[Vol 3] Chapter 5: Complete Revival

Sylvia At Sylvidia’s prompt, I began to envelop my soul with the Spiritual Power, slowly drawing out a portion of my Spiritual Body as demonstrated by Sylvidia earlier.

After that, I pulled a portion of the Spiritual Body away from the Sea of Consciousness. What I need to do next is to pull the Spiritual Body towards my palm, transfer the Spiritual Body through the skin of the wild boar, then guide it towards the wild boar’s Sea of Consciousness, and lastly, let it fuse with the Spiritual Body of the wild boar.

Although it sounds like a very simple process, actually executing it, is much harder than expected. It requires precise regulation and sharp concentration. The sweat was falling like waterfall when I was pulling the Spiritual Body towards my palm.

I failed several times and the Spiritual Body would spring back to the Sea of Consciousness like a bubble gum. At least I should be grateful that my Spiritual Body didn’t dissipate upon failure, otherwise it would be wasted…… After the Nth times, I finally succeeded, however I consumed a lot of Spiritual Power in the process.

Luckily my Spiritual Power was recovered quickly due to the Soul Mutation, so I could still continue. Although I failed a lot when guiding the Spiritual Body towards my palm, it couldn’t even be compared to what I was about to do next.

The first hurdle was to transfer the Spiritual Body to the wild boar via the skin. The next hurdle was to guide the Spiritual Body towards the wild boar’s Sea of Consciousness. It was much harder to control the Spiritual Power in the Material Body of another being.

“Puhaaaa~!” I was mentally exhausted after the Soul Transfusion was successful and fell to the ground with my back. While I was lying on the ground, I gazed at the tranquil sky and thought, “Ah… this feels kind of comfy~”

I was feeling very comfortable relaxing on the ground, I feel like I could fall into a deep slumber for a long while. However, the surrounding was getting noisy, disturbing my peaceful nap;

“Uuoh~~!! This is a miracle!”
“This is the blessing of the heavens!”
“Oh Kami-sama!” ⌈1
“Oink, oink! Oink, oink!”

Everyone was getting exaggerated and starts praising the heavens, one of them even got down on the knees to pray to the god. But wait…… who was it that squealed like a pig?

“Oink, oink! Oink, oink!”

Just when I thought of that, the culprit itself pounced on me and starts assaulting my face mercilessly with its tongue.

“Wa-wait!! Not the face! Don’t lick my face! I mean… stop licking me you big fat pig!!” The culprit was none other than the wild boar we just saved. It jumped on me while I was still on the ground and starts licking me out of appreciation, probably. I tried to push it away but the wild boar was too big and heavy, there was nothing I could do about it.

I could only lie on the ground and let it paint my face with its smelly drool until it was satisfied. I just helplessly lie on the ground like a fish being prepared on the cutting board.

After the wild boar was done, it sat beside the village girl obediently. The village girl was embracing it intimately. By the way, what’s the name of the village girl again? Did she ever introduced herself?

The moment I thought of that, the village girl suddenly kowtowed before me and said, “Almighty Goddess!! Thank you for saving my friend, Sappore! My name is Samie! I… I don’t have much to offer, but please! May I invite you to my humble town and t-treat you to a meal?!”

Her sudden action shocked me greatly, and to be called a goddess, I was slightly embarrassed… She finally introduced herself and extended an invitation to her hometown as a way to show her gratitude, though she stuttered a little. I guess she must be thinking it was a preposterous idea to invite a goddess to her home.

“Uh… ah… I’m not…” I was a bit flustered so I wasn’t able to form a sentence properly, just when I was about to deny that I’m a goddess, Sheena suddenly got beside Samie and took the same kowtowing position as her.

I couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “Eh?!”

Following her action, Albert, Caelum, and the other two Gryphon riders also kowtowed before me. I couldn’t help but shout even louder, “EHHHHH?!?! W-what are you all doing?”

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I took a single step back with my right foot and put my left hand in between my breasts as I was shouting.

“Y-your liege, pardon me for asking, but may I know what has become of my familiar……” Sheena was somewhat nervous as she was asking that, but it seems she was concerned about me as I suddenly disappeared before her eyes, even though the one standing before her is the person in question……

This is starting to get a bit awkward, I wonder how should I break it to them…… maybe I should just be straightforward and come out with it?

When I was about say something, the mischievous Sylvidia suddenly spoke to me via telepathy, “Huhuhu… why not play with them a little?”

I frowned a little and called her name in a rather heavy tone. However, Sylvidia take no heed of that and took control over my body immediately.

Then she suddenly started to speak, taking a haughty behaviour, “Raise your heads, plebeian! Before you is the great me, Sylvidia the Winged Unicorn. Feast your eyes upon me with gratitude, hohohohoho~”

Sylvidia raised my right hand and covered the mouth with the back of the hand while laughing haughtily. I heaved a sigh and thought that she was a really mischievous divine beast…… She could easily take control of my body probably due to me mentally exhausted.

Sheena opened her eyes wide in surprise, “Ah!!! You… you are that Pegasus from before?!”

“Ding dong~ That’s right! ♪” Sylvidia exclaimed happily with a sweet voice, then she proceeded to answer Sheena’s previous question, “You do not need to worry about your familiar, she is currently dwelling within me~ ♪”

“Hey~ hey~! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” Or so I retorted in my mind.

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  1. I used Kami-sama here to express the person is praying to the god. I feel that the English term “Oh god!” doesn’t quite fit the bill here, as it could be an exclamation of the sort. 

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