[Vol 1] Chapter 15: The Abyss Beast

Sylvia After Sheena gave the Silver coins to Sebastian, we said our thanks and left the store.

On the way I asked anxiously, “So… how much money do we have left?”

“Let’s see… we have spent fifteen Copper coins to lodge in the inn last night and six Copper coins for dinner and breakfast. The Teardrop Earrings and Mana Stone cost us ninety-five Silver coins. With that, we only have four Silver coins and seventy-nine Copper coins remaining.” Sheena looked into her purse and sighed.

I feel kind of guilty since more than 90% of the money were spent on the Mana Stone and Teardrop Earrings for me, “I’m sorry…… because of me you have to spend so much money.”

“Well, there’s nothing to it. You just have to work hard to pay back the debt.” Then Sheena revealed a mischievous smile, and looked at the rune on the back of my hands, “It’s not like you have anywhere to run anyway, since we are bounded till death do us part.”

“Gulp…” I swallowed my saliva, and laughed awkwardly, “Hahaha… That’s… true…” With these kind of debt, it will probably take around a few hundred years to repay. And since I am an elf, I can probably live for a few centuries. I will have to spend the next few hundred years of my life repaying my debt. I shuddered at the thought of it.

Suddenly, we can hear a scream coming from the distant, “Kyaaa!! A monster!”

“A monster? In the middle of the dungeon town filled with various powerful Adventurers?” Sheena and Albert looked at each other disbelievingly.

Then they suddenly rushed toward the place where the scream comes from to see what kind of monster would be stupid enough to attack this town.

When we arrived at the scene, there was utter chaos. We couldn’t believe what we just saw.  There were plenty of human corpses lying of the floor with blood gushing out everywhere, dying the brick floor red. And there was only one monster is the midst of the corpses, just one!


The monster’s face looks like that of a fierce dog and is walking on all fours. It has two long curvy horns protruding from the back of its head, with one horn smaller and straight horn protruding from its forehead. At the tips of the small horn, it was emitting some sort of purplish flame. There were spikes growing out from its shoulder and its arm is as thick as a tree trunk. This monster looks ridiculously strong and fierce.

The monster was surrounded by a group of Adventurers, but no one dared to approach seeing how the other three had been killed almost instantly.

The monster pay them no mind and glanced at the surrounding.

By this time, Sheena and Albert finally recovered from their shock and shouted softly as to not aggravate the monster, “That’s the Abyss Beast!! What is it doing here?! We have to get out of here quick!”

Sheena pulled me and started running. Albert followed immediately and the three of us were running away from the scene as fast as we can.

While we were running, I asked, “What is that monster?!”

Albert answered, “It is called the Abyss Beast. It’s usually found in the deepest part of the Swinford dungeon and is classified as an SS-ranked monster. With our current ability, we are only asking for death if we stayed there. It’s better to just leave this to the Adventurer Guild.”

I nodded, “Yeah!! I wouldn’t want to get involved with that monstrosity either way! But!! WHY IS IT CHASING AFTER USSSS!!”

Sheena and Albert both looked back and saw the monster chasing after us, then they screamed and increased their pace.

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“Eeeek!! Why is it chasing us!” Sheena was on the verge of tears.

“Waaaaaa!! Damn it!! It will eventually catch up to us at this rate! Let’s split up and divert its attention!” Albert was just as surprised, however he was able to evaluate the situation properly and come up with the best course of action.

Yup, right now. We are being chased by the Abyss Beast! As soon as we turned tail and run, it seems to have noticed and start chasing after us! Such bad luck!!

But as expected of Albert, even in such a situation, he came up with a plan to increase our rate of survival.

“Agreed!!” Both Sheena and I consented and the three of us split up in the next junction up ahead. Sheena went to the left, Albert went to the right and I went straight ahead.

Obviously, the monster chased after me.

“Eeeeeeek!! Why me?!” I raised a futile protest.

I glanced at my surrounding quickly. I saw Sheena and Albert both running at the side of the alley in the same direction as I while chanting some high level spells.

But I can’t wait for them to finish the spell! The monster is closing in on me as we speak, I have to at least delay the monster’s speed!

Without further ado, I jumped into the air with all my strength. While in midair, I pulled the dual bow-gun that is attached on my belt, turned around and raised both my arms to aim the gun at the monster.

I charged the gun on my left with fire magic while the one on my right with wind magic.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

I fired two rounds of fire magic and one round of wind magic. The magic arrows collided slightly in front of the monster and “Boom!” the collision of the wind and fire magic caused an explosion!

Yes!! That ought to slow it down a bit. While I was rejoicing, the monster suddenly burst forth from the explosion and from the tip of its horn, the purplish flame suddenly shot towards me.

“Waa… waaa!” I was still in the midair so my movement is limited. Unable to do anything else, I just bend my body backward in an attempt to avoid that purplish flame. I avoided it by a hair’s breadth and fell on the ground.

“Miss Sylvia!!”

Sheena and Albert shouted frantically.

That is because the monster is already right in front of me, with its paw high up in the sky, ready to turn me into mincemeat any second now!

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When the paw is about to drop, I closed my eye, crossed my arm in front of me to defend and shouted in a panic, “Waaa!!”

But after several seconds later, the impact that I was waiting for still hasn’t hit me.

I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I noticed is that the rune on my left hand glowed brightly, and that my surrounding was covered by a yellow light. Everything touched by the yellow light seems to be slowed considerably. Only I, who was not affected by the yellow light, was able to move without much restriction in this field of yellow light.

“What just happened?” I was dumbfounded at the scene right before me, but the paw was still slowly but surely approaching me.

“Don’t just sit there dumbfounded, move from that location now if you don’t want to die!” A voice suddenly rang out in my mind.

Without any time to think about where that voice comes from, I quickly rolled to the left. At the same time, the glow on my left hand faded, the yellow light that was surrounding us faded as well.

The paw seems to have regained its previous velocity, and slammed hard on the ground right beside my head.

“Crack! Crack!”

The cement ground beside me cracked, and a big hole is left on the spot.

Wow if I hadn’t moved in time just now, my head would be smashed like a watermelon……

But I have no time to think about that right now, my number one priority right now is to get out of here!

The monster opened its jaw and saliva dripped on my face.

“Gulp!” This situation is hopeless. I am so dead.

“Boom! Boom!” Two flashes of red and green light suddenly hit the face of the monster, those are intermediate fire and wind spell casted by Albert and Sheena respectively.

The monster doesn’t seem to be hurt badly, but it successfully distracted the monster as it is now approaching Sheena and Albert at high speed.

Me, still lying on the ground with my back, turned around to look at Sheena and Albert.

“Sheena!! Albert!! RUN!!” I can do nothing other than stretching my hand towards them and shouting frantically.


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