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Turning Into a Trap Cat Girl

Trap Cat Girl Even After Turning Into a Trap Cat Girl I’ll Have to Work Hard to Survive in the End of the World (变成伪猫娘也要努力在末世活下) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Mi Dashuai (谜大帅) and translated by CatatoPatch.

Category: Adventure, Drama, Gender Bender, Harem, Mature, Sci-fi

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“Big Sis, Big Sis! I want to pet cat pet cat!!”

Lin Feng settled his snow white tail down in front of the group of little girls.

“Once! Only once! And also call me Big bro” The nearby zombies who saw such a delicious and tasty sight inside the store tried even harder to smash the frail glass. This is a story about a trap catgirl living through the end of the world.

Volume 1

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