[Vol 1] Chapter 6: The Dungeon Town, Swinford

Sylvia We stopped for a quick lunch in the middle of our journey, by the time we arrived at the township of Swinford, it was already around the late afternoon.

The first thing we need to do when we arrive at Swinford is to look for an inn, or else we will have to camp out tonight…

Since we do not have a lot of money on us, we settled in a rather cheap inn. Since we are also worried about the prices of the weapon anyway, we can’t spend our money mindlessly. Otherwise we might not be able to afford it.

Apparently, the currency here in Tristain are represented by Bronze, Silver and Gold Coin system in some of the popular Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game, for short, MMORPG, such as the World of Warcraft.

The exchange rate is the same as we know it, hundred Bronze coins equal to one Silver coin, and hundred Silver coins equal to one Gold coin.

But the strange thing is, according to the Anime show adapted from this world, the currency seems to be different… Well, I guess after all those decades, some things are bound to be changed, and this system is much easier to remember anyway.

In any case, we have hundred Silver coins with us, which is equivalent to one Gold coin. We spend about fifteen Bronze coins for lodging in the inn for one night. I’m still new to this world so I don’t know the actual worth of fifteen Bronze coin, or how hard is it to earn that much. However, if you compared it to those five-star hotels which cost several Silver coins per night… yea I guess this can be considered cheap…

The inn is made out of wood and is three story tall. Inside of the inn, there seems to be a pub to the left, with several people drinking and chatting noisily. They are all wearing armor, carrying some sort of weapon, such as a sword, a spear or a bow.

“Wow… to be carrying weapons so openly in broad daylight… I guess this is a fantasy world after all…” I am truly amazed, while at the same time, I feel slightly uneasy. Everyone looked so fierce and scary.

I was surprised since this is the first time I’ve ever seen people carrying all sorts of deadly weapon in broad daylight.

“Fufu… this is very common nowadays. After the great war a few decades ago, strange dungeons started appearing all over the world, and Swinford is one of the town that is build close to a dungeon. The brave warriors who challenged and explore the dungeons are called the Adventurer.” Sheena explained.

“Additionally, you can find all kinds of rare treasure in the dungeon. Sometimes, even legendary artifact. The Adventurer would come to Swinford to sell their goods and stock up their supplies. That’s why this is the ideal place to look for a new weapon.” Albert continued.

I nodded and muttered a single word, “Oh……”


After we booked our room, we went to our room immediately, I noticed something very very immoral. Albert is in the same room as us! I panicked, “Ah!! Um… I know you guys are engaged and all but… to share the same room…”

I lowered my voice when I said that, and my cheeks turned bright red, since there is only one bed in the room!

“M-Maybe I should be in another room! I wouldn’t want to disturb you…” I turned immediately with my head lowered in embarrassment and tried to run for the door.

Sheena grabbed my hand before I had a chance to run, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Ah…” I let out a surprised cry.

Now that I think about it… I don’t have money… What can I do even if I am to run to the lobby, I don’t have the means to pay for another room.

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“Uuu…. but…” I steal a glance at Albert.

“Sigh…” Sheena heaved a sigh and continued, “You are my familiar, you and I are as one. Never leave my side. And don’t worry about Albert, he can just sleep on the sofa.”

I was shocked!! How can she treat a prince like that. A Crown Price at that too!

“B… but!! He… He is…” I tried to point out my view said frantically.

I wanted to say he is a Crown Prince, how can you make him sleep in a sofa… but the words just won’t come out, I was flabbergasted.

Sheena snickered, “Don’t worry, Albert is a gentleman. He won’t do anything.”

“……” I stayed silent for a moment before I said, “Even though he’s a cross-dressing pervert, and a playboy who kisses the back of other woman’s hand without permission?”

Oops!! That just slipped out of my mouth unconsciously, I never meant to say that! I’m seriously gonna get beheaded for insulting the Crown Prince…

“Pfft-ahahahahaha!” Sheena and Albert burst out into laughter while I was in the state of panic.

“Eh?” I tilted my head slightly, and looked at both Sheena and Albert holding their stomach while they laughed out loud.


After that matter is settled, the sky is already dyed bright red. The sun seems to be setting already, and I guess that the shop is probably closed at night. So I started, “The sun is already setting, I guess we are heading to the weapon store tomorrow? I don’t suppose the shop open twenty four hours a day right?”

“You’re right… I guess we should go to Uncle Sebastian’s weapon store tomorrow.” Sheena frowned when she looked out of the windows, and found that the color of the day is already dark.

Albert took off his disguise and continue, “I guess we should order some food to our room and settle down for tonight.”

“They offer room service in this cheap inn?” I looked towards Sheena expectantly. However…

“No… of course not… that’s why, go to the pub downstair, order some meal for takeaway, and bring the food back here, Sylvia.” Her answer betrayed my expectation, I knew she was going to make me run an errand for her.

“But… I’m… not really originated from this world you know? I don’t know if the food I randomly ordered might suit your taste or not… The food here have strange names.” I took a peek at the menu earlier when we were waiting for our room to be prepared, and to be honest, I don’t understand what is being served at all.

“Don’t worry about that, just order the daily special for three of us. I took a look at the menu earlier and it only cost one copper coin each.” Sheena had already decided what she wants to order.

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“Here’s three copper coins for the meal.” Albert handed the copper coins to me, and I left for the pub immediately.


When I arrived at the pub. I went straight to the counter to order three daily specials.
The gazes I received from the Adventurers when walking through the pub makes me feel uncomfortable. I can easily guess why Sheena and Albert do not want to dine-in.

With three beauties here, albeit one is actually a guy in disguise, there is no way the rowdy looking guys here will leave us alone.

The clerk behind the counter reach out her hand and asked for three copper coins, I handed over the coins immediately. After she received the coins, she shouted the orders to the chef who is working in the kitchen, “Three orders of daily special!”

The clerk told me to wait for five minutes, so I went to one corner of the pub to wait.

While I was waiting, some rowdy looking guys did approach me after all.

“Yo big sis, what are you doing here all alone?”
“Wanna come have a drink with us?”
“You an elf? It’s rare to see an Elven Adventurer around this part”

I wanted to ignore them, but usually in this kind of situation, if I ignored them, it will most likely turn into a fight. I want to avoid that at all cost, I do not want to cause any trouble here, and most importantly, I still do not have much fighting experience.

I should just politely reject them, “I’m sorry… but I don’t drink. I will leave immediately after my takeaway is ready.”

“C’mon big sis, don’t be like that. Come have fun with us!”
“I saw you were with two other beauties earlier, are they your companion?”
“You should ask them to come and join us!”

The three continued to press their assault.

Ugh… so annoying! Just leave me alone already! I seriously don’t know how to deal with people like this… I want to walk away already but I still need to wait for my takeaway…

I glanced at the clerk, asking for help with my gaze.

“Sigh…” The clerk face palmed and shouted at the three man, “Hey you three stooges!! Stop bothering the other customer! Or you can taste my iron fist!”

The three turned over and said frantically, “Come on, we were just trying to invite her to join us for a drink!”

The clerk said nothing else and just glared at them coldly.

The three just shivered and left reluctantly, “Fine… we get it already…”

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I walked toward the clerk and thanked her.

“Sorry if the three stooges caused you any trouble. They are regulars here and always caused some minor uproar every now and then. If anyone ever troubled you here, just come to find me. They should know better not to get on my bad side!” The clerk said confidently while introducing herself, “I am Anabelle by the way, what’s your name, missy?”

“Ah… I’m Sylvia… Thank you for your help earlier Miss Anabelle.” I introduced myself politely.

“Hahaha… you are a polite one aren’t you? Oh, seems like your meal is ready. Now hurry back to your room. Your companion should be waiting for you.” The clerk, Anabelle, pass the three packages to me and pushed me away.

“Yes… thank you once again.” I turned back one last time and saw Miss Anabelle waving her hand at me. I bowed and left upstair. After that exchange, I went back to our room peacefully.


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