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[Vol 4] Chapter 11: Grey Matter

Sylvia As I was learning about the difference between commoner and noble from Professor Naoki, the headmaster suddenly announced the most shocking news of the day;

“Alright, alright, that’s enough question for the day. I know you are all curious about the new transfer student here, but you can save those questions for later. The main reason why she had been transferred to Tristanian Magic Academy was because she had awakened to the power of……Void Magic!”

Professor Colbert exclaimed with a loud voice, it was clear that he was very excited from his tone of voice. Everyone in the class, including me and Professor Naoki, widened our eyes in shock and looked at the new transfer student.

(Wait… What? Void Magic? Eh? Isn’t that supposed to be a legendary class magic?)

My mind was in disarray when I heard the term “Void Magic”. And as expected, I wasn’t the only one confounded by this shocking news, the class soon turned into a clamor. I noticed at the corner of my eyes that even Professor Naoki was surprised, I guess she was not told about this beforehand.

The reason Professor Naoki seemed concerned earlier was probably because of this, or there might be some other profound reason.

“Clatter! Clatter!”

Someone in the class stood up abruptly and caused the chair to drag against the floor. That person was none other than Albert, he opened his mouth to speak as soon as he got up from the chair, “Headmaster! Is what you’re saying the truth?!”

Professor Colbert clearly understood where Albert was going, he nodded his head gravely. Seeing that indication, Albert slumped onto his chair heavily, then he said in a barely audible voice, “Then… That means Lady Josette is…”

Albert had a really dark expression, he was unable to finish the words, in fear that it might really come true. Sheena, who was sitting beside Albert, tapped his shoulder lightly to comfort him.

After a long time later, the commotion finally calmed down and the class was about to start. Professor Colbert left the room, leaving Professor Naoki to take care of the class session. Me and the other transfer student were seated at the empty seats at the back.

Normally, I hate sitting at the back of the class, since I had bad eyesight and hearing, but despite that, I was always forced to sit at the back due to my height. But now, things are different, I have this eyesight that was as keen as the hawk’s and this ear that was as sharp as the bat’s, I have no qualms about sitting at the back anymore.

After we are seated, Professor Naoki started with a rollcall, just like any other class.


After the rollcoll, Professor Naoki concluded, “So… the only one absent today is Oben Caglayan. Very well…”


Professor Naoki closed the attendance book in her hand with a flip, then she started, “Since we have a Void Mage joining us today, let me start by briefly explaining the basics.”

According to Professor Naoki, since the commoner mage are only able to use single element in most cases, it is only natural for them to focus on one main element, but that’s not the case for void mage. Just like the noble mage, the void mage’s specialty is fusion magic.

Fusion magic only works best if used with magics of different elements on the same level, if for example; your fire magic is rank 3, while your water element is rank 2, the effect will be less effective than when you fuse rank 2 magics of different elements.

That’s why, most noble mage stopped advancing from Rank 3 and solely focuses on fusion magic. After all, fusion magic is already hard in itself, it is impossible for them for focus on two things at once. If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

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First, Mages that can fuse up to two different elements are called “Line Mage”. By fusing two different elemental magics of the same rank, one can achieve 1.5 times the power.

Next, Mages that can fuse up to three different elements are called “Triangle Mage”. By fusing three different elemental magics of the same rank, they can achieve 4 times the power.

And lastly, Mages that can fuse all four elements are called “Square Mage”. They can achieve up to 8 times the power by fusing four different elemental magics. With that much increase in power, it is no wonder they gave up focusing solely on their most proficient element.

Just think about it, if they can fuse four Rank 3 elemental magics, they can effectively achieve power up to Rank 24! They can become more than twice as powerful as Transcendence! But of course, that’s not how it really works. From Rank 3 to Rank 7, and from Rank 7 to Rank 9, there’s a huge jump in power. So realistically speaking, by fusing four Rank 3 elemental magics, their power just barely touched upon Rank 7.

And it is mainly because of this roadblock that most people were unable to make a breakthrough to Rank 4. That’s why they chose to stay at Rank 3 and focus on fusion magic. But the commoner mages are not so lucky, they cannot use fusion magic so they had no choice but to break through that roadblock.

The only difference between void mage and noble mage is that the four elements are fused to the very core. When four elements completely fused as one, they become greyish; for now, the researchers are calling that as grey matter.

When I heard of this grey matter, I immediately linked it with the Grandmist Energy as dictated in Coiling Dragon, if that grey matter is really the Grandmist Energy, then calling void magic as the creation magic is not an exaggeration.

After all, it is said that the entire universe was made of this Grandmist Energy. The metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and wind were made out of this energy.

After the lengthy lecture by Professor Naoki was finally over, it was already time for lunch. My first priority is to go to the lingerie store to get myself a bra! After listening to what Sheena said this early morning, I’ve been self-conscious and my breasts felt quirky for the entire morning.

We will go there immediately after eating our fill, but… something unexpected happens on our way to the cafeteria…

Author’s Note:

Hoh god… I’m beat… I didn’t manage to fall asleep the entire night!


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