[Vol 3] Chapter 3: Soul Mutation

Sylvia “Are you ready?” Before Sylvidia took control of the body, she tried to verify with me whether I am ready to start the operation or not.

“O-ooh!” I shouted in affirmation.

Following that, Sylvidia took over the body and said, “Very well! Let us begin the Soul Transfusion! I want you to focus on the internal flow of energy while I am performing the Soul Transfusion.”

“Roger!” I spoke to Sylvidia via telepathy as I lose control of the body. I focused my mind on the internal energy flow as instructed by Sylvidia.

Sylvidia lifted the hands and placed the palms on the body of the wild boar, then she began to operate the spiritual energy. I could feel the flow of energy as it entered my sea of consciousness. The sea of consciousness is where the souls are housed.

As Sylvidia probed the sea of consciousness with the Spiritual Power, she exclaimed in surprise, “Oh my…… I didn’t expect this…”

“Hm? What’s wrong…?” As I didn’t know what is going on, I asked in confusion.

“Hrm……” Sylvidia didn’t answer me as she kept probing the sea of consciousness with the Spiritual Power.

“Um… Sylvidia? Is something the matter?” I got a little anxious.

“Well, it’s nothing you have to worry about. But as I suspected, this body of yours… it belongs to my previous master.” Sylvidia was convinced as she declared thus.

“Eh……?” Although I could tell from Sebastian’s reaction, that the previous owner of this weapon had met an unfortunate fate, what I didn’t know was that the body I’m currently possessing, was actually the previous owner, so my astonishment was to be expected, “EHHHH?! Y-you said this body belongs to your previous master? How can you be so sure?!”

Sylvidia didn’t answer immediately and asked me a question instead, “You heard about the dungeons from the Guild Headquarter right?”

“Uh… un!” I nodded my head in affirmation, mentally.

“Around a few decades ago, my master, Ranah Elwyn la Sylphis, went to explore one of these dungeons that appeared all over the world after the Apocalypse War. Following her were the Priestess of the Void, Tiffania, and the legendary Hero, Ragna.” Sylvidia started to explain, “The dungeon is full of powerful monsters and in the depths of the dungeon, what we discovered was one of the Demon Lords that wrecked havoc in the Apocalypse War!”

While Sylvidia was explaining, she didn’t forget to draw out the soul energy from the sea of consciousness and transfer it to the boar. I could feel the soul energy flow out of my body through the palm, I was assaulted by a slight dizziness.

After confirming the flow of soul energy was stable, Sylvidia continued the story, “Of course, they knew it was impossible to defeat the Demon Lord with just the three of them so they tried to run away. However, before they were able to get away, they were caught up in a large-scale soul attack. The Priestess and Hero were lucky to have avoided the soul attack, but my master was not so lucky……

Ever since then, my master had been in a comatose state, I was handed to Sebastian for maintenance and research purposes.”

Sylvidia ended her lengthy story with this, it was a very surprising fact indeed, to think that the Demon Lords who almost eradicated half of this world were actually confined in the dungeons. Why did the dungeons appear, how did they end up in the dungeons, that remains a mystery, but one thing for sure, thanks to the appearance of the dungeons, the world has regained peace.

“Un… I get it… I get it and all…… but that still doesn’t explain how you are so sure that this body actually belongs to your master. You couldn’t even tell at first so why are you so convinced now?” It makes perfect sense to say that I possessed this body while it was in a comatose state. That could explain why I could sense a hint of sadness in Anabelle and Sebastian when they were looking at me, since this body actually belonged to Elwyn, and it reminded them of her. But if that was the case, how come Sylvidia didn’t notice this until just now, it doesn’t make sense.

“Hold your horses! I am just about to get there, be patient~” And thus, Sylvidia continued her explanation, “You see…… while I was probing your sea of consciousness, I found something peculiar.”

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“Something peculiar? As in…?” I asked in confusion.

“You possess two souls!” Sylvidia exclaimed loudly.


“Say what-?!” After a moment of silence, I yelled in surprise, “Two… two souls?! How is that possible?!”

“It is not uncommon for a deity to possess more than two souls, but it is indeed very unusual for a mortal to possess multiple souls.” Sylvidia explained, “What is even more peculiar is that the two souls have different soul signatures, and they are actually fusing together!”

I was so astounded that I don’t even have words to retort anymore, but there is one thing I am worried about, “Is… is that bad? What will happen to me once the souls fused together?”

“No, no, no! Soul Mutation is by no means anything bad at all. This will benefit you REALLY greatly, once the souls completely merged, you will be able to completely fuse magic of different elements as one, we call that void magic in this world!

Furthermore, during the process of Soul Mutation, your Soul will strengthen rapidly, thus your Magic Power and Spiritual Power will increase drastically in this period of time. However……” As Sylvidia speak until here, she suddenly stopped, which increased my anxiety.

“H-however what? What will happen to me?” I asked nervously.

“Well…… I am not sure either, since this is the first time I heard of two souls of different origins to fuse together. But I think it’s probably nothing you should worry about, since your soul is stronger, you will probably dominate the other soul and absorb it into your own being.”  Sylvidia tried to reassure me but that only made me feel more guilty.

This body is not originally mine, it was as if I had indirectly stolen Elwyn’s life. Just as I was self-depreciating, Sylvidia tried to set my mind at ease, “It’s nothing you need to feel guilty over. The soul of Elwyn is weakening over time, it is only matter of time before her soul dissipated. In fact, due to you possessing her body, you saved her instead.”

“Is…… that so?” I do feel slightly better after hearing what Sylvidia had said.

Sylvidia continued to clarify, “Well… it’s not like she will die anyway, she will merely become a part of you. I suspect during the fusion of your souls, you will most likely experience some of these symptoms; Mana Overdose, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and perhaps seeing dreams of Elwyn’s life.”

“Uuu…… Mana Overdose and Identity Disorder, doesn’t sound like it is going to be a pleasant experience…” I voiced out my complain involuntarily as I heard some of the symptoms that I might be experiencing in the future.

Just at this time, Sylvidia suddenly stopped the Soul Transfusion and said to me, “The boar is no longer in critical situation, however it still doesn’t have enough Soul Energy yet. You did pay attention to the flow of energy while listening to my story right?”

“O-ooh~ Of course!” Although I said that, most of my attention was focused on Sylvidia’s story.

“Good! Now I want you to try perform the Soul Transfusion yourself! While you’re doing that, I’ll explain to you the Essence of the Soul.” With that, Sylvidia passed the baton to me.


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