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[Vol 3] Chapter 19: Unexpected Treasure (Part 2)

Sylvia “Oh… Is that so…” Sheena nodded in acknowledgement, then comes the delayed response, “EHHHHH?! Y-you mean she is the emissary of the Goddess of Light?!”

I put on a stiff smile and scratched my cheek awkwardly, then I said, “Emissary of the Goddess? Ah-ha-ha-ha~ I think you don’t have to take what she said so seriously though. She was probably just joking…”

“Eh? You mean the whole thing about being the emissary of the Goddess was-” Before Sheena could finish her sentence, Sylvidia cut in and said, “Not a lie!”

I turned around to look at Sylvidia suspiciously, then I asked dubiously, “For real?”

Sylvidia didn’t say anything, she just crossed her arms below her ample breasts and nodded her head heavily. If I take a moment to recall what the Spirit King said earlier, she did mention about the Goddess of Light, so it must be true. However, a part of me still didn’t want to believe that is the case, so I just discarded it in the back of my head.

I didn’t know what to say in retort, so it became quite awkward for a brief moment. Just at this time, Sylvidia started to explain, “Well… to be more precise, I was the emissary of the Goddess of Light. With my strength as it is now, I am not worthy to bear the name of an emissary.”

“Oh… Is that so…” I just answered briefly and asked, “If you were to regain your former strength, would you want to return to the Goddess of Light’s side?”

Sylvidia looked up into the sky as if she was reminiscing, then she said, “To be completely honest with you, even though the Goddess of Light treated me kindly, my answer is no.”

“Eh~?! But why?” Sylvidia’s answer is a bit unexpected so I couldn’t help but ask. Though I would be lying to myself if I say I’m not happy with her answer. On the contrary, I am very happy to hear that she choose me over the Goddess of Light.

However, Sylvidia didn’t answer my question and diverted the topic back to the dress, “Weren’t you curious about the dress?”

“Oh… Now that you mentioned it, what is this dress made of?” Seeing that Sylvidia didn’t want to talk about it yet, I didn’t press on and go along with her, since I am also curious about the dress anyway.

“That dress of yours is made out of mithril silk, a material produced by the elven technology.” Sylvidia answered with a straight face.

“Mithril silk?” I tilted my head in confusion, Sylvidia probably knows that I do not understand the value of this silk, so she took the trouble to elaborate further;

“Mithril silk is a legendary silk made by a true master of Spiritual dominance. Only a true master who is capable of completely controlling their Spiritual Power would be able to draw out the essence of the mithril, and imbued the essence into the magic silk.

The magic silk on the other hand, is a silk completely made out of Magic Power. It is not that common in the world of Halkeginia, but it is not that rare either. The beastman are using these kind of silk for example, since their body tend to change when they transform.”

“Oh… a legendary silk huh…” Then I turned around, squat on the ground, hid my face behind my knees, and let out a wicked smile, “Guehehehe… As expected of an elf, to be wearing such an expensive dress even in comatose state……”

It is very stereotypical of me to automatically associate mithril and elf together, since mithril always tend to be a material widely monopolized by the elves in fiction stories.

“Bonk!!” Sheena dropped a karate chop on the back of my head, then she retorted, “Hey… We can hear everything, you know?”

“Ow……!” I grabbed my head with both hands, and turned my head to look at Sheena with teary eyes, then I complained, “That hurts you know?”

Sheena let out a cute smile, and bend her upper body towards my face before saying, “Hehe… It is supposed to hurt.” Then she extended her right hand, and said, “Come… let us go back to the village, the preparations are already complete.”

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After that exchange, we went back to the village along with the three goblins. On the way back to the village, I couldn’t help but ask, “Sylvidia, you said these mithril silk is made out of magic silk right? Does that mean they also have the ability to transform like the magic silk?”

“Tsk…” Sylvidia just clicked her tongue, and didn’t answer my question. Since if I know about it, she wouldn’t have the liberty to play with the outfit anymore. So she came up with a white lie, and I simply believed her due to my lack of knowledge regarding magic.

“Hohohoho… Of course not! Once the magic silk has been imbued with the mithril essence, they lost their ability to freely transform. As I said earlier, the transformation earlier was due to the effect from the cards~”

By the time we got back to the village, everyone was already in a party mood. A lot of food was arranged neatly in front of the small temple, Iqaos was happily enjoying the feast. I couldn’t help but wonder what would the villager think if they saw the food just magically float and disappear in midair.

Sylvidia explained without even me asking, “When we Spirits touch material object, it will be infused it with our Spiritual Power, they will become a part of the Spiritual World and the normal people won’t be able to see it.”

Walking further into the village, we arrived at the village square. The village girls are pouring rice wine for the three riders, I just hope they won’t drink too much since we are relying on them for the transportation. The village guys are swarming around Albert, offering him all kinds of gifts. They will most likely be disappointed if they found out Albert is actually a guy.

Little Futaba had already turned back into the cute little fox, and is currently chased by the village kids, while the adults are frantically trying to stop the kids. I am surprised that the villagers are still able to see Futaba even in that form, I pointed at Futaba with a look of surprise.

Sylvidia simply answered, “She doesn’t seem to be drawing Magic Power directly from Sheena… Could it be the power she received from the contract? She’s using the elemental essence  to materialize her own body so naturally……”

From the look of it, Sylvidia doesn’t seem to know about the Crest of Truth, which is quite a disappointment. Since I planned to ask her about these crests on the back of my hands when things have calmed down considerably.

All in all, the village is in a very festive mood. When the village chief noticed us approaching the village, he comes to welcome us immediately, “Ah… Welcome back, it seems everyone is ready, come… We’ve prepared a feast for everyone.”

Author’s Note

So the dress is actually made out of mithril silk, a legendary silk which possessed all the properties of mithril and magic silk. When will Sylvia finally find out that Sylvidia was tricking her so that she could play with her dress however she wants? And how would she react by then? 😛


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