[Vol 1] Chapter 1: A Unique Familiar

Sylvia A young man has suddenly been reincarnated as a beautiful elf with a beautiful long blonde hair and a pair of sapphire-colored pupils. Still dumbfounded by the current development, a beautiful girl has named him her as Sylvia. She is a beautiful girl with an alluring blonde pink hair and a pair of sky blue-colored pupils, the girl has said something incomprehensible such as serving under her as a familiar.

Sylvia couldn’t absorb all of these at once and remains dumbfounded. She is still kneeling on the ground, staring at the beauty in front of her with blank expression. The girl had her hand stretched out to reach Sylvia.

Sylvia inadvertently raised her hand to grab hold of the beauty’s outreached hand.

The girl in front of Sylvia grabbed her hand, and pulled Sylvia up from the ground, then she introduces herself again.

“I am Sheena, from today onward, I will be your Master.” After introducing herself, Sheena revealed a charming smile that would make any man fall in love with her at first sight. She suddenly brought her face closer and kissed Sylvia on the lips, then she said, “With this, our contract is sealed.”

“EHHHHHHHHHH!?!?” (Sylvia)

Finally reaching her limits, Sylvia finally let out a shout full of surprise. These thoughts are overflowing in her mind, “T-that was my first kiss!! And with such a beauty to boot!! Oh my gosh!! But why did she kiss me? Did she have a feeling for me? No— wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!! I’m a girl now, don’t tell me… is she a lesbian?!”

With both her hands on her flushed cheeks, Sylvia began to fidget around.

Then all of a sudden, Sylvia’s entire body felt like it was on fire and started to burn up. Steam are rising from the pores of her skin, she started to feel slight discomfort on the back of her right hand.

This is the symptom of a Familiar’s Runes being inscribed.

Feeling the extreme heat and pain on her right hand, Sylvia slumped on the ground with both knees, and grabbed the wrist of her right hand. She let out an agonized scream and rolled on the ground, “AHHH!! W-what is going on?! Steam are coming out from my body! It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s so hot!!! W-what did you do to me!?”

“Relax, it will be over soon. That’s just the Familiar’s Runes being inscribed” (Sheena)

After Sheena said that, she gave Sylvia a gentle hug, calming her down.

At this moment, the surrounding started to get noisy and…

“As expected of Sheena.”
“She summoned a humanoid familiar.”
“She’s so beautiful… ”

And such could be heard.

Then the professor suddenly stepped forward, and inspected the runes on Sylvia’s right hand.

“Hm… I’ve never seen this kind of inscription before, is this a new type of familiar?”

That was Professor Colbert, he looked much older now compared to before, and is now the Headmaster of this Magic Academy.

This is the summoning ceremony of Louise and Saito’s daughter, the daughter of the young girl who once summoned the legendary Gandalfr a few decades ago, and the daughter of the boy who was summoned from another world as the legendary Gandalfr, so he just had to attend this event no matter what.

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And as expected, their daughter too, summoned a humanoid familiar which is considered to be a very rare cases. Most likely, a humanoid familiar has to be some kind of legendary familiar with unimaginable power.

The inscription on Sylvia’s right hand is unlike the runes of Gandaldr and Vindalfr. It looks like a magic circle with pentagram star within.

But it doesn’t stop there yet, as the body and soul are originally two separate beings to begin with, that means Sheena has been contracted with 2 familiars.

Sylvia’s left hand started to burn up as well, another inscription appeared on the back of her left hand that looks exactly the same as the one on her other hand. Sylvia is assaulted by the same burning sensation she experienced a while ago, she let out another agonized scream.

Professor Colbert was astonished, “How is this possible! How come there are two inscriptions on a single familiar? I’ll need to do some research regarding these runes later, can I have closer look, Miss Sylvia?”

Still clinging to Sheena, Sylvia let out a weak voice, “Mmh…”

After closely inspecting the runes, Professor Colbert jotted something on his notes and dismissed the class. He immediately bid the students farewell, and flew towards the Academy at high speed.

Seeing that the Professor is now gone, the students started to head back to the academy as well, some of them even crowded around Sylvia and Sheena.

But Sheena just raised her index finger in front of her lips to urge the surrounding students to lower their voices.

“She’s soundly asleep, she must be really tired… Let her rest for now. We will leave the introduction for another time. Let us head back to the dormitory too.” (Sheena)

This is only natural, the body Sylvia is currently possessing had been in a comatose state for more than a decade now. Sylvia’s soul had also been wandering aimlessly in the dark abyss for who knows how many years. Moreover, Sylvia is also not used to her new body yet, so it is only natural that Sylvia would be exhausted.

The surrounding students consented and went back to their respective dormitory room in the academy.


The next morning… When Sylvia woke up, she found a beautiful girl with blonde pink hair sleeping right next to her. She was surprised and unintentionally let out a shriek, she jumped up and then fell down from the bed with a “Crash!”.

She landed on the hard solid ground with her buttocks, she couldn’t help but rub her stinging butt and cry out in pain, “Oww… That hurts!”

When she heard her own voice, she felt something was strange. Then she noticed the beautiful nightgown she’s wearing, as well as her own figure that seemed very feminine. Since the soul inhabiting the body now is currently a young man called Silva. He was surprised yet again and let out another scream.

In her mind she thought, “So what happened yesterday was not a dream after all?”

Then she noticed the magic circle on both of her hands, “So these are the Familiar’s Runes they were talking about yesterday?” Sylvia faintly recall the event from yesterday, and smiled wryly.

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“Ah… ” Sheena lets out a weak voice, she slowly got up from the bed, and lazily stretch her stiffened body.

“Why are you making so much ruckus so early in the morning!” Sheena shouted unhappily.

“I-I’m sorry, I was… just surprised!” Sylvia apologized out of habit.

Sheena frowned and questioned, “What is there to be surprised about?”

“I… well… it’s a long story…… ” (Sylvia)

Then Sylvia started to explain her circumstances to Sheena, explaining how she used to be a young man who lived on Earth. About how he tried to save a young girl and lost his life in the process. And about how he suddenly woke up and found herself in this kind of situation.

“………… I see, now that makes sense”. It seems like Sheena understood something upon hearing the stories of Sylvia and nodded.

“What is?” Sylvia didn’t understand what’s going on and asked.

“That explains how you got two runes upon sealing our contract… but I never expected this…… we should consult with Professor Colbert immediately.” (Sheena)


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