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[Vol 4] Chapter 21: Noble Sacrifice

Sylvia “Gyaaaah!” A lone girl(?) was being chased by a group of crazed girls. She(?) was unaware of the situation and didn’t know why she(?) was being chased.

“There she is! Don’t let her escape!” Another group of girls suddenly appeared from the corridor in front. The girl(?) immediately changed direction and jumped out of the window.

The group of girls were surprised by the lone girl(?)’s action, they thought they had her this time, since they were on the third floor. They didn’t expect the desperate girl(?) would jump out of the window.

However, the girl(?) did not jump out of the window out of desperation. With a whistle, a blue hawk immediately appeared and the girl(?) grabbed its legs with one hand. Just like that, they slowly glided towards the ground.

Some of the girls among the ground did not hesitate either, they immediately jumped out of the windows after grabbing a stick or a broom. With their spiritual power, they levitated the sticks and brooms. The girls sat on top of the sticks and brooms as they continued the chase in the sky.

“Tsk… they just don’t give up! What did Miss Sylvia do to incur their wrath?!” That’s right… as you might have guessed by now, the lone girl(?) in question was not Sylvia. But just who could it be? It was none other than…… Albert!

How did this event come about? It goes back to a few minutes ago:

When Albert called out to Sylvia, it seemed as if she had finally snapped. She grabbed Albert forcefully and made him disguise as herself to draw the girl’s attention.

Obviously, Albert refused at first, but with Sylvia’s physical strength, he was unable to shake her off. Albert was forcefully dragged into a clothing store and stripped by Sylvia in the dressing room. It was fortunate that Albert was already in disguise, so they didn’t attract too much unwanted attention.

“Kyan-! M-Miss Sylvia… we mustn’t do this… I… I already have Sheena!” Albert said in a fluster as he was being stripped forcefully.

“Just shut up and undress!” Since Sylvia had already lose her powers of reasoning, she continued stripping Albert without paying heed to Albert’s complain.

Sylvia used the money found in Albert’s pocket to buy some wig and dress. He had no choice but to put on the wig and dress left behind by Sylvia in the dressing room.

By the time he finished dressing up, Sylvia was already gone without a trace, with his clothes to boot. Albert was, without a doubt, furious… angry. He swore that the next time he run into Sylvia, he will make her pay for this.

However… not long after he left the clothing store, a group of girls mistook him as Sylvia and immediately give chase. Seeing a group of girls running towards him with the eyes of a hunter, Albert had no choice but to run.


Just at this time, I poked my head out from a dark corner and looked on as the crowd of girls chased after Albert.

I clapped my hands together and prayed for Albert, “Thank you for your sacrifice, I will always remember your noble sacrifice, Albert.”

If Albert heard this, he’ll definitely retort: Hey! Hey! What do you mean sacrifice? I was forced into this you know?!

“Now then… since the coast is clear, time to head to the lingerie store, nya~” With that thought, I made my way to the lingerie store carefreely.

After I got in front of the lingerie store, I could see Angie standing right in front of the entrance with her arms crossed. I tried walking past her and go into the lingerie store, but she didn’t try to bar my way. Looks like she couldn’t recognize me in this form after all.

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But never mind that, it’s so embarrassing to be in the lingerie store! There are bras and underwear as far as the eyes could see, I don’t know where to look! My face turned as red as apple, and with my mind going astray, the transformation goes off with a poof!

When Angie turned around and saw my figure, she was surprised, “H-How did you…” But when she saw the card that fell onto the ground, she picked it up and said, “I see… so you got past me with this artifact. I’ve heard of this before, but I didn’t expect you have that much transformations. I let my guard down…”

With that, Angie suddenly retrieved a walkie-talkie lookalike device and spoke into it, “The chase is over, I repeat— The chase is over. The target already made it to the goal. Cease the chase at once.”

Not long later, a voice suddenly transmitted from the walkie-talkie lookalike device, “Eh—?! How can that be, the transfer student is still here!!”

Angie spoke into the walkie-talkie lookalike device again, “What you girls are chasing is a body double. If you don’t believe me, come and take a look yourself.”

With that said, the group of girls directed ice-cold gazes to the lone girl(?) surrounded by them. One of the girls stepped forward and said coldly, “If the transfer student is there, then who are you?”

The other girls were also closing in, one step at a time. They wanted to expose the true-identity of this “body double”. Albert broke out in cold sweat and could feel a chill running down his spine. He was surrounded from all sides and had nowhere to run.

Albert suddenly pointed towards one of the corridors and shouted, “Ah! Look, it’s Lord Albert!”

“What?! Lord Albert is here? Where?” All the girls, without exception, looked towards that direction in hope of catching Albert’s visage. But little did they know, the lone girl(?) surrounded by them was actually the person in question.

The lone girl(?) slipped away in that split second when all the girls were distracted. When one of the girls noticed that the lone girl(?) was gone, she shouted, “Ah—! We’ve been tricked! She got away!!”

Now, back at Sylvia and Angie’s side…

Angie put the walkie-talkie lookalike device away and looked straight at me. She said with a bright smile on her face, “Congratulations, Miss Sylvia. You’ve passed the first test. Now then… let us go take your measurements.”

“Eh…? Measurements?” When I heard the word, measurement, I blanked out for a moment. But during the next instance, my face turned bright red.


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