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Chapter 2: The Virus Spreads

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Mi Dashuai
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The first thought that occurred to Lin Feng was some sort of rabies, but when did rabies cause a person to convulse and inexplicably get up and kiss another person?

Curious, he watched one of the previously convulsing girls run up to a boy and kissed him.
The heads of the boy and girl slowly separated.

Only to see that the boy who was kissed had no lips left on his face, and his teeth were horrifically bare for all to see.

“Damn, now that’s intense!”

“Lin Feng! Do you think I’m a pushover just because I’m old? Are you just standing up for fun, or do you want to answer a question?” Old Liu was practically huffing with his beard as he glared at Lin Feng, chalk ready to toss.


Suddenly, the shrill scream of a girl echoed ominously from the otherwise silent corridor outside, and the unerring chalkmanship of Old Liu hit Yan Aoxue squarely on her forehead.

“Cough, sorry, Yan, it slip–” Before Old man Liu could finish his sentence, a student covered in blood rushed into the room and locked the door behind him. Grabbing the nearby mop cabinet, he blockaded the door further, much to the astonishment everyone present.

“What is the meaning of this…” Old man Liu pointed at the student covered in blood with trembling fingers.

“Old Liu, ah, I mean Mr. Liu, we’re in trouble, there are zombies in the school!” The incoming student said nervously, then looked at the confused group of students.

“Fellow classmate, do you understand how rude you’re acting right now?” Liu Lin, the class monitor, stood up and reproached the newcomer.

Liu Lin was the class monitor, not as good-looking as some others, but still pleasant to look at, and she was an excellent student with top grades, on par with Yan Aoxue, both being frequent top performers in school exams.

Moreover, she liked to help her classmates and was known as a kind-hearted person in the class.

“I… Screw you, I’m being serious here! Do I look crazy enough to joke about such a serious matter?”

The incoming student cursed out of reflex through gritted teeth, his anxiety juxtaposed perfectly with the calm crowd before him.

But when he glanced at his own bitten hand, he suddenly laughed miserably.

“You’ll see soon enough, hahaha.” After saying that, the student collapsed to the ground, frothing at the mouth.

Having just witnessed such a scene, Lin Feng frowned and walked up to the student whose eyes were slowly changing color.

“Yan, could you come over here for a second,” gritting his teeth, Lin Feng knew that neither the class monitor nor Old Liu would believe him if he were to speak up now, but at the very least, he did not want Yan Aoxue, who was still seated in the front row, to get hurt.

Yan Aoxue looked at Lin Feng strangely but still followed him to the back of the classroom.
“Lin Feng, is there something wrong?”

“Stay by my side,” seeing Lin Feng suddenly say something inexplicable, Yan Aoxue furrowed her eyebrows, but when she looked at the student in front foaming at the mouth, she stood quietly beside Lin Feng without saying a word.

Old Liu and Liu Lin were in the midst of directing the students to move away the cabinet that the male student had used to block the door.

Suddenly, the male student, who had been motionless on the ground, slowly stood up.

“Thank goodness, I see you’re alright now. Fellow classmate, you mustn’t play such pranks in the future,” Liu Lin kindly walked up to the male student, preparing to support him.


Lin Feng tried to stop the class monitor, but it was too late.

The male student let out a howl and pounced on Liu Lin, tearing at the tender flesh on Liu Lin’s neck with his grotesque mouth.

Blood sprayed in front of the classroom, splattering the walls and books.

“Ah!” The class monitor’s screams echoed throughout the classroom. Yan Aoxue gripped Lin Feng’s arm out of sheer terror, trembling as she leaned against him.

Liu Mengqi immediately scoffed at the sight.

Several of the stronger male students rushed up and tied up the poor male student with the nearest curtains they could lay their hands on, but the zombified boy’s struggling showed no signs of abating in the slightest. His furious roar engulfed the classroom in an instant.

“What the hell is going on?” Song Zhe looked at the class monitor covering up his wounds with his clothes, and then at his buddy Lin Feng.

The rest of the students in the class turned towards Lin Feng as well, having come to the same realization simultaneously. Had it not been for Lin Feng pulling Yan Aoxue aside just now, she might have been the one bitten instead, and when the class monitor tried to get close to that male student just now, it was Lin Feng who tried to stop her.

The students subconsciously stepped away from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was now left with only his buddy Song Zhe, Liu Mengqi, and the frightened Yan Aoxue.

“Ahem… Lin Feng, do you perhaps know something about this situation?” Old Liu walked over, his gray-white clothes stained with a few drops of the class monitor’s blood. In all his years of teaching, it was the first time he had encountered such a situation, and even though he was getting older, he couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.

“You ******* Lin Feng, you did this, didn’t you?!” Zhu Hanfang walked up to Lin Feng and pointed at his nose, speaking in a trembling voice as he did so. Although he was usually arrogant, even he couldn’t help but sweat a little right now.

“Yes, it must be you,” the lackey Deng Liang hastily agreed.

“Zhu Hanfang, enough with your accusations. Everyone, listen to me, I was just looking out the window when I saw what happened. By the way, it’s best to tie up the class monitor with the curtain too. She… should be mutating soon.”

With how much of a coincidence all must have seemed, that was all he could say to Zhu Hanfeng and his little lackey. After all, the current situation wasn’t something that could be easily explained away. Even his familiarity with this situation was because of his coincidental love of zombie movies.

Zhu Hanfang glanced at Lin Feng but quietly elected to approach the class monitor in the end, pushing away his classmates as he did so. He tore off bits of his clothes to tie up Liu Lin’s hands and feet, making sure every knot was securely tied.

