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Chapter 1: A Peaceful Life

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Mi Dashuai
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Is this the reason for your breakup? If you had another chance, would you love me again? Love might bring happiness, but it also torments…

“Song Zhe! Can’t you just mute that crappy video?” Lin Feng covered his ears, unable to bear the propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

“What do you mean crappy? This video’s awesome!” Song Zhe held up his Nokia phone with the video in Lin Feng’s face.

Lin Feng looked at the three twisting figures on the screen, speechless. How this video got so popular, he would never know.

“You think everyone has the same awful taste in entertainment as you do?” A crisp female voice came from the side.

Lin Feng looked up to see Liu Mengqi, his childhood friend who had grown up over the years to become a beautiful young woman. How quickly time flew, one look at those burgeoning twin peaks on her chest and all the innocent moments they shared during their childhood came rushing back, including bath time.

When did it start? Perhaps in high school. His childhood friend Liu Mengqi had grown more mature over the years, but in terms of physicality, her twin peaks were the only part that one could truly say had matured; her babyface paired with that childish twin tails of hers remained the same since they were kids.

They had been neighbors since childhood, and their mothers were very close. When they were young, both their mothers worked in the same factory and coincidentally got pregnant around the same time, so the two kids basically grew up together in the same baby stroller.

They had been childhood friends, ending up in the same class from elementary school all the way to high school, and now college as well. During high school, there were always rumors about the two of them dating, but Liu Mengqi didn’t care, and Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the gossip either. However, their families kept urging them to get married.

Even Liu Mengqi’s parents were eager to push their daughter into Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng blushed when he recalled the day when Liu Mengqi’s parents locked them in a room together, leaving only a single bed to share.

“Lin Feng, are you thinking about something perverted again?” Liu Mengqi covered her chest with one hand, giving him a scornful look.

The two of them had been childhood friends and were very close. Liu Mengqi often visited Lin Feng’s room, and was more than aware of those few colorful books he kept stashed under the bed.

“As if. Hmm? And how exactly did you know that I’ve been into white lace lately?” Looking at the nearby white stockings, Lin Feng couldn’t resist reaching out and gently touching them, but Liu Mengqi slapped his hand away immediately.

“Hey, can you two stop with the public display of affection? We’re still in the classroom, and as your best friend in the very same classroom, I feel very awkward…” Song Zhe interrupted them, throwing the couple with a cheeky grin.

“We are just friends,” Liu Mengqi and Lin Feng said simultaneously.

“Alright, alright, I know, I know. Friends, got it~” Song Zhe waved his hand and returned to his seat. He silently mocked the two for their ambiguous relationship that had lasted for two years. Since he became their best friend, watching their ambiguous interactions bordering on romance had saved him plenty of entertainment fees.

Suddenly, the classroom door opened. A pair of legs covered in black stockings accompanied by the scent of jasmine entered, then came a beautiful face that could have only been crafted by the gods, blessed with a noble yet gentle aura, framed by dark hair.

“Good morning, Lin Feng,” the girl walked past Lin Feng’s desk, smiled at him, and greeted him before heading to her seat.

“Good morning, Yan Aoxue,” Lin Feng stared at Yan Aoxue, who had already walked away, greedily inhaling the faint fragrance in the air.

“How about you put those eyeballs back into their sockets? She’s already gone. Geez. I don’t understand what you see in that little princess act of hers” Liu Mengqi said with a disdainful expression, watching the gaggle of boys glued solidly to Yan Aoxue’s figure.

“What do you know? That’s called elegance. Besides, Yan Aoxue is a true princess. Her father is the CEO of the Yan Group, and she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Who wouldn’t be enamored by such a friendly and beautiful princess?”

Liu Mengqi isn’t unattractive, by any definition of the word, Lin Feng mused to himself, but she grew up with me since childhood. And although we have no blood relation, she’s more family than anything else.

To Lin Feng, Liu Mengqi was basically a sister figure, thus he always maintained that familial distance from her. Still, there were rumors about them in high school, so neither of them ended up finding a romantic partner. After college, they started calling each other siblings, but the only ones who knew the truth were Lin Feng’s best friend, Song Zhe, and Liu Mengqi’s friend, Ruolian.
“All right, everyone, return to your seats. Class is starting now,” the teacher’s voice sounded, and everyone returned to their seats.

Seeing the teacher enter, Liu Mengqi gave a cold snort and returned to her seat, cutting short whatever she was about to say.

Of course, Lin Feng found her snort adorable.

“Today, we will talk about the principles and maintenance of aircraft engines,” the teacher, an elderly man, with trembling hands, picked up a chalk and struggled to write the word “aircraft” on the blackboard. Everyone called him Old Liu, but nobody knew his actual name. He was one of the oldest teachers in the school, and his classes were mostly known as a time to nap for everyone.

