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Chapter 98: Down the Hatch

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“How’s it looking?” Lin Feng asked.

“It’s not great visibility, but I haven’t heard any zombie noises so far,” one of his companions replied.

“Alright, everyone, come down,” Lin Feng instructed.

With their quick meeting wrapped up, the gang made their way down into an adjacent sewer.

Now, they had finally made it beyond the school grounds. The chill in the air prompted them to swiftly don some thicker attire inside a nearby clothing store. Leaving behind the cozy warmth of the archery hall’s stove was tough this time of year, but the situation didn’t allow otherwise.

“Why pink…?” Lin Feng complained, tugging at his pink down jacket. His rosy cheeks betrayed his discomfort due to the low temperature.

With the end of October looming, the weather took a harsh turn, and they knew the first snowfall of the season wasn’t far off.

Liu Mengqi couldn’t help but tease Lin Feng as she approached, laughing at his slightly annoyed expression. “Well, Lin Feng, it’s not like you can fit in a man’s size.”

Lin Feng adjusted his black scarf, not so much because of the fit but mostly due to the hat and pants. He found winter clothing uncomfortable, not like anyone else had to deal with the inconvenience of having a tail.

Breathing out a puff of white breath, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the days by the stove in the archery hall. Those damned spiders! Hmph!

Lin Feng muttered a quick curse under his breath, directing his frustration at the spiders that had overrun the school. He grabbed his flashlight, gave it a shake, and then switched it on.

The group, led by Lin Feng, had opted for the underground route. They had briefly considered traveling on the surface, but Lin Feng’s initial plan involved driving a bus with a group of people, causing a zombie stampede, and then leading the zombies away in the vehicle. However, they scrapped that idea after Lin Feng climbed to the rooftop, used binoculars, and spotted the densely packed zombies on the route they needed to take.

The narrow streets had seemingly funneled all the zombies onto this single road. As Lin Feng observed the horde of undead, he seriously questioned whether even a tank could successfully navigate through them.

And as luck would have it, Lin Feng stumbled upon an actual tank, an unusual encounter in their apocalyptic world. Atop the tank, two soldiers had been transformed into zombies, their limbs flailing wildly. Lin Feng took a quick look and discovered that their guns were empty. The only item of interest was a lone hand grenade.

The hand grenade lay near the soldiers’ feet, and faint bloody fingerprints suggested they had considered going out with a bang before succumbing to the zombie horde. Although Lin Feng lacked practical experience with hand grenades, he had seen them in action in movies. Pull the pin and toss; that should be the gist of it. Either way, there was only one hand grenade, so he couldn’t very well practise.

“Ugh, what’s that smell? Lily, why’d you pick this spot? It reeks!” Anna, her twin tails now transformed into a single ponytail, lamented. She was dressed in a child-sized white down jacket, which made her already fair complexion stand out even more.

“Well, how was I supposed to predict sewer conditions? I’m no expert, you know.”

Lin Feng, clutching the compass he had discovered, gave his flashlight a shake before scrutinizing the paper map.

Although he had over ten power banks in his backpack, no one knew how long this journey would last. Therefore, Lin Feng had gone to a newsstand to obtain the latest version of the E City map for free.

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“Do you even know how to read this thing? Need some lessons?” Anna teased, leaning over to get a better look at the map.

“Scram.” Lin Feng playfully pushed Anna away, trying to focus on the map in his hand. It was his first time holding a paper map, and it initially left him feeling somewhat disoriented. After a bit of fumbling, he finally pinpointed their current location on the map.

“Alright, let’s move.” Lin Feng glanced back at the others, who had already descended into the sewer, and began counting.

The cold weather had led to the formation of thick layers of ice in various parts of the sewer, making Lin Feng tread carefully.

“Life without GPS is such a hassle.”


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