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Chapter 124: Medicine

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Mi Dashuai
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“I won’t repeat myself, raise your hands and get on the ground! Otherwise, we will open fire!” The warning blared from the greenish-blue megaphone.

“The army! It’s the army! You’ve come to save us, thank the heavens,” murmured the man with golden hair, as he began to run towards the army amidst the warnings.

“My brother, you’ve finally arrived, my daughter…”

A bullet pierced the golden-haired man’s skull, blood dripping slowly down his rigid face. His expression, frozen in excitement, stiffened as he fell lifeless to the ground.

“Report, report, one infected individual eliminated,” said the gunman, seemingly relieved as he spoke into his radio.

“You…” Lin Feng stared in shock at the fallen man. This towering figure, dead just like that? Crushed like an insignificant ant?

“Are you blind? He was alive, a living person! Why did you…” Lin Feng shouted furiously at the men.

A gunshot rang out with a dull thud, and Lin Feng’s body stiffened before collapsing to the ground, tears in his eyes and an expression of disbelief and resentment on his face.

“Report: One mutant found and neutralized!”

——Divider Line——

“Damn, he’s slow. I hope nothing’s happened to Lin Feng,” muttered Song Zhe, blowing a purple bubble with his gum, leaning against a large off-road vehicle they had just acquired.

The group, cramped in their previous vehicle, gratefully accepted the suggestion from the school doctor and Hao Jian to switch to a larger, more comfortable off-road vehicle. Its high chassis, leather seats, large windshield, advanced shock absorbers, and extended body made it ideal for their current needs. Plus, its large fuel tank meant longer travel times between refills, a significant improvement over the small sedan.

The underground garage was filled with high-end sports cars, now rendered useless. Driving such vehicles on zombie-infested streets was not just challenging but also risky; their loud engines likely to attract hordes of zombies.

“Shut your doom and gloom,” Liu Mengqi playfully smacked Song Zhe’s head, opening a can of orange juice with foreign writing on it. Their breakfast was unusually lavish this time.

The hotel was stocked with frozen foods in the kitchen. They had indulged in what they considered high-end soup dumplings, the meat inside chewy and elastic.

“It is getting late,” noted the school doctor, glancing at her silver-white Rolex, one of many watches Lin Feng had brought back. It was already afternoon.

“Breakfast is turning into dinner. When the little guy gets back, we’ll have to treat him well,” the school doctor said, reheating some buns and taking a sip of beer.

An hour later, the group’s mood darkened, and they fell silent.

The hotel was only two streets away from the pharmacy. It had been a whole day, and the two still hadn’t returned…

“I’m going to look for him,” declared Liu Mengqi, standing up, unable to contain her worry. Lin Feng had said he would be back soon, but it had taken far too long.

“I’m coming too,” Anna stated unusually somberly, her usual haughty demeanor absent, clearly anxious as well.

“Me too,” said both Song Zhe and Hao Jian in unison, exchanging a glance.

The school doctor watched them helplessly.

“Alright, go ahead, but only half of you should go, just in case. Wait, he’s back?”


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