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[Vol 3] Chapter 1: My First Kiss?!

Sylvia “I am a Spirit remember? I am sensitive when it comes to soul-related things, I can still feel the soul of the wild boar, although it is very weak at the moment. I can somehow recover the soul of the wild boar, however I cannot heal the body. If the soul do not have a body to return to, then it is pointless! That’s why… please, heal the wild boar, Sheena~!”

I tried to convince Sheena that there was still hope for the wild boar, however she was a little uncertain, “Can you…… really do something like that?”

For just a brief moment, anxiety took over me and revealed itself on my face, “O-ooh!! Of course I can! Trust me!”

Sheena caught my brief moment of anxiety and voiced out her refusal to heal the wild boar, “That…… doesn’t sound very convincing, if you cannot take responsibility for your own words, it is better if you don’t say anything and gives people false hope.”

“Sheena…… please, just trust me this once. I know I am still inexperienced, but if there’s something we can do, we should at least try doing it first. I’d rather do it and regret at my own failure than not doing anything and regret it later.” I tried to convince Sheena again by borrowing one of the famous quotes from a black swordsman fiction character.

“Sigh…… Fine already… you win! I will heal the wild boar’s body at the very least, the rest will be up to you.” Sheena finally gave in to my conviction and slowly walked towards the wild boar.

The village girl was still crouching on the ground, however she seemed very delighted when she heard we will heal the wild boar, she was literally shouting “thank you” while sobbing non-stop.

I felt a little apologetic seeing her like this so I warned her again just in case, “Don’t thank us just yet, there’s no guarantee we would be able to save your… big friend over there. All we can do is to try and do everything in our power to save him. However, I’m sorry if we can’t save your friend.”

The village girl immediately became quiet and turned her attention towards the wild boar a few meter behind her, with tears still rolling down her eyes like a stream of clear spring.

I sighed as I started walking towards the wild boar, but as I got to the right side of the village girl, I patted her shoulder and said, “All you can do for now is to pray, pray that your friend can still be saved.”

After I said that, I walked towards the wild boar and stood right beside Sheena. However, I have no idea what I had to do, so I just stood there without doing anything.

“Um… Sylvidia, what do I need to do?” I asked Sylvidia via telepathy.

However, Sylvidia didn’t reply clearly, she seemed a little hesitant, “Uh… um…… What I am about to tell you, please refrain yourself from making a scene as much as possible.”

“What was that?” I tilted my head as I replied via telepathy.

“Ahem!” Sylvidia cleared her throat and continued, “You see…… the easiest way to transmit soul energy is via mouth-to-mouth!”

When I heard that, I involuntarily turned my attention to the boar’s lips and then my sight switched back and forth between the lips and the face.

“Mou… mouth… to…… MOUTH?!?! M-my first… kiss… with a boar?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” I shouted, I really shouted… I shouted at the top of my lungs while crouching on the ground and holding my head with both hands.

“Hey!! That’s rude! Who are you calling a boar?!?!” When Sheena heard that, she refuted unhappily since she clearly remembered she was the one who stole my first kiss with the familiar contract. However, I don’t remember that moment as I lost my consciousness shortly after the contract!

I tilted my head as I asked Sheena, “What are you talking about?”

“What?! Weren’t you calling me a boar just now?!” Sheena raised her voice as she shouted at me, however she never stopped healing the wild boar.

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“You? A boar? How could that be? You are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my entire lifetime, your beauty cannot be described by mere words!” I was a bit confused and kept pondering how did Sheena link my first kiss to referring her as a boar.

“H-hmph! I bet you said that to all the beautiful girls you see. C-complimenting me won’t get you anywhere!” Sheena blushed and looked away from me, however I didn’t hear any of that as I was deep in thoughts.

⌈Wait… first kiss…… boar… first kiss…… boar…… could it be?!?!⌋ As I kept repeating those words in my head, I suddenly came to a realization, the familiar contract!!

However, my memory that time was all a blur, I couldn’t remember anything. It was so vexing, I couldn’t remember my all important first kiss, and with such a world-class beauty to boot!!

While still crouching down, I crawled to Sheena’s side and grabbed her shoulder tightly, only now did she stop healing the wild boar.

I looked into Sheena’s eyes intently and declared loudly, “PLEASE!! DO IT AGAIN!!”

“HAH?!?! What are you talking about?!” Sheena was completely stupified, she had no idea what was going on.

I closed my eyes shut and moved my face closer with my lips sticking out. When Sheena saw that action, she snapped and slapped me hard.

“What the hell are you doing?!?! Stop playing around already!! Aren’t you the one who wanted to save this wild boar?!” Sheena was completely furious. That was completely natural, I was the one who forced her into this after all.

I took an orz ⌈1⌋ position on the ground and cover my stinging cheek with one hand, “Uuu~uu~ Why must it be mouth-to-mouth? Isn’t there any other way?”

“Sigh…… Didn’t I just tell you not to cause a scene? You are intolerable~” Though that was what Sylvidia said, her voice sounded a bit delighted. I bet she was enjoying this!

I didn’t make a sound as Sylvidia continued, “Actually… there is another way, however it is impossible for you now.”

“What?! Why?” I asked Sylvidia, via telepathy of course.

“It is impossible for you to learn how to control your soul energy in a short amount of time no matter how talented you are. You’ll need to learn how to concentrate your soul energy and direct it into objects which may take a long time.  However, it is much easier to use soul energy to manifest desires. You simply have to solely focus on your goal and have faith that it will manifest. That’s why I suggested mouth-to-mouth, it is the easiest way to manifest your desires.” Sylvidia explained to me in one go. ⌈2

“But still…… mouth-to-mouth… with a boar no less…” I looked at the boar again and unintentionally let out a disgusted sound, “Ugh……”

“Sigh… Humans sure are complicated. Fine already, I actually still have another method in mind… If we keep wasting time like this, the boar will really die before we even start. Care to hear me out?” Sylvidia seemed like a goddess who had just decended from the heaven to save me from this peril when she suddenly suggested another method.

Author’s Note:

Well a surprise chapter! Wasn’t expecting myself to start writing today either, guess I was that bored 😛


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