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Chapter 109: Catnip

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Mi Dashuai
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While watching the kitten eat, Lin Feng’s face broke into a comforting smile. The little one had made it, surviving through its sheer perseverance and luck. Given the journey he was about to undertake, it might be best to leave the cat in the care of Yan Aoxue and the others.

Earlier a particularly enticing smell brought him here. Now, his curiosity had gotten the better of him, prompting him to taste the cat food he found before him. The flavor was underwhelming. It tasted like a hardened piece of bread, lacking the soft, delightful texture he associated with it. Perhaps his human palate was too refined for such tastes.

The kitten, seeing him try the food from its dish, mistakenly thought he might be hungry too. It pushed its plate towards him, offering to share its meal. Lin Feng chuckled and gently pushed the plate back towards the kitten. Then in an inexplicable move, he went, “meow”, though he immediately regretted it and blushed. It wasn’t like that cat could understand. In fact, did those meows even mean anything?

Suddenly, he remembered the actual reason he was there.

He looked around and began searching. That’s right; he had detected a delightful scent earlier. Catnip! Somewhere on the floor, a crushed ball of catnip was releasing an irresistible aroma. The allure was so strong that Lin Feng almost found himself salivating, in spite of the revolting implication that a zombie was probably the one who stomped on it before.

As he approached the catnip, a little paw caught his foot. The kitten, with an almost disapproving look, seemed to shake its head. Lin Feng bent down, gently freeing his foot from the kitten’s grasp. “I just want to try a bit,” he whispered to the kitten.

But then, a thought struck him. What if he got addicted? He’d heard tales of catnip being akin to drugs for felines. Still, curiosity got the better of him. He picked up a package of catnip from the floor and began reading the instructions, still debating whether to give in to the temptation.

“Catnip is a plant known to produce hallucinatory effects on felines. When consumed, it often leads to a spell of altered behavior that lasts between 5-15 minutes. This includes actions like sneezing, chewing, and fervent rubbing.

Some cats, after partaking in catnip, might engage in spirited rolling, vocal meowing, or even enter a state of mild delirium. For instance, some might chase after imaginary prey, while others might just sit, lost in a daze. Thankfully, these behaviors are harmless, and catnip’s effects aren’t habit-forming.

Interestingly, even though it’s often cheekily termed ‘feline narcotics’, its influence is fleeting and non-addictive. About two-thirds of cats exhibit sensitivity to catnip’s aroma. This has made catnip an ace up the sleeve for many cat owners, as a sprinkle on toys or scratching posts is a tried-and-true method to pique feline interest.”

Spotting the non-addictive label, Lin Feng’s curiosity got the better of him. He took a piece of catnip and began rubbing it beneath his nose, then hastily locked the shop door.

Meow~ Meow~ Meow~ Meow~

Ten minutes later, he found himself seated at the counter, awash with guilt. He’d imagined his parents beside him, grilling a tantalizing fish, while he gnawed on a plush toy, puzzled by its indestructibility. If a zombie had ambushed him in that state, things might have gone terribly wrong.

Meanwhile, the kitten had finished its meal and was now resting peacefully. Lin Feng, in a somber mood, picked up a nearby cat sling bag. Despite its distinctly feminine design, he gently placed the kitten, wrapped in a blanket, inside, and readied himself to leave.

However, as he approached the exit, he hesitated. Taking a moment and gripping the door handle tightly, he circled back to secure a packet of catnip.

A little sniff here and there couldn’t hurt. But maybe in a safer location next time.


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