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Chapter 136: Confrontation

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng was overwhelmed by a primal fear, a deep-seated dread of the two men who appeared to be brothers. Their cold-hearted decisiveness in executing the gangster was a stark contrast to Lin Feng’s own approach. Without hesitation, they had flawlessly executed their target with precision, showcasing a chilling level of coordination.

Lin Feng’s hand instinctively reached for the silenced pistol at his waist, recognizing his slim chances of overcoming them in a direct confrontation. An innate fear of these men gripped him, and he felt outmatched.

“Brother, she’s not coming out,” one of the brothers remarked, breaking the tense silence.

“Perhaps we’re too intimidating,” the other mused.

“Brother, I don’t think our appearance is that frightening,” the first brother added, maintaining a watchful gaze on Lin Feng’s hiding spot.

“Come out from behind the desk, mutant. We mean you no harm,” they called out to Lin Feng, who was reminded of the gangster’s similar claim before his untimely demise. With reluctance, Lin Feng emerged from his cover, gripping his pistol.

“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked warily.

Upon seeing Lin Feng, the brothers with their distinctly furry mouths cracked a smile.

“Brother, she’s here,” one of them noted.

“She’s quite attractive,” observed the other.

“Brother, perhaps we could…,” hinted the first, his voice trailing off suggestively.

“Stay vigilant,” the other cautioned.

Alarmed by their conversation, Lin Feng instinctively stepped back.

“What do you want from me?” Lin Feng demanded, his voice tinged with anxiety.

“We just have a strong aversion to humans, especially the Hongmen gang. We’re not here to harm you,” the younger brother explained, his tone casual and his demeanor non-threatening.

“Hate humans?” Lin Feng asked, seeking clarity.

“More specifically, our hatred is directed at the Hongmen gang, which you were hunting earlier. Sorry for killing your prey – hope you’re not upset about that,” the younger brother continued.


“That’s right, you can call us the ‘Bloodhound Brothers’ and as for why we have such a deep-seated grudge against the Hongmen – that’s because our duo used to be a trio. I’m sure I do not need to explain any further.”

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Lin Feng blinked, processing the information. The other side must have slain one of their brothers, hence the hatred. However, the conflict between these ‘Hound Brothers’ and Liu Qiang seemed unrelated to his own concerns.

“Hey, beautiful, why don’t we get acquainted? We’re quite welcoming to mutants like yourself,” the younger brother, now identified as Spot, suggested, taking a few steps closer.

Feeling cornered, Lin Feng backed up against the wall.

“I’m sorry, but I have pressing matters to attend to. Since we’re not enemies, perhaps our paths will cross again in the future,” Lin Feng responded diplomatically, looking for an exit.

As Lin Feng attempted to leave, the Bloodhound Brothers subtly shifted, effectively blocking her path.

“Don’t be so standoffish,” Spot said, attempting to lighten the mood. “By the way, what’s your name? You can call me Spot, and my brother here is Hunter.”

“Hello,” Hunter greeted briefly.

“Hello… My name is Swiftcat. I really must be going now,” Lin Feng replied cautiously, managing a swift exit from the encounter. Relieved at the lack of pursuit, Lin Feng let out a sigh of relief.

“My younger brother, do you like her?” asked Hunter as they watched Lin Feng disappear into the night.

“Brother, it’s rare to find a beautiful mutant like her. Maybe we should have taken her with us, the beautiful ones aren’t easy to come by. Do you want one as well?” Spot suggested.

“No need, brother. But why did you let her go then?” Hunter questioned.

“I’ve memorized her scent. We’ll find her again when the time is right. First, we have to avenge our elder brother and take down the Hongmen gang,” Spot explained, his expression turning serious.

“Indeed, brother. Thanks to that girl tonight, Liu Qiang will likely tighten his security. Those heartless money-driven killers will pay for what they’ve done,” Hunter affirmed, sharing Spot’s determination for revenge.


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