Lin Feng was a student in the mechanical engineering department. His parents sent him here because no one in the family knew anything about repairing machines or the like. As a result, Lin Feng now knew nothing except how to fix machines. He thought he might end up being assigned to repair some weird airplane engine after graduation.

Lin Feng let out a sneeze. Perhaps it was just a force of habit due to how boring the class was, but whenever he attended Old Liu’s classes, he always felt a spell of dizziness.

Is this what they mean by Pavlov’s effect: an example of conditioned reflex? Lin Feng wondered to himself.

Finally surrendering to the drowsiness, Lin Feng slowly rested his head on the desk.

“Hiss~” Lin Feng took a sharp breath and instantly woke up. He almost forgot that he got scratched by a wild cat on his way to school this morning. At the time, he thought the cat was harmless, with its deceptively cute white fluffy fur and innocent blue eyes.

Then he dumbly reached out his hand, resulting in two claw marks on his hand. Of course, Liu Mengqi helped him heal it with her saliva, but it didn’t help much.

“Ahem. Lin Feng, is there something you wish to ask about the engine’s structure?” Old Liu’s voice came from the front, his small eyes behind his round glasses fixed on Lin Feng’s awkwardly standing figure.

“Cough, no, none at all, right.” Lin Feng laughed awkwardly and sat back down. He had gotten a bit too excited and stood up.

Checking his wound, he found it in that strange state of having healed enough to stop bleeding, but not healed enough to be completely painless.

“Are you okay?” Liu Mengqi whispered at Lin Feng with a slight turn of her head.

Lin Feng shook his head. It was just a small wound, and he didn’t mind.

As soon as Lin Feng sat down, something hit the back of his head. He turned around angrily, but everyone behind him was focused on the class.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Feng muttered internally. It’s those two again -Deng Liang and Zhu Hanfang- those two troublemakers have caused nothing but trouble in their grade, from drinking, smoking to starting fights.

Universities didn’t usually restrict smoking and drinking, seeing as the students were all adults, but fighting was considered severe misconduct. The school did not expect their students to act like immature high school kids at this age.

However, these two were an exception. Zhu Hanfang’s family was involved with the underworld, so he was used to fighting. He came to the university just to get a degree, and it was highly likely that Zhu Hanfang had cheated his admission somehow, as his grades were known to be haphazard, at best.

Deng Liang was Zhu Hanfang’s little brother and usually ran errands for him. Lin Feng strongly suspected that Deng Liang’s future path had already been arranged by Zhu Hanfang. Otherwise, how could an innocent rural kid like him, who had gone through great lengths to get into the university, turn into such a notorious ne-er-do-well?

After glaring at them for a few seconds, Lin Feng turned his head back.

He had little interaction with them. They were from entirely different worlds, in fact. However, these two liked to cause trouble for no reason, and sometimes they bothered a student or two. But they hadn’t done anything too excessive, possibly because Yan Aoxue, whose father was an investor in the school, was in the class, too. That was one of the reasons why everyone admired Yan Aoxue, as she could even keep these two bullies in check. Moreover, Yan Aoxue was always approachable and never acted superior.

Lin Feng turned his head again, but not fast enough to avoid a pair of sniggles behind him.

“And what is it that you two find funny in my class?” the sharp rebuke of Old Liu cut through the sniggering like a sword. “Seeing as the two of you are so confident, come answer these questions.”

Naturally, they weren’t confident at all, thus they had to endure a round of scolding from the old teacher.

Speaking of investors, Lin Feng mused to himself, wasn’t Old Liu an investor in this school, too? He’s basically a part of the school itself at this point, given his long service and relationship with the dean. There’s even talk about how he had invested some of his own salary into this school, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is his second home.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile at that thought, nodding his head in appreciation towards the old teacher at the same time.




Is so boring…

Turning his head once more, he gazed upon the lively students outside, kicking their balls and dancing their dances.


“Can this get any less boring?”

Suddenly a strange sight entered his view.

A student was convulsing on the ground, seemingly feeling no pain, as he banged his head against the marble floor continuously. Blood slowly flowed out, and several school medical staff hurriedly rushed over with a stretcher.

The teacher and the medical staff lifted the student onto the stretcher and rushed towards the medical room, leaving a large pool of blood on the ground.

Lin Feng rubbed his eyes. Am I hallucinating? Or has Old Liu’s droning finally got to me?

He rubbed the claw marks on his hand subconsciously, eliciting a slight sting from them.
At the corner of his eyes, he spotted two female students outside who had also collapsed and were convulsing in broadlight, their skirts flipped for all to see, while foaming at the mouth.

A chill ran down his spine at that moment – an infectious disease?


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