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Chapter 115: Hotel

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Mi Dashuai
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Lin Feng felt it was necessary to correct Anna’s misunderstanding. The mix-up at the archery range was one thing, but he had sensed Anna’s resistance towards him for a while. In fact, she probably wouldn’t listen even if he explained.

However, things seemed to have changed since Yan Jie and Anna’s confrontation. Anna had softened, losing some of her earlier sharpness. Now that they were fighting side by side, it seemed prudent for Lin Feng to clarify things.

“Is it true?” Anna asked, skepticism evident in her tone.

“It’s true, it’s not just a flat chest,” Lin Feng affirmed.

Anna looked at Lin Feng, doubt in her eyes, scanning him up and down. Lin Feng, slightly embarrassed, used his tail to shield himself.

“If you don’t believe me, ask Song Zhe and Hao Jian,” Lin Feng suggested.

“Hey, arrow-boy, is she telling the truth?,” Anna called out to Hao Jian, who was driving the car. They were preparing to find a hotel for the night, preferably a luxurious one where zombies were scarce, and since money was no object…

“Yes, yes, our junior is telling the truth,” Hao Jian replied, sounding somewhat indifferent and perfunctory.

“Hmph, then you should have told me sooner,” Anna retorted.

Relieved that Anna wasn’t angry, Lin Feng sighed. He knew from reading her diary that Anna wasn’t one to fuss over trivial matters. Still, considering he had taken her first kiss (probably), he couldn’t be entirely sure she wouldn’t be upset.

“I did tell you back in the classroom building, you just didn’t believe me,” Lin Feng said, gesturing that it wasn’t his fault.

“We’re here,” Hao Jian interrupted, pushing open the car door and getting out.

They arrived at the Victoria International Hotel, a name that suggested a place seldom visited. Therefore, it was a natural choice for them. Hao Jian parked the car in the underground garage, and they took the elevator directly to their floor.

“Man, I’m tired,” Song Zhe yawned, about to get out of the car, but then he noticed the school doctor pondering something.

“You carry the school doctor. I’ll handle the zombies in the way,” Lin Feng suggested to his friend, who understood his intentions with a glance. Lin Feng got out of the car and took an axe from the back.

Song Zhe grinned, hoisting the sleeping school doctor onto his back.

As expected, the vast hotel basement had only a few wandering security guard zombies. They quickly dealt with them and scavenged two stun batons, unsure if these would be effective against zombies.

Scratching his head, Lin Feng put the batons behind him. They hadn’t seen any police cars or military tanks on their way, so gathering some firearms would have provided extra security for their journey.


The elevator doors opened crisply on the 42nd floor, marked VIP. Unlike a shopping mall teeming with blood, they entered it without hesitation. Lin Feng took a brochure from the side, intrigued.

The hotel, boasting spa, bathing, swimming, health care, dining, recreation, and leisure facilities, promised an enjoyable time with its movie theater, buffet restaurant, internet café, tea art, library, and massage rooms. Perhaps… his poverty had limited his imagination…


As the elevator reached the 42nd floor and the doors slid open, Lin Feng was greeted with the sight of gun barrels pointed at him. The man holding the gun scrutinized Lin Feng, who was still holding the brochure in his hand.


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