[Vol 4] Chapter 1: The Familiar’s Debut

Sylvia“Oh-! Miss Sheena, Miss Sylvia, you girls are finally back! I’ve been looking for you.” Professor Colbert suddenly came out from the crowd, but then he noticed that my familiar figure was not around, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wait… Where did Miss Sylvia go?”

“Fufufu… Professor Colbert, allow me to reintroduce.” Sheena said that as she pulled my hand and pushed me in front of Professor Colbert, then she continued, “This is my familiar!”


For a moment, just for a brief moment, the world became completely silent, it was just like the calm before the storm. After that, everyone burst out in a huge clamor, starting with Professor Colbert, “What…?! B-but how were you able to tame an… an Angel?! Miss Sylvia… What happened to Miss Sylvia?”

And then followed by unending murmurs in the surrounding;

“Kya…!! It’s an Angel! A genuine Angel!” One female student was squealing, and shaking another female student beside her with both hands.

“Am I… dreaming?” Some students were stupefied as they gazed at my angelic form.

“As expected of Miss Sheena, she never fails to surprise.” While other students thought it was only natural.

Due to my attentive ear, I even heard some unnecessary remarks such as “Marry me!” or “I love you!” in the mix. The reaction was more than I expected, I couldn’t help but wonder, is bird-kin that rare in this world? How come everyone automatically associate me with an Angel at first glance, but not a bird-kin?

Just at this time, Sheena moved her lips and speak, “Fufufu… What are you talking about, Professor Colbert? She is right in front of you~”


The world entered another period of silence, then everyone suddenly shouted in unison, “WHAAAAT…?!”

When hundreds of people were shouting at the same time, it was nothing to laugh at. I seriously thought my eardrums were going to rupture. Luckily I had already predicted this and covered my ears in advance.

“Ah… That… Ah-ha-ha-ha…” Professor Colbert was stumbled for words, then he said, “It seems like a lot has happened during your two days of absence.”

Sheena was feeling jubilant, and proudly announced, “That’s right, it had been a rewarding two days. I was able to learn much more about my familiar. Believe it or not, she was actually the messenger from the Goddess of Light! And these three Goblins are her familiar! But don’t look down on them just because they are Goblins, this black one was actually able to fight on equal grounds with Sylvia!”

Then the peanut gallery turned into utter chaos as expected;

“What…?! The messenger of a Goddess?!”
“That black goblin was actually as strong as an Angel?!”
“Impossible… This must be a dream…”

I bet Sheena must be enjoying this, she had a really gleeful expression on her face right now. This must be revenge for all the shock she received earlier.

“S-Sheena-! W-what are you saying?! What do you mean by messenger of the Goddess?!” When I hear such an outrageous remark coming from Sheena, I couldn’t help but retort.

However, Sheena just replied nonchalantly, “What~? Why are you getting upset now? You didn’t say anything when I introduced you as the messenger at the village earlier.”

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“Say WHAT?!” After a moment of silence, I shouted involuntarily. At the time, I was talking with Sylvidia and didn’t pay attention to anything Sheena was saying. Had I heard what she was saying, I would have stopped her.

Receiving the adoring gazes of everyone present, I couldn’t help but feel a chill down my spine. I feel that the following days are going to get very troublesome, I’m not used to being the center of attention. I smiled awkwardly and waved at the peanut gallery.

“Kya~! She waved at me.”
“No-! It was me!”
“I think we just made an eye contact-!”

“Gee… This is so annoying, do they have to make so much ruckus from a simple gesture?” I thought of that in my head, but didn’t say it out loud. I just keep wearing my fake smile, and waving my hand like an idiot.

Just at this time, one student stepped forward, and asked, “Is it true that the Goblins are as powerful as the Hero?” The ⌈Hero⌋ was probably referring to me, I guess it’s already an established fact that humanoid summons are Hero-class familiar?

If it was a few decades ago, like when Saito was summoned by Louise, we would probably be the laughing stock of the entire academy. I guess much have changed since that time huh?

Sheena just smiled impishly, and provoked the male student, “Yes, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you give it a try? The Goblins could probably beat even the third year students.”

“Hey now, if you’re going to say that much, we can’t let that slide now, can we? Are you saying these puny little Goblins have the ability to beat us third year students?” Another male student stepped forward, obviously offended by Sheena’s remark.

“S-Sheena… What are you trying pull here?!” I got anxious and whispered in Sheena’s ear.

Sheena still remains as cool-headed as before, and she whispered back, “The best way for them to prove themselves is through combat right~? This is just purfect~!”

Then Sheena turned her attention back to the third year student, and said, “So? Will you challenge the three Goblins to a three on three fight? Senpai should have at least two familiars right~?”

“Hmph! I will make you eat your words.” The third year student then pointed at the three Goblins, “Come! I challenge the three of you to a duel!”

After that, majority of the male students moved to an open field along with the challenger and the Goblins. The battle quickly heated up, and with Zain’s leadership, the Goblin trio didn’t so much as to receive a single damage.

Seeing the male students getting all excited over the fight like that, the female students just heaved a sigh and said a single word, “Boys…”

“Squawk! Squawk!” Just at this time, Albert’s Thunderhawk landed on his arm that was raised above his head. Surprisingly, Albert had already changed back into his usual outfit, I mean he is not crossdressing anymore. I seriously wondered how did he get changed so fast without anyone noticing.

From the back of the Thunderhawk, the lump of cuteness jumped down, and barked with an “Arf…!” That was Futaba, the little golden fox.


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In that instant, the cute little critter had caught every female student’s heartstrings. They immediately shifted their attention from me to little Futaba.

“Kya~! What is that?! How can something be this cute~!”
“That cuteness is breaking every rules!”
“I can’t… hold back… anymore…”

Futaba sensed the dangers, she wanted to get away immediately, but it was too late, she was grabbed by Sheena. When the female students saw Sheena lifted the little critter from the ground, they all shouted in unison, “SHEENA!!”

And then they keep storming Sheena with various questions;

“Is that little critter yours?”
“Where did you find such a cutie pie?”
“Can I touch it? Please?”

When the guys heard the clamor here, they turned their head around to look, when they saw the girls squealing over a little critter like that, they just shook their head and said a single word, “Girls…”

Immediately, the entire front lawn turned very rowdy. One side, the boys are challenging the Goblins one after another, needless to say, the Goblins won every single match miraculously, which earned them their reputation.

On the other side, the girls are fighting over the little critter. They tried to caress and poke little Futaba, only to be fended off by its cute little paws that wriggled around incessantly, which only added to its cuteness.

“Hahaha… It seems like we have been completely forgotten.” The three riders laughed awkwardly. However, for Albert, this was the perfect chance to slip away. I couldn’t help but shivers at the thought that this was all planned out by Albert.

In the shadows of the building, two mysterious figures were observing this commotion calmly. One of them looked like an elementary school kid, while the other obviously looked like a Demon.

The small figure said, “Fufufu… So that’s Sheena, the Formation Master.”

Author’s Note:

Breaking news: I just recently found that there are actually three dantians in existence, not two! My whole life had been a lie!

With that, I’ve edited Volume 3 – Chapter 4, I recommend you go and read through that chapter again. I’ll also take this chance to announce that I’ve also edited all the chapters before Volume 3 – Chapter 4.

I edited them during my free time each day after translating, so as to not sacrifice my current pace of release. If you are up for a journey back to the memory lane, I recommend reading them again. All those chapters with a “Like” from me means that they had already been edited.

If you do not want to go through all the chapters again, that is fine too. It won’t have much impact on the future chapter, probably. I just added a few more expressions, and changed a few flawed logic here and there.


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