“Deng Liang, go to the window and take a look outside.”

“Ah, Zhu-ge, I…” Deng Liang was clearly scared after seeing what happened just now.

“Go! Or do you want to kiss your sports car goodbye?” Zhu Hanfang kicked Deng Liang.

Stout as a bear, Deng Liang still hesitated for a moment before peering cautiously outside with his head.

“Zhu-ge, I. ****, what’s going on outside–”


A tearing sound abruptly cut his words short, quickly followed by the screams of his classmates.

Deng Liang, who just took a quick look outside was now torn in half. A large black claw reached and eerily hooked the lifeless boy out.

“I knew it, it must be you, Lin Feng! What are you scheming?”

Ignoring the fact that his lackey was now half a body shorter, Zhu Hanfang pointed at Lin Feng’s nose and shouted in terror.

But the subject of his accusation was just as shocked. The huge claw was nothing at all like a zombie, at least none that he had ever seen in zombie movies. The creatures he saw up till now were nothing at all like that claw; it literally tore his expectations in half.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Zhu Hanfang! Are you out of your mind, does this look like something I can even plan out?”

Lin Feng’s brain was racing.

“Yan Aoxue, do you trust me? If you do, let’s get out of here” Lin Feng lowered his head and asked, looking at Yan Aoxue trembling in his arms.

“You want to leave the classroom?” Old Liu walked over and asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, I think everyone has seen zombie movies. The beginning is always the most chaotic, but we must find a safe place now, or we’ll be helpless when faced with a large number of zombies later.” Their classroom was on the 5th floor, which meant now was the time when the zombie count was at its lowest.

There was no food or water in the classroom, so they had to go out sooner or later. Looking at the bound and mutated class monitor on the ground, Lin Feng decided to take a chance.

“Where do you plan to go?” Old Liu realized that Lin Feng’s decision was correct when he saw the mutated class monitor.

The others in the class turned towards the mutated class monitor as well, slowly convinced by the sight of this looming danger staring back at them, everyone except for the teeth-gnashing Zhu Hanfang.

Lin Feng was speechless for a moment. While he might have said all that, he hadn’t figured out where to go yet. He needed a place that was safe and had food, one where they could wait for rescue. He only knew that it wasn’t suitable to stay here for long. The huge claw had completely surpassed any expectation he had, so he had no idea what kind of dangers awaited them outside. However, he had to try.

Staying here meant they would have to go outside eventually. By then, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the countless zombies. They had to take action while the number of monsters was still manageable.

“I don’t know, maybe we should head towards the cafeteria.”

Lin Feng said slowly, holding Yan Aoxue tighter. It was something unimaginable even in his wildest dreams, but it had become a reality now. Even so, he was too busy quaking in his boots to be enjoying the moment.

Lin Feng just happened to like horror movies, so he had a slightly stronger nerve than the average person. However, nobody ever told him that it would actually become a reality one day.

“You can’t pass through the cafeteria,” Liu Mengqi said with a complicated look as she looked at Lin Feng holding Yan Aoxue.

Liu Mengqi let down her twin ponytails and picked up a hair tie to bundle her hair together.

“If you wish to head towards the cafeteria, you would have to pass through the library and the male and female dormitories. If we move together with so many people, we’ll be too conspicuous and definitely suffer heavy casualties. I know a place.”

“You mean the top floor?” Old Liu immediately understood where Liu Mengqi was referring to and spoke up.

“Yes, teacher, do you have the key to that place?”

“I do, several teachers on campus have it. The top floor was about to be converted into a rest area for the staff, so most teachers have the key. The stairs there are only halfway constructed, so right now, you can only get up using a ladder,” Old Liu recalled, stroking his beard.

“That’s great, but is there food and water up there?” Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised.

The floor where his class was located was on the 5th floor, while the staff rest area that was being renovated was on the 7th floor. This meant that they only needed to go up one more level to reach the ladder on the top floor.

According to Old Liu, they could only climb the ladder to reach the top floor. When they got up there, they could pull up the ladder to create a natural fortress against the zombies.

“Yes, there’s plenty up there. It’s food prepared for the teachers, like biscuits, candies, and there are also many bottles of mineral water. Huh? Liu Mengqi, how do you know so much?”

Old Liu suddenly realized something and looked at Liu Mengqi, who blushed slightly.

“That English teacher took me up there and… gave me some food. I accidentally saw it, and I’m in charge of taking care of the plants up there.”

“Are you guys done yet? All this useless talking is starting to get on my nerves. Decide quickly and let’s go,” Zhu Hanfang kicked the head of the zombified class monitor, and said.

“Hey,” a male classmate didn’t appreciate Zhu Hanfang’s behavior. Although the class monitor was strict, she always put the students’ well-being first. She had turned into a zombie earlier only because of her good intentions. Now, Zhu Hanfang was kicking the class monitor’s head with his foot.

“What? You have a problem?” Zhu Hanfang drew out the brass knuckles he carried and looked at the emotionally charged classmate in front of him.

“Stop fighting, you two,” Yan Aoxue came out somewhat embarrassed from Lin Feng’s embrace and spoke to the two arguing students.

Upon hearing Yan Aoxue’s voice, the two on the verge of fighting cooled down.

“Thank you, Lin Feng. Let’s plan how to get to the top floor now,” Yan Aoxue said calmly after regaining her composure.

Seeing her calm down, Lin Feng scratched his head with a slight tinge of regret.

“Oh, someone’s being greedy, I see.” Liu Mengqi saw Lin Feng’s regretful expression and came over to tease him.

“Hmph,” Lin Feng glanced at his teasing childhood friend before quietly walking towards the rest of the class for a discussion.

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