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[Vol 4] Chapter 15: The Grand Chase Prequel

Sylvia After that little incident, we went to the cafeteria and ate to our heart’s content.

As always, the meal was very luxurious, it was truly a meal fitting for the aristocrat. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy such luxurious meal for free everyday.

As for Zain and the other familiars, they went to the barn to get their food. When I go over there to take a peek later, I found that they truly lived the life of a king.

All the other familiars in the barn were offering a portion of their food to Zain’s group, or more specifically, to little Futaba. It seems like Zain had already secured his position as the boss of the barn with the giant penguin gone.

Since they seemed to be doing well, I ate the portion of food which I originally intended to give to Zain and the others. It’s definitely not because I’m a glutton alright? Nuh-uh, definitely not…

Now then… It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for, to the lingerie store we go~! Or so I thought, but on the way to the lingerie store, we were stopped by Sheena’s personal maid, Angie.

“Miss Sheena, please wait a moment!” Angie suddenly ran towards us from behind.

We turned around and saw her figure as she ran over here, Sheena started by asking, “Oh my… What’s the matter, Angie?”

“Huff~ Huff~ Huff~” After taking a few deep breath, Angie stood straight and cast a quick glance at me, I could feel a hint of malice behind those glance. Then she looked at Sheena and said, “Miss Sheena, I heard you’re going to get a few sets of lingerie for Miss Sylvia, is that correct?”

“That… is indeed true… but where did you heard something like that from?” Sheena looked at Angie doubtfully.

Angie got this information from Sheena’s fan club, but of course she couldn’t tell her the truth, she cleared her throat a few times awkwardly and said, “I-In any case, as your head maid, it is my responsibility to take care of any miscellaneous job. Miss Sheena, with all due respect, your responsibility as a student is to study, don’t you have an afternoon session with Professor Naoki later? You can leave Miss Sylvia to me. I will take care of her need in your stead.”

“Mu…” Sheena puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction, but since she couldn’t find any words to retort, she answered “Fine!” reluctantly and left me behind with Angie.

Angie put on a refreshing smile and waved at Sheena as she left, then when she turned around to face me, her smile distorted as she said, “Now then……”

“Hieeeee……! M-Miss Angel… Y-Your face is…” Before I could finish my sentence, Angie asked with a rather scary smile, “Oh? What was that about my face? Fufufufufufufu…”

Without thinking at all, I tried to turn around and run, but because I was too frantic, I tripped on my own legs. When I turned around and saw Angie holding a stick, I involuntarily shouted, “Mommy!”

She was holding the stick with one hand and smacked the palm of her other hand with the stick at a fixed interval.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Before I knew it, I found myself kneeling on the ground, listening to Angie’s sermon;

“As Miss Sheena’s retainer, you seem to have forgotten your position… Know your place! You are over-reliant on Miss Sheena’s kindness! I’m going to whip you into shape. Prepare youself, from now on, whenever you’re not having a class, you will report to me. Is that understood?”

“Y-Yes……” I answered weakly, but Angie seemed to be dissatisfied with that answer, she lowered her upper body and brought her scary face closer as she raised her voice, “Is That Un-der-Stood?!”

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“Y-YES MA’AM!” I straightened my back while still kneeling on the ground and saluted like a soldier.

“Very well… then let’s start our training now.” Angie nodded in satisfaction and smacked the palm of her hand with the stick.

“Eh? A-Aren’t we going to the lingerie store first?” I immediately raised my concern to Angie, but…… she just revealed a wicked smile and said, “Oh, that… Well, only if you can pass my training before the lingerie store closed.”

And with that signal, a crowd of girls walked out from the shadows. One of the girl got beside Angie and whispered, “Vice President, will you really give us Miss Sheena’s used underwear if we can catch her within the time limit?”

Due to my attentive ears, I clearly heard everything she was saying, my mind blanked out for a moment, because of the word “underwear”, I completely neglected the following words, all I could think of at the time was, “Perverts! They’re all perverts!!”

Angie whispered back, “Don’t worry, I always keep my words. Miss Sheena will not suspect anything.”

Then she looked at me meaningfully and said, “Miss Sylvia, I heard you’ve developed a gynophobia right? That’s no good~ As Miss Sheena’s attendant, having an abnormal fear of woman is bad~ Therefore, I’ve arranged a special training for you~ ♪”

When I heard her words, my face immediately turned pale, so pale that you’d think I was sick, I immediately fell back and cursed, “Hieee……! L-Lord Angel, a-are you a demon? You are a demon right?!”

Since I was kneeling on the ground the whole time, my legs had fallen asleep, I tried to stand up but fell on my butt, so I slid backwards with my butt rubbing against the ground.

Without any unnecessary words, Angie just smacked the stick on her palm and said, “Catch her!”

“Hieeeee!!!!” I immediately turned my body around and kicked off the ground, dashing forward like no tomorrow. Following that, the crowd of girls immediately chased after me.

“S-Stay away from me~~~!” I knew I was only wasting my breath, but those words involuntarily escaped from my mouth. No matter how much I shout, the numbers never decreased. On the contrary, due to my scream, I attracted even more attention.

In my mind, I was apologizing to all the male protagonist who was in the same situation as me. I laughed at their misfortunate when I saw they were being chased by the masses. I never thought something like this would happen to me. Now I finally understand how desperate they feel when they were being chased. I promise I will be a good boy girl from now on, I promise I will never laugh at people’s misfortune anymore, so please, just spare me from this~~~ Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, if you truly exist, please bestow a miracle upon this miserable self~~~

Author’s Note:

Uh…… That… just took an unexpected turn, but… the dodging galore is finally coming up soon? XD

Though it’s a little different from how I imagined it at first, but oh wells…


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