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[Vol 2] Chapter 20: The Goblin Trio

Sylvia As soon as the ritual was completed, the black Goblin talked to me via telepathy and demanded for something. If I failed to comply, he will take my life!

“Pfft…… Hahahahaha! You sneaky little vermin! You initiated the Bond of Equal first before I could perform the ritual myself to corner me right? To prevent me from using my absolute orders to make you submit to me?” I was still kneeling on the ground with both knees as I said that out loud.

However, the language was automatically translated in the Goblin’s head so he could understand what I was saying. Therefore, he became more cautious and adopted a defensive posture. Despite that, his expectation was betrayed by what I was about to say.

“Good~! Good~! I like you after all!! So? What is your demand? Just name it, as long as it is something I can do, I will gladly comply!” As I said that cheerfully, the black Goblin glanced at me with a doubtful look, he thought, “Just what is this woman thinking?”

Since I was kneeling on the ground with both knees, my height was almost the same as the black Goblin. I looked directly into his eyes intently to show him that I don’t have any ill intention.

The black Goblin noticed that so he just nodded his head once before he stood up from his kneeling position, then he loudly declared in the Goblin’s language, so that his companions could hear them too, “I want you to make a contract with both of my companions! If you can do that, I will swear my loyalty to you. Otherwise…… you are not worthy to be my Master!”

“Sure!” I answered immediately without a hint of hesitation. It was an almost instantaneous answer. The black Goblin was taken aback by my instantaneous answer, he probably never thought I would agree so easily. After all, both of his companions are normal Goblins.

The black Goblin was slack-jawed and took a single step back unsteadily. Then he voiced out his confusion, “What…?! Do you understand what you’re saying?! I may be strong but my companions are just normal Goblins! They do not possess any special ability like mine! Think about it again, woman!”

I raised one of my fingers and placed it on the lips of the black Goblin before I opened my mouth, “It’s not woman… from now on, you shall address me as Sylvia. I forbid you from calling me Master or Woman, we are supposed to be equal right? That’s why you should call me by my name.”

The black Goblin slapped my hand away and shouted, “That’s not the point! I’m talking about my companions here, if you make a contract with weak Goblins, you will undoubtedly be criticized by others! After all, Goblins are weak and ugly, they are shunned by every other race and killed for sports! How can you agree to make a contract with normal Goblins so easily?!”

I displayed an amused expression as I teased, “What was that……? Are you perhaps… worried about me?”

“Woman!! You better don’t take it too far!” Just when the black Goblin was about to give me a warning, the female Goblin interrupted, “Zain! What do you mean make a contract with this woman?! I don’t want that!!”

The other male Goblin also shared the same opinion, “Me too! Mankind are selfish, they killed our kin! I don’t want to follow this woman!”

Well, technically… I am an elf, but I guess they are also considered as mankind. But of course…… at that time, I had no way of understanding what these Goblins were saying. I can only understand the black Goblin because our contract was already sealed in the bag.

“Fiore… Giga… This is my decision. If this woman proves to be worthless, I will deal with her myself!” The black Goblin, Zain, tried to convince the other two.

The two of them trusted Zain a lot, so they backed down obediently. They knew that all of the decisions made by Zain was for their own good, that’s how they have survived until now. That was also the reason they chose to follow Zain, even though the entire tribe treated him as a taboo child.

After the Goblin trio came to an understanding, Sheena and the others also joined the fray. When they saw the Goblin trio were arguing with one another, they got curious and came to find out the situation, “Sylvia…… what is going on here?”

The one who asked that question was naturally Sheena. She was the only one who called me without any titles. I explained without looking back, “Ah…… apparently, the black Goblin wants me to make a contract with the other two Goblins.”

I didn’t include the part where he threatened to kill me if I failed to comply with his demand. When Sheena and the others heard that, their response was only natural, “What?! Don’t tell me you agreed to such a ridiculous request?!”

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I nodded my head and simply said a single word, “Yes!”

Sheena got in front of me and grabbed my shoulders, she shook me a few times and yelled, “Are you crazy?! I forgot to tell you this but each person can only have up to three familiars at most! How can you waste two of your remaining slots for Goblins?! I know the black one is extraordinary but think about it again! It’s not worth it!!”

Although the black Goblin could not understand what Sheena was saying, he could tell from her agitated action, “See? I told you the humans wouldn’t accept us.”

I just shook my head and lightly shoved Sheena’s hands away from my shoulders, “I have already made my decision. I want them no matter what! Sure, the Goblins may be weak now, but that doesn’t mean they will be weak forever.”

Goblin Trio

I shut my eyes momentarily and an image surfaced in the depths of my mind, similar to how I suddenly had a vision of the Dual Bow Gun. I decided to trust my own instinct and said with conviction, “I can see it…… a bright future ahead of them…… I definitely won’t regret my decision today!”

Sheena, Albert, Caelum, the riders, and the Goblin trio were all taken aback by my powerful conviction. Even though my words were baseless, even though they seemed nothing more than empty words, they were somehow convinced. They were convinced that if it was her, she would be able to do it.

The black Goblin knelt down before me again. This time, including the female Goblin and the male Goblin. The black Goblin act as the medium and conveyed their feelings to me since he was the only one I could understand at this time, “We of the Black Goblin Tribe, Zain, Fiore, and Giga, recognized and swear our eternal loyalty to the Great Master before us!”


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