[Vol 2] Chapter 6: Power Ranking

Sylvia “It’s name is…… Lightning Flame!!” Mister Milton announced the name of his strongest spell very proudly.

When Sheena and Albert heard the name of the spell, both of them were dumbfounded, but since I do not understand how powerful or rare this spell is actually is, I was unfazed.

“L-lightning Flame you say…?!” Albert and Sheena were so surprised that they jumped up from the sofa.

I thought that they’ve had more than enough surprises for today and wouldn’t be affected by any more surprises… but apparently, I was wrong.

“Lightning… Flame? Well… I guess fusing Lightning and Flame together might be something amazing, but is there something to be so surprised about?” I asked Sheena and Albert honestly, but they just sighed and face palmed.

“Sigh… Miss Sylvia, you do not understand how amazing this spell is. Even the word amazing can’t describe how amazing it is!” Albert had a hint of envy in his eyes when he looked at me.

“Hmhmhm… seems like our little Hero here do not understand the power levels in this world yet, allow me to explain!” Mister Milton laughed.

“First, let us talk about the Power Ranking. In this world, we measure our power based on a set Ranking system.” Speaking until here, Mister Milton take a paper and write something on it. Then he put the paper on top of the table before me.

Written on the paper is the list of the Power Ranking. But hey… did he ever considered the fact that I might not be able to read the letters of this world? Fortunately, I am able to read it though so I didn’t complain. It probably has something to do with this body’s permanent memory.

The Power Ranking were as listed:

Rank 1 – Beginner
Rank 2 – Intermediate
Rank 3 – Advanced
Rank 4 – Expert
Rank 5 – Master
Rank 6 – Grandmaster
Rank 7 – King
Rank 8 – Emperor
Rank 9 – Transcendence

There’s a total of 9 Rank huh… so I guess Rank 6 can be considered to be on the higher end of the mid-tier?

Sheena probably caught on to what I was thinking and rebuked before I could say anything, “The average level of most people in Halkegenia is Rank 2.”

I was dumbfounded, “Wha…. Only Rank 2?! Isn’t that a bit to low?”

“Hahaha, that is considered pretty good already for most people in this world.” Mister Milton laughed before he continued, “The only person whom I know that could break the barrier of Rank 6 are the Heroes and Void Mage.

In this world, the Warrior measure their Ranking by Strength. The Rogue measure their Ranking by Speed. The Archer measure their Ranking by Dexterity. And us Mage measure our power by the firepower of Magic.

Those are just the basics anyway, there are some more complicated steps in measuring the Power Ranking of the Warrior, Rogue and Archer but for now we will just focus on Mage.”

Sheena interrupted Mister Milton here, “Well… you will learn about this in the Tristanian Magic Academy later but I guess letting you know earlier wouldn’t hurt.”

“What…? Why would I learn about this from the Magic Academy? Am I going to be attending classes together with you?” I was surprised by Sheena’s sudden declaration, and those words came out from my mouth automatically.

“I have already discussed with Albert earlier when you were daydreaming. Since you could use magic anyway, it’s better for you to start learning from the basics so we will admit you to the Tristanian Magic Academy as a freshman. It’s only the first week since the new term started anyway so you wouldn’t miss out much.” Sheena explained calmly.

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“But… but… what about the tuition fees?” I got anxious about the fees. I already owe them so much, I can’t handle all the debt that keeps piling up.

“That… Albe… ⌈Cough! Cough!⌋ I mean… Alby will handle that. Don’t worry about it.” Sheena almost accidentally announced Albert’s real name, again, in front of Mister Milton if Albert didn’t suddenly faked a cough.

Well… Albert seems to be the son of the Queen so I guess he might be able to do something about the tuition fees but… I’m still a little anxious… Even if the tuition fee is nullified at the moment, it’s still a debt that I eventually will have to pay back.

“Anyway… forget about that for now and get back to the topic…” Sheena urged Mister Milton to continue.

“Ahem… [1] Alright, let us continue… in the world of Halkegenia, the concept and history of magic is young. It only surfaced a few centuries ago so our strongest elemental spell is only as powerful as Rank 3.

For example;
In regards to Fire spell, we have Fireball which is a Rank 1 spell. And then the Fire Blast which is a Rank 2 spell. And lastly, the Rank 3 spell, Spirit of Fire.” Mister Milton explained.

“What…? If the strongest spell is only Rank 3 then how come… oh wait… Lightning and fire… a fusion spell?!” I was confused at first, but then it suddenly hit me when I thought of the spell name, Lightning Flame!

“Hahaha! That’s right!! And this is no ordinary fusion spell either!” Mister Milton proudly exclaimed and continue, “Allow me to explain the basics of fusion spell first.

It’s true that the firepower of strongest elemental spell is only comparable to Rank 3 but what if we fuse our spell? We can create an even stronger spell!

A mage capable of fusing 2 spells of different element is called the Line Mage. A mage capable of fusing 3 is called the Triangle Mage. And lastly, the mage that can fuse 4 is called the Square Mage. Likewise for the Magic spell.

Those capable of fusing two Rank 3 spell can achieve the power of Rank 4 and those capable of fusing three Rank 3 spell can achieve the power of Rank 5. And lastly, four Rank 3 spell can achieve the power of Rank 6.

But unfortunately… fusing 4 spells is not something anyone can accomplish so a Square Mage is as rare as a Void Mage.

Hmhmhm… Miss Sheena here just happens to me one of the honored Square Mage.” Mister Milton stopped and turned his attention to Sheena and smiled.

My eyes widened and I also turned my attention to Sheena. I never imagined she’s THAT powerful… no wonder she seems respected at the Academy…

But Sheena just laughed it off and turned our attention back to Mister Milton, “Hahaha… Mister Milton is too humble… my achievement pales in comparison to your Spell. After all, my spell is only the combination of Rank 2 spell. It couldn’t possibly be compared to your Rank 6 spell.”

“I have heard of many rumors of the <Lightning Flame> but I never thought I’d meet the actual person here… it’s an honor…” Albert is looking at Mister Milton respectfully. He was always so proud, I never thought I’d be able to see him like this… I guess there’s a first for anything.

Seeing my confused expression, Sheena continued the explanation, “You see… in order to create lightning, you need to fuse three different elements. Namely; Water, Wind and Fire.

Lightning is a Triangle Magic and in order to fuse it again with Fire Magic is no simple task. This Lightning Flame is indeed one-of-a-kind and its power is comparable to Rank 6 Square Magic!”

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Hearing Sheena’s explanation, Mister Milton laughed bitterly, “Heh Heh Heh… one-of-a-kind? Not anymore…”

And then everyone turned their attention to me…

Author’s Note:

Finally came up with an awesome spell. Thanks to re-watching Zero no Tsukaima, I finally remembered the fusion magic! 😀

Oh god I’m drunk XD
After proofreading, I found that I keep referring to Mister Milton as Mister Albert… hahaha
Sometimes I mistook Sheena for Sylvia and vice versa too…


  1. The sound of coughing or clearing one’s throat. 

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