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[Vol 4] Chapter 10: Mysterious Power

Luo “Miss Lou, it is a great honor to have you join us at Tristanian Magic Academy. I vow in the name of the headmaster that we will definitely help you nurture your newfound power. We have the best facilities here in Tristanian Magic Academy, I’m sure they will help you tremendously.”

In the headmaster’s office, a middle aged uncle was receiving me with warm welcome. My name is Lou, 15 years old, just about a month ago, I was called a dunce, a good-for-nothing, a chibi, and all sorts of negative nicknames.

I was a student at the prestigeous Mysteria Summoning Academy, I did not know how someone untalented like me wounded up at such a prestigeous school. At that time, I was just taking a stroll in the forest, when all of a sudden, I was attacked by a bear. During the most critical moment, I heard a voice in my head. In response to my desperate cries, a tiny butterfly came out of thin air and saved me from the crisis. That butterfly was later given the name; Anya.

That was also the fateful day I met sis-Anne, she happened to catch sight of me when I summoned Anya, it was her who told me that I had talent to become a summoner and invited me to Mysteria Summoning Academy. I was moved by her words so I decided to take the entrance exam, I was accepted only because I already have a familiar and the recommendation letter from sis-Anne, I was just lucky, I knew that all too well after I entered the academy, that I have no talent.

That’s why, when I heard that we can get extraordinary power if we can make it to the abyss of the dungeon, I sneaked out of the academy and entered the dungeon. I was very desperate, I almost lost my life in the dungeon, I am only alive now all thanks to sis-Anne.

In the dungeon, we encountered a demon who was buried under the rocks, she seemed so pitiful so we helped her. In return for sparing her life, the demon gave me this power. Since Tristanian Academy is more specialized in magic, the headmaster had to make the decision to transfer me to Tristanian Magic Academy in order to nurture this power. I swear I will definitely master this power and become stronger. I will definitely repay sis-Anne’s kindness.

With those in mind, I steeled my resolve and clenched my fists. After the middle aged uncle was done with his lengthy speech, he led me to the classroom, I was so nervous when I entered the classroom, my body stiffened involuntarily, I even stuttered during my introduction. Uuu… How embarrassing!

When I lifted my body from that awkward bow, I saw a beautiful older sister in front of me, she had a kind smile when she said to “get along from now on” in a low voice. She kind of reminds me of sis-Anne.

I was mesmerized by her beauty so my reply came a little slow. I think I blushed a little, my cheeks felt a little hot, hauuu… I hope she won’t think I’m weird…

After that, the middle aged uncle briefly introduced myself and the entire class burst into a clamor. Then all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang that came from the side. When I turned my head over there to look, I saw a girl about my age standing on an elevated stand in front of the teacher’s desk. I wonder if she’s the class representative…

“Wait, she’s around my age right? What’s with those huge racks…” When that thought crossed my mind, I involuntarily put my hands in front of my flat chest.

When the kind sister from earlier was talking to the little girl with huge racks, one of the students suddenly raised his hand, he had purple hair and a very handsome face, for some reason, I felt like I had seen him before, even though this should be our first meeting.

The middle aged uncle suddenly raised his voice and said, “Yes, Prince Albert, is there anything you’d like to inquire?”

“E-Eh?! P-P-P-P-Prince?! You mean he is the prince?!” I didn’t shout that out loud, but my mind was in a fluster, I mean… when I think about it carefully, that purple hair does have resemblance to the current queen, and that face… that face… Hauuu…

I didn’t hear what the prince asked nor the rest of the commotion later since my mind was completely filled with thoughts of being in the same class as the prince. By the time when I regained the clarity of my mind, I heard the middle aged uncle say;

“Alright, alright, that’s enough question for the day. I know you are all curious about the new transfer student here, but you can save those questions for later. The main reason why she had been transferred to Tristanian Magic Academy was because she had awakened to the power of…… Void Magic!”

The middle aged uncle was very excited when he announced my power to the class, and as expected, the entire class burst into a huge clamor, even the kind looking sister and the little girl with big racks had a surprised look on their face.

I mean… this is the legendary Void Magic after all, who wouldn’t be surprised? When the demon gave me the amethyst stone and told me to make a blood pact with it, I was really reluctant at first, but I’m glad I did it.

This is the power that is only granted to four people per era. If I have gained this power, that means one of the Void Mage that came before me must be dead. I don’t know who that person was, but I will become stronger and make this power mine.

If the power I gained was some other magic, the headmaster of Mysteria wouldn’t even consider transferring me to Tristanian Magic Academy. This is the alma mater of the strongest Void Mage in the current age after all, this is the best place to nurture this Void Magic of mine.

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Author’s Note:

I know some people is not happy with the cliffhanger in the previous chapter. I don’t like cliffhanger too, but once you are an author, you will come to realize; Cliffhanger is the author’s best friend.

If you can’t build up suspense and mysteries, the reader will lose interest fast and you’ll have failed as an author. It is only because of those cliffhangers that make the readers come back for more.

Thank you for understanding~


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