…

      1. That sage was quite the romantic….
        Anyway, your view is very true, one I know myself….
        Still I hope to come up with a counter argument for it at some point, damn shame such things randomly pop into my head rather than when I try thinking if them -.-

        1. haha I know right? That’s the life of an author, you need that sudden flash of insight. It’s like, the more you think about it, the less new ideas you actually come up with.

      2. If you want a Light vs Darkness debate, or in other words Mantenence and Order vs Chance and Chaos, probably the best references would be

        One Piece, with his absolute justice vs cruel pirates,
        Babylon 5, with his Order vs Chaos, or fundamental questions: Who are you? and What do you want?

  2. Thanks for the update

    You said that you need fresh ideas, but you received and suggested many things in the past. In the current setting, the most important would be in my opinion:

    Silvia still adapting in “her” new life, and maybe reconcile with Angie
    The “familiar showdown” mentioned in the chapter 80
    The elves matter. clearly marked as important in this chapter. With the current setting I imagine:

    Silvia and Sheena find Tiffania, maybe a misunderstand in this point, your decision
    Then they speak, maybe the Sheena’s parents appear too
    They are agreed to go to Speak with the Elwyn’s parents, because the father doesn’t seem a bad person, and avoid problems in the future
    The father is sad that Elwyn is dead and her soul has been absorved, but he knows that it isn’t current Silvia nor Sheena’s fault. In this point I see 2 possible route, or a mix or differents wills of the people

    a. They let them go, anyway Elwyn won’t return to life, even with exorcize. Probably the prefered route for the MC I think
    b. They wish formally/legally adopt Silvia as the new Elve’s princess, with all the imaginable problems, because they consider that Elwyn is living yet in Silvia’s soul

    And mid-term, you should explain abou other characters personal life and problems, with a school life arc

    After this, if you’ve tired of the current setting, you can do a time-skip 2-3, the characters turning full adventurers, turning your imagination to fullest

      1. Zatrys here, changed my name, anyway, putting that aside….
        Do you still intend on having Elwynn be separated into a divine…. core was it? Been ages since I read Coiling Dragon….
        Anyway, an opinion on Irina’s meetings with the father and Tiffania….. Sylvidia perhaps suggests the Divine core thing? Well, could have her suggest it in any case…..

        Anyway, cool chapter, Tiffania is giving off the vibe of a naive rash idiot though -.- well whatever, any story needs a few disliked characters